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  1. After they're divorced. There's no points to continue these ship. Like you said "Don't mix the two up" you has been a "TOXIC" to these thread. Read the forum "RULES"
  2. I wonder anyone notice SHK removed alot of her IG photos included her so called drinking/travel buddies photos? anyway! kyonatic fans created more enemy for kyo instead of helping her. Stop believing those click-bait news. If those are true they should post the (SMS/statement) snap shots to support their claim.
  3. Dispatch online are reliable. The boss of "dispatch is a good friend of SHK. They don't simply post manipulate news of SS. https://www.koreadispatch.com/ https://www.dispatch.co.kr/
  4. Obviously you should know why SJK father didn't want to talk to those click-bait media. He has bad experience about them isn't? These reckless media put words into his mouth before by saying he doesn't like SHK because she's older than SJK. Since he is not from a entertainment industry, The best is to avoid talking to these click.bait media's which they will blow up/manipulate 100 times what he say. He can see what they have wrote. Now he is reluctant to come out from his home, Even he is not answering their calls. These reckless media still created fact news about him. Once again these media used close-source from SJK father told them and also Chinese click-bait media created story and these English click-bait media used them. Actually "Dispatch" Korean media has an update about SS divorce info after both of their agency posted a warning about these rumors news. https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2028980 In their last paragraph it stated
  5. Who told you that? read from online news, a close source claimed? Unless both SS release their divorce details. everyone should not speculate from any source they came across. If you ask me. I'll tell you a source told me you more willing to believed fake news rather than wait for words come from SS themselves.
  6. Where did you find the statement come from SS about their 11 months separation???
  7. Don't trust these media. Most of them are creating fake news. Any media that posted news came from close source can't be trusted.
  8. fans that claimed they are neutral about these situation but when they raised up the divorced are causes by the male or female are bias themselves. NO marriage works one sided. As fans! we should respect their decision. Creating assumption comments doesn't help one bit.
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