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  1. Why would we have doubts just because she didn't mentioned HB in her fan meeting while we have a lot of cake to stick on what we believe? And again, she didn't deny anything. That's a good sign. So Yea, ICBM!
  2. Yes, that's all that matter! So smooth, HB! We know that Se Ri and Ye Jin is the same person!
  3. I'm wondering what she's doing right now? Reading all the comments while eating the cake with her family (Yejin + HyunBin = family)
  4. Just dropping by to say : I love HyunBin new skin tone He's freakin' HAWT with that skin tone and muscles! Mommy is sooo lucky
  5. This is his new family pictures ICBM!!!! we can call this a family picture too right? Of course we can. And, no, we're not delusional to say its HB family pictures.
  6. Ohmy, Why Am I so slow? HAHAHAHA Thank you for helping me. ICBM!
  7. Sorry, just drop by to ask, What's ICBM? *I'm sorry, I kinda late
  8. Hi, @cybertron thank you for making this thread! Now, you brought the topic here, I remembered when all of the binjin fans should react if they confirmed their relationship. It was sooo funny. like "Jinjja? Their dating and close to married? Aigooo, I really trusted Vast with their denial long time ago."
  9. Ohh I see. Sorry I got too excited! HAHAHA We are hoping there will be joint CF with our BinJin. I'm wondering where's our mommy? Has she landed in Jordan or what? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. or it can make mommy landed in Jordan? Either way, we'll be okay! HAHA Let's wiggling!
  10. Are we positive that would be joint CF? So, they have shoot it already right? Tell meeee, riighhttt? Please don't make us wait until Binnie come back from Jordan, Mam Janeeee! I cant stop wiggling from yesterday and my back is kinda hurts right now.
  11. I don;t know but when I saw the zoom meetings, I thought they are together in one meeting and then I think its possible they have shoot their joint CF. YeJin with her blue dress and a sunflower. We can't find it on her CF, right? And, I saw in twitter someone ask Ms. Jane why they cant see the scene (YeJin with blue dress and the sunflower) in YJ CF, she replied it with "Secret"
  12. You know, I feel like we won the lottery right now so, I want to thank : 1. BinJin, thank you for keep giving us candies, so we are sure, we're in the right ship! keep it up please mommy and daddy. 2. Thank you, Smart. You're really that smart. and, dear Lord.. Thank you for making us happy through BinJin!
  13. OOOOMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!! I can't stop wiggling from the first time I watch Yejin CF!!! MOMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!! THAT'S HAWWWWWTTTTTTT!!! Dear Smart, If you release the joint CF of BinJin, just prepare your stocks! Even if we can't use it, we certainly will buy it! #BinJinDominateTheWorld #BinJinUnite.
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