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  1. I've just watched the final 2 episodes. The writer really threw away Character developMent for Yuran and JW. Quite disappointed with how the drama was wrapped up. Though I like how JS did his best for HJ and Yuri, in his own way. It has been fun reading All your Comments! Take care!
  2. I can't help but think that next week will be hell for the leads. This week has just been too good for them lol. Waiting for break up #2 too. HJ should really have a talk with her daughter soon!
  3. Thank you @ktcjdrama! Will pay attention when they call his nickname again I just read that there will be an additional 4 episodes. Argh! HoPe to watch our OTP in their new family life, instead of more drama with the supporting cast. Having said that, I do look forward to Jongwon's revenge on Junho. With all that's haPpening around the world, with lImited filming locations and crew, scripts getting edited to accommodate etc, I'm surprised that SBs has gone ahead with the extension.
  4. Enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I just watched 104 with English subs. And I must say that my mind must've been in the gutter when I commented on it's preview About DG's nickname 'Cod fish soup'. Can anyone recall how the name came about? Is there a backstory or event involving that specific dish? HJ, her mom and even assistant addressed DG that way when he was working at the restaurant. Just a random thought on DG's unproduced script which features a Yuran-esque character. I think he can try to rework it as a television movie instead, or even an indie movie. A thriller/ psychological tale, a little like Lee Joon's Rough Play, although not as dark perhaps.
  5. I've just watched 103 with Chinese Mandarin subs. Good episode! Glad that HJ and DG's make up talk isn't the dramatic sort. No yelling or major crying involved. For those of us who want more screen time for the OTP, episode 104 looks set to be one to look forward to. Now, I may be misinterpreting DG's line in the preview. But he seems to be asking if HJ is sure she wants to barge in/come inside like that. Are they taking their relationship to the next level?
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new to this thread. At the moment, I'm not pulling my hair out in frustration with this drama. Since neither HJ nor DG is a noble idiot. Well... as of episode 102 anyway. Their breakup isn't that difficult to watch, compared to other daily dramas. I like that HJ has been pretty honest with DG regarding their situation. She also told DG that the break up isn't to push him back to YR, and she also pointed out getting back together when GJ supports their relationship. I don't quite understand though, why DG said he has to confirm HJ'S feelings? In episode 101 i believe? Having doubts after witnessing the "warm" family gathering with JS, HJ and Yuri? Btw, I too fast forward all the CJ and JJ parts lol. Thank you for the recap! I expected DG and HJ to get back together only in next week's episodes. So the break up only lasted about 3 episodes. lol whew!
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