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  1. Happy bday koo!! I wish you good health and happiness in life.Wish to see you soon on small screen.We miss you.Enjoy your day with you love ones.
  2. Girl stop spreading rumors about them..CEW is not stupid to ask for such request knowng his fans are there
  3. I just check..jwr is not even nominated in any categories..even best new actress award..i think she was invite last minute coz the nominees for best new actress most of them or all of them did not attend.
  4. Congrats to cew and jwr..but sad for ISY though at least she should be nominated for her role.Im sure if shes nominated she will attend. But i notice there are many empty seats?so it means no attedance no award show?hehehe
  5. Like most of you guys.I also wish for CEW and ISY to date in real life.they look good together and very mature.So i think if they date they know how to handle it and keep it a secret for long time.But if not i wish that they maintain their friendship and be very close friends for a long time. IM waiting for ISY next drama.Im happy for her that she became more popular bcoz of this drama and i think she deserves it..I wanna see her in variety shows like happy together or i live alone as for CEW waiting for his next drama as well.Good luck to both of them.
  6. I miss her..I hope to see her in drama after ajh drama ends then little ahngoo soon.For now im ust excited to watch her in new variety show with her kids..Good luck Ghs!!and good luck also to ajh drama.
  7. Hello..ive been silent lurker here since the beg. Of miigb.Like all of you untill now i cant move on from the series.I really hope for season 2.Miss them already.
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