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  1. @angelangie i saw some scenes of this drama in instagram today SYR is adorable, but its still a bit hard form me to see her in an adult role... From what I see the drama are very tropey but will be fun to watch when you have time
  2. @Lmangla Because of meeting you is a remake of a Kdrama hehehhe... you might now the original : Jang bo ri is here ... but personally I think the C drama version is more interesting.. LOL maybe because of the charming leads https://www.soompi.com/article/981491wpp/3-reasons-watch-because-of-meeting-you @mouse007 IKR both the leads Deng lun and yang zi are old friend so its no wonder they have good rapport.. all their bts are cute and funny haha.. 210
  3. @kokodus Yes Yes Yes.... Guo Guo might think she doesn’t need a hero, but Yun Kai steps up anyway.. And the best thing about Li Yun Kai’s character he respects her... he lets her sets the pace of their relationship... so refreshing right? 216
  4. @epinklyn yeah I agree. And also Chen Fei Yu as Ning Que has already left his mark on this character. Eventho he’s still young and there’s still room for growth, in my mind as the viewer he’s already the NQ in the story. Personaly its hard for me to imagine another NQ.
  5. LOL.. It's fun and it keep you on your toes right? there's always something new for us to discover.....
  6. @UnniSarah Yessss @angelangie Yeah you're right.... lol... the students in this story are left to fend for them self... But I gotta say the old dudes in Jiang Ye is pictured in better light compared to Mao Ni's other book Ze Tian Ji.... here, they're old, so they don't wish to interfere much and let the youngster grow on their own.. and the teacher can only hope that they can be better than them self.....
  7. @angelangie I feel so guilty.. I've been harping this drama,, but right now I ended not having the time to watch this properly .... ughhh holiday.. please come soon!
  8. LOL... I've read the book... and I enjoy it.. more because of the style of writing than the story.. but its a good start right? hehe.. Anyway.. my twitter friends are all waiting for this story because of the pairing of Wu Qian and Zhang wu jian... because this should be a lot better than what happen to this pairing in An Oriental Odyssey
  9. I think in Mao Ni's work no one is ever truly good or bad.. they all have their reason, its all in our perspective in reading them.... everyone can be a hero in their own story... either its NQ.. or LQ. @UnniSarah I like Fu Zi even tho he's an irresponsible teacher LOL. But he has his reason in placing NQ in seclusion... Fu zi is not a noble person, and can even be little selfish at times but he's true to himself, and that for me is what matters most. Let me share this story.......
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    @sushilicious @dotonly Corresponding with Lmangla's video of Kokodus's oppa... hehe.. here's one for you... the breakdown of Banana and Melon Milk by you guess it.. Simon and Martina And a bonus... How to make watermelon punch.. which surprisingly is very easy..
  11. @kokodus Awwwwww I hope you like it...... yes its makjang haha.. but Guo Guo and Yun Kai has that charm that keep you watching till the end..... Li Yun kai, played by Deng Lun is definitely my fav character in this drama.. his progression from young adult to this amazing adult that is willing to protect Guo Guo is a great watch.... 232 @dotonly
  12. @UnniSarah LOL I’m not sure either hehe... But its a pretty picture.. so I thought why not share it I’m not sure how the c-net make that kind of poster, but I notice that its usually the actor’s studio or the drama studio that posted them. (I need someone to correct me in this one) LOL Here’s 2 more of Ning Que And eldest brother, Li Manman (I think I sorta have a crush on this actor haha )
  13. 3 billion views.. (this is also an excuse for me to share this picture) Here’s the original picture without any logos hehe.....
  14. @dotonly Exactly... its a spidey club @Lmangla there's more.... in the pictures NASA tweeted, fans found that NASA has a place specially for "THOR" plus his hammer Which of course when everyone pointed this out they replied *cough cough* professionally So NASA are letting everyone know one of their secret that they have "THOR" one of the worlds mightiest heroes in their system 288
  15. lynne22

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    Yeuppp..... I do like it..... LOL... my cheese preference is for the cheese to be more on the gooey side.. not thoroughly melted.. Just like eating a pizza And awww that Mini drama is so cute..... how did it end?
  16. 310 while I'm being chatty here's another one..... So Spiderman Far From Home's trailer is being delayed..... but rumor has it... it will be out soon..... Anyway... Sony's "Spiderman into the spiderverse" is going out IIRC sometime this week... and I love the trailer.... It looks fun..... This dialog said by a Pig Spiderman is gold : "Do animals talk in this dimension, cause I don't want to freak him out"
  17. lynne22

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    LOL... while where at it.... We can't talk about korean food in K-dramas without mentioning Ramyeon / Ramen...... Here's another food adventure.... actually this video was what made me try eating Ramen with Cheese for the first time.... @staygold Me too.... LOL... their current food adventure in Japan made me want to go there even more
  18. 314 Anyway... for @kokodus , @phikyl ... and everyone... here's my daily LOL for today... So apparently there's some folks that tweeted to NASA to help Tony... because he's stranded out of space.. and hilariously NASA [true story, I've check their twitter] responded to them ..... I like how they responded... they didn't act annoyed, but instead gave a tongue in cheek response hahaha... its a good response overall. Eventho this is just a small thing... its a good PR.
  19. 320 @Sejabin you have my sympathy... I tend to avoid people like this... haha.. it can get annoying pretty fast.
  20. @epinklyn Thanks..... awww I mush have forgotten that.... LoL. Ah I'm glad its not a sad moment then. LoL... Yeah, The horse gang arc feels too short, I don't feel pressured like in the book. But, I like the final scene of NQ and Lin Ling's battle.. that was amazingly good! The sound effect when the swords meet.. is
  21. lynne22

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    @sushilicious ahhhh Coffee prince...... It has been a long time since I watch it.. and I don't remember how much the FL loves to eat! ahahaha.. Thanks! @dotonly Because I know you enjoy funny stuff.. Here's my present for you... Food adventures video by Simon and Martina... one strange , and one serious but with their funky humor.
  22. My old post about NQ-MSS-SS.... Jiang Ye / Ever Night is also a story about growth, and Mo Shanshan appearance to NQ and SS's life do force both to evaluate about their relationship. It forced Ning Que to decide who he's wiling to let go (Mo Shanshan) and who he will never let go (Sang Sang). 42 episode into the drama, while I think MSS-NQ scene is overdone in the latter episode... (41-42).... I still have hope that the finish product can be good. So I'm willing to wait for now. Altho... this is getting too dramatic for my taste.. hahaha... Anyway,,, With the current Sang Sang that trust Ning Que completely.. drama Sang Sang will need a push / a catalyst of sort that makes her change. That's why, I think the drama is going to make a dramatic moment between NQ and SS for the start of them having different thoughts... I'm thinking the revelation of Yan Se and Wei Guang Ming's death will be the start. Also, I wonder what this scene is about , I saw this in the "Heart Shaped Universe" MV,,, and this particular scene lingers... I don't think this scene is aired yet right?
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