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  1. Waah the threads moving so fast, just in few days this threads already passed many ups and down. Fiuuuh. Are you okay comrades? Don forget to hold on, for me still #InGorceryWeTrust Talk about KJH interview, again I dont want to take it as serious matter when we already saw those Hospital BTS, we already witnessed their interaction and for me it still as clear as a day. My dear comrade @AnnieCheesecakewould you mind to send DM for me too? I'm curious too when everyone asking yo to send a DM LOL Afterall lets enjoy this journey together comrades, whatever the future will be lets face it together, be responsible shopper, and dont forget to pray hard until one day this ship will reach the real and right destination With love, From Indonesia
  2. Aigooo this too shall past comrades, I'll not take it as such serious matters, because no ones ever know what will happen in the future. One things that I felt was they want to everyone let them alone, with all of their statement where I dont know which one is true haha. Let this den-blablabla things left behind. Stay postivesss and we still have a lot of positive things to discuss for *group hug* Its 3.50 am in the morning in my country and suddenly I woke up, and you know what guys? I've dreamed about binjin omg haha there was alot of sweet moment in my dreams; hug, naughty kiss, forehead kiss and many more aigoo hahaha the sepanx is real
  3. No one knows about the future even their self, many possibilites could happen. Whatever their relationship rn, as a fans things we could do is let them alone, pray harddd, and support their career. Thank youu binjin, for gave us such wonderfull drama, the best drama in my life. Thank you for let us know all those sweetness moments, we have a lot of moments to replay yaaay haha. And please take your time binjin, dont be rushed, and we'll wait patiently. Enjoooy the ride guyss, good things takes time. Figthing
  4. Together we are stronger comrades, no need to overthinking and overanalyze anything too detail. Cheer up, and pray hard! #InAllEvidenceWeTrust #InBinJinWeTrust
  5. Comrades, are you okaaaay after saw those last photo? I'm nooooot, someone please help me how to handle this happiness
  6. Couldnt contain this happiness since last night, I'm too sensitive rn. And those new pic from tvn, they look like a married couple. HB look like daddy-soon-to-be hugging SYJ who is in early trimester of pregnancy. Forgive my delulu guyssss. But I can't handle it anymore. I'my dying
  7. I dont know how many times I'm replaying epi 14 and last bts. One thing that keep me wonder is why SYJ looks moreeeee beautiful at those clipsss. Omg, SYJ is my gurl crushhh rn my beautifull eonnii! HB-sshi, you feel the same too right?
  8. Cloy team deserved the rating, feel bad for syj, hopefully she will recover soon. Eoniii, thank you your hardwork! I love this drama so much, little bit tired for such theory for the ending, whatever the ending will be, I'll accept it, enjoy it and never decrease my respect and love for the cloy team for making this wonderfull drama for me. One week more comrade!
  9. Noted, I think your opinion just right. Sorry, that tought suddenly come to my mind when I remember baeksang art award, since I'm also that couple shipper too. Yeaaah, of course every ship have their own journey and ending too. I'm totally agree with you, lets think and enjoy every moment in our ship without compare it with others. Since I'm really enjoy it much too! #InGroceryWeTrust
  10. It feels like last week episode skinship theme is hug, last night episode is hold hands LOL. I'll forgive you writernim and pdnim since you'll give us a great, sweet, steamy, and heart flutter kisssss for the next. I put my trust in you, I'm telling you that we dont have enough time tho for the twin, at least we should grant capt ri deepest wish, isn't?
  11. Omg we only have 3 epi left, hopefully there will be a lot of wonderfull scene for uri otp in these last epi. So we have something to replay for, everytimes we missed both of them when this drama ends. Its because I believe that they will be in hibernate mode after this, take your time for rest uri binjin. But I hope we can see both of them attend baeksang art award or maybe soul drama award too, I'll pray for this religiously oh my god please grant this wish. Little bit sad the rating decreased a bit in epi 13, but hopefully we will get better for next epi, since we don't have much time to grant HB wish, 22%! At least, the audience should pay their hardwork and dedication to make this wonderfull drama that makes uri otp have times to work with a mission too hahaha. Fighting guys, if only international fans can help the rating! :")
  12. Eventough there is no kiss or bed scene, where we expect it much haha the gaze and gesture of RJH when they hugged each other still makes my heart flutterrr. Every skin ship they have in this epi isn't good for my weak heart, the way he held her hands, he stare at her. HB ssi your eyes acting really well, I can not! :")
  13. Am I the one who still really enjooooy this episode? I watch the whole 80++minutes without any skip haha, and glad to know the rating is still stable even there is another good drama aired last night. I'm little bit disapointed that our otp doesn't have a lot scene too, but the other scene its still really acceptable for me. Can't waittt for tonight episode, oh reallyyyy my expectation is realy high about a love scene for our leads. Writernim, pdnim in the next episode please shower us with lovey dovey moment of our leads! Chaebalyoo, and its 5 episode to go aaaa <3 :")
  14. Hi guyss, finally come back here again in shipper world in soompi forum, binjin is my second otp after songsong cp Decide to type what I think here, umm I dont se any awkwardness during that last bts kiss scene. For me it looks like they try to over focuss it, seems like they were little bit nervous hahaha. I replay those bts thousand times LOL, and ends up with conclusion that, the video was cuted, the first when their lips bumped in then the scene cuted till their lips being apart. And it looks like HB lips were moving and the last move make it looks like he only kiss the low lip almost chin of SYJ. But I think thats only the last part, because the move of HB lips before. God forgive me for analyse it too detail hahaha I already felt all of the ups and down being shipper after what happened to songsong cp. Because of that, now I feel more stable to be in this shipper world. I'm happy with uri otp rn, because both of them already passed the first phase of being 'close', I saw that during their movie interview, every detail of HB move is the key. And now I feel their clossness is more stable, whatever its dating or close friend the point that they are looks veryyy comfortable with each other its the other key. Dear my binjin, please enjoy your relationship. Dont be too rushed, and here we are, your trully fans will wait you patiently, until you tie the knot and give us binjin juniorrrr LOL. Happy sunday guysss, less than a week for ep 11, can't waitt yaaay!
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