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  1. Vast Entertainment is located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, so seems like it is CONFIRMED that Vast Ent is near to... Yoon Se-Ri apartment *end of discussion, right v@st?*
  2. I know, I just don't want to put it there because of some spies can react too much and end up with the 4th denial and an additional statement that HB always come home to his house No V@st, I'm not talking about you
  3. OMG really? If I were HB, I will go to YJ house instead of my house , because its closer, right?
  4. Gosh, how I really wish it will happen! Really. I really want to see YJ though and a selfie of her with HB in her IG would be enough (and a confirmation of their relationship in the caption would be the best)
  5. OMG! You're not alone. Just saw a post of HB doing his commercial today, my delulu mind was wondering, was YJ staying at home waiting for him to come home? What did she cook for HB's dinner (because YJ is so good at cooking)? What will they do after dinner? and on and on
  6. Yeah, it's maybe because that person doesn't have an IG account, only his agency who has it. And you know, I'm wondering if SYJ tag that account (which it wont ever happen), we might be crazy over here but that agency would probably deny it. The Headlines : "No, our daepyonim didn't send the plant to SYJ, she might be tag the wrong account"
  7. You know, I'm wondering what are they doing right now? HB's film production was delayed, right? and There's no updates from YJ. (Use your delulu mind please, comrades!)
  8. I will go with: "Jinjjaa? Aigooo, Why must I trust V@ST denials all this time?"
  9. OMG THIS!! Thank you for make it clear! Like what I said before, we have many things to hold on. We have so many evidence that the other shipper want to have. "I am sure, they both love us all back and wants to share with us as much as they could as soon as they can." I don't know why, I really want to cry when I read this. For me, as long as they are happy together, I'm willing to wait. I just can't control my delulu mind when it comes to BinJin
  10. How I wish BinJin could be like them, married with 2 beautiful kids, still exist in Entertainment Industry, stay married and happy together.
  11. At the first time I saw the video, it seems like they are a different person. But when I replayed it for several times, I saw the similarity. He is the same person. Same person with HB bodyguard in airport last 2019. I agree with @Elle R the time frame is different, his hair is different too. But when you see the face (although the video from the wrap up party only shown his side face profile) but i think he is really the same person. But maybe he's in charge for the event too. I dont know if he accompanied another actors or not. But how I wish he's only in charged for YJ because its the special order from the CEO And, I just watch another video from the wrap up party and just noticed that they arrived only minutes apart, then I saw this insight about that bodyguard and I was just, nice one BJ! to spy : I won't be shocked if tomorrow your agency will come out in the article with the headlines : "THE BODYGUARD IN THE AIRPORT AND IN THE WRAP UP PARTY ARE DIFFERENT PERSON" I won't be shocked at all.
  12. @Anne S is there any prove that it was HB bodyguard? I agree with @Elle R maybe he was just one of the staff. Long time since my last post in this forum. HAHAHAHAHA. I amazed with the new insight here. First the IG post about HB in airport with the same shoes that he wore when he did groceries shopping with his close friend. HAHAHA Ya daepyonim! Your staff was working so hard to cover it while you keep give us the evidence (but thank you! we need that) Also about what @B.MMM said about HB visit Daegu and it seemed like he also visited YJ parents. Although, I'm not surprised if thats really happen, but it gave butterflies in my stomach You know the effect after reading your post here? I searched korean baby girl name with its meaning in google I just cant help it. I mean, we need to be prepared, right? However for all who's still in doubt (about his Ex and her partner before). Again, this is shipper thread. Don't pour it with your doubt. When you shipped an OTP don't hard to yourself by making the deep analysis that's not necessary. You know, we have a lot of things to hold on right: #InGroceryShoppingWeTrust #InHBhoneyDrippingEyesWeTrust #InYJIGpostWeTrust #InCLOYbtsWeTrust #InParentsMeetingWetrust #InLJHhoneymoonWeTrust to Spy : don't take it too seriously. haha. and, you are welcome to give us your insight too, as long as its not a denial statement, because we're done with it
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think it will be good if HB didn't deny that he's the one who fall in love with YJ first, because its kinda obvious to v*stspy: your daepyonim is so obvious till we can't believe whatever you say
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