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  1. Soooooo agree. Regardless he always willing to jump death with her. His actions speaks so much love for her. People dont realize it's back in the days where there is always some trying to harm the king and aim for power. He always trying to protect her.
  2. Exactly!! I thought the same of him. His actions said a lot of how much he love her. Always willing to die with her. So I thought it was unfair when she assumed he wouldn't die with her during the part she drug him with the kiss...if only he had regain his memory sooner:(
  3. I wish the director would just tell us exactly why she said her last words to him. I'm thankful for all that share their thoughts on the meaning. Just be nice to know for sure lol...almost like getting the exact feeling of what she felt for him at that moment. I hope they can ask the leads this question in an interview.
  4. Thanks J13 for answering. That makes more sense to me now that you pointed out!
  5. Question: why did she spoke about the fox as her last words? What is the significance in that tied into one of their special moments? Curious why director decided on that. Thanks in advance for any input. Also glad they were able to exchange some love confessions before she died. I think that would make the ending sucks if they weren't able to at least speak their truths.
  6. I have a question, when XF is with GJ thinking he is GXW does she not remember yet? I mean if she did remember then why does she not recognize its not him like his face. If she did remember shouldn't she realize its suppose to be LCY???
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