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  1. I need to find a boyfriend like JR. Scratch that, I should find a hubby like JR It sucks to see him being sad.... I wanna fly over there and hug him
  2. Guys, I've a bad feeling that OYS might pull the plug and deliberately stay far from JKR fearing that psycho rich lunatic might harm JKR & his career. That freak almost ruined OYS once so he might blackmail her emotionally and our cute couple might separate Urghh I hate the rich psychotic freak already
  3. I think the reason why FL introduced her manager as her cousin to ML is because none of them at the law firm are aware of her real reason behind the whole working skit at the law firm. They don't know that she's prepping for a new drama and using this opportunity to getting into her character whereas they all assume she's trying to resume a career in law of some sort. Perhaps ML will be slightly disappointed when he learns the truth and probably feel let down as she never revealed her ulterior motive behind her temp job
  4. Hi guys! I'm usually a silent reader and the only time I commented on Soompi was during Suspicious Partner and I guess I've a fetish for law/rom-coms Anyways I'm in love with this drama and especially the lead couple. They're just darn cute! Lawyer is nonchalant yet caring and his secretary/actress isn't just a dumb blonde
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