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  1. I am so touched by the efforts of the Chinese fans of SHK. I hope everything goes well in her event today. To those who can understand chinese/korean, pls update us later. Thanks so much.
  2. Hello shk fans! I also would like to share my story of being an shk fan. I first saw kyo when autumn in my heart was shown in my country (ph). I was in high school back then and I immediately fell in love with shk. Her acting there was so effective and it spoke to me. Also, she is so beautiful, the most beautiful actress imo. She was the one who introduced me to kdramas. After that, I followed everything about her, I watched all her dramas and kept up with her life and projects. I learned of her relationship with lbh and since I really didn’t know anything about lbh, I was not that affected when they broke up although I felt sad for kyo because it was still a break-up. I fell in love with her more in Full House. I admit that I kind of shipped her with hb during worlds within and was happy when they got together. However, I was so sad for kyo after they broke up, not only because of the separation but how he announced it. I too felt he did not handle the announcement and left kyo alone to face all media scrutiny. I was confident though that hye kyo will rise up again. I followed her international career and was so happy again when she announced she would do TWTWB. I love jo in sung and I have always wanted them to work together. Then came DOTS. I liked sjk in innocent man so I thought it would be a great pairing. I shipped her with sjk too since I thought their chemistry was great. That was also the time I finally joined soompi. Like all kyo fans, I was so happy when she announced she was getting married. I thought, finally she had found the one. I was so happy for her and prayed so much for her happiness to last forever. I admit I already saw some signs that her marriage was on the rocks prior to the announcement of the divorce. There was no sighting of ssc for so many months. Shk deleted her private instagram account. She did not mention her marriage in her interviews. She traveled and had vacations with friends as if she was trying to relax, forget and move on. I also thought there was something wrong with sjk’s answer when asked about shk during the presscon of his new drama. I thought his answer was too standard, same as shk’s answer during encounter’s presscon. And then the announcement happened. I was heartbroken too, although I know I am merely a fan. Like a normal person, I immediately asked why are they divorcing and I was so sad, especially so for shk. However, her agency said to refrain from speculating so I want to honor her wish. Speculating will do no good especially since we do not personally know what really happened and it is hard to know what sources are reliable since everyone seems to claim to be an insider when they clearly are not. As details are being added by so-called insiders, I was disheartened as her past relationships were brought up by nasty netizens and suddenly, all the blame is being placed on shk. The horrible issues thrown at her in the past were being brought up again even though they were all baseless and proven to be false. I think this is what saddens me the most about their divorce. People who know nothing at all about their marriage are spreading rumors and presenting them as facts to the prejudice of shk. Some comments about shk are so vile and misogynistic I cried and I felt so so sorry for kyo. I admit that this divorce could have been handled better. I too am not fond of how sjk announced and filed for divorce. Imo, a joint statement would have been nicer and would have prevented so many speculations. However, we cannot do anything about that anymore and I dont really like to blame him. I am an outsider when it comes to their relationship and the most I can do is to respect their decisions and hope for the best for both of them. I know that I cannot persuade everyone but I hope we, fans of shk, can follow her example and take the higher road regarding this divorce. Let us respect shk’s silence and avoid hating on the other party. I think it is in a way already showing support to her. We can all support her and stand by her without being nasty to the other party. Let us not stoop down to the level of shk’s haters who are having a feast day fabricating false stories about shk. Speculating and pointing fingers only make the process harder. I doubt shk will speak her truth as it is not her style. I just pray that their divorce go smoothly and peacefully, like shk wants. As her fan, I believe she can stand up again, move forward and live her life happily. Sorry for the very long post. I just wanted to express my feelings as I think it will really help me accept what happened to kyo and to move on as well. Let me know if there is some way I can help in making sure shk knows she is loved. To shk, we love you and we will stand by you.
  3. Sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you. I just wanted to clarify my statement about misogyny and my reply to our korean friend. I agree with you. It makes me sad to read comments insulting shk or sjk as well. It is wrong to crucify either one of them because we do not know anything about their marriage and what they went through. It is sad that there are people who jump to conclusions right away when we all don’t know the whole truth and we are all just speculating. Regardless of the reason for ssc’s divorce, we cannot deny that they are both hurting and going through a very difficult time. As a fan of both, I still hold hope that they can work out any problem they have. Marriage is a lot of work and if there’s still a chance, I hope they choose to reconcile. However, if they don’t, let us respect their decisions without pointing fingers. I just hope that if they push through with the divorce, they both find peace and that things move smoothly. Let us not make things any harder for them. We can support them without destroying either one of them.
  4. I agree that it is wrong as well to say nasty things about sjk. What I said about stopping the speculations and the blaming game goes for both shk and sjk fans. Such things will just make matters worse. However, our korean friend is also wrong to put down shk just because she thinks sjk is being unfairly judged. We can defend our biases without being nasty to the other party. Like I said, we are outsiders in their marriage and we do not know their truths. It is best to just pray for them and hope that they will be happy and better persons after this. As to feminism, I agree that it is not about always siding with the woman. That’s why I also do not subscribe to pointing fingers to either of them since we do not know personally what happened between them. However, it is very disheartening to me that with the news of this divorce, almost immediately, shk’s past relationships were brought up and almost everyone jumped to the conclusion that her marriage falling apart is entirely her fault. That is where misogyny comes in and it is very unfair. I still believe that marriage involves only two persons. Apart from shk and sjk, no one knows anything. It is not the reporters’ story to tell, and it is most certainly not us, fans to tell. The whole truth is just between shk and sjk. So we should all stop speculating based on sources we do not even sure are reliable. We are all outsiders to their marriage and we can keep supporting them without insulting or bringing down the other.
  5. Sorry but korean or not, reporter or not, unless we are privy to their marriage, we really do not know the truth and these are all speculations. It is better to not speculate at all and accept the fact that their marriage has fallen apart. What is most disheartening about this divorce, however, is that clearly misogyny is still so prevalent. A marriage fails and the woman’s past gets opened up again, making issues out of non-issues and painting her as someone wicked and terrible when we do not know the whole truth. And may I clear that although I am more of an shk fan, I do not view her as an angel who can do no wrong. She’s human and as they say, to err is human. It is wrong, however, to crucify her without knowing the truth and hearing her side. Likewise, it is also wrong to blame sjk. And to those who say that shk fans are blinded by our adoration of her, remember that both sjk and shk are humans who can also make mistakes. Shk is no angel, and so is sjk. All these speculations really are not helping them.
  6. And you based this on just rumors? Do you personally know what happened to them? I’m sorry but you, like the fans you dislike for hating on sjk, is also hating on shk and putting all the blame on her. I don’t like to blame any of them because I believe in every relationship, romantic or not, it takes two to tango. Actually, like in this situation, in all divorce or separation, I don’t get why the woman gets all the blame. It is just so unfair. If a relationship does not work out, does it have to be the fault of just one person? You’re insinuating shk did something terrible, are you privy to their relationship or you just based that on what her haters or netizens are spreading? You do not even know what shk supposedly did and you are hating on her based on your assumptions and the assumptions of persons who do not really know what happened to their relationship. I believe both of them truly loved each other. It is wrong to presume sjk loved her more or that shk did not love sjk just as much. Remember that she was judged so much already for dating two co-stars, even if nothing is really wrong with that. She even avoided getting into a relationship with sjk but she put all her trust into him when she said yes to marrying him. She is hurting in this divorce too. And unless we know what really happened between them, let us not speculate on what transpired and make assumptions just to support the narrative we like or our bias. I admit that I am more of shk’s fan but I will never resort to blaming sjk when I clearly have no personal knowledge as to what happened between them.
  7. To all shk fans like me, let us continue to show our love and support to her. This is one of the times when she needs us the most. Let us not make her feel that we are quitting on her. She needs to feel loved and supported right now. And as shk fans, let us heed her wish to not speculate on her marriage and divorce. If others like to speculate and bash her, let them be. What we need to do is to stand with her in this very trying time.
  8. To Arinda, I have been a longtime fan of SHK. I do not think of her as a perfect human being, and I believe most of her fans do not think of her as such as well. I believe despite her job and her status, she is like most of us, a person who just wants to live life to the fullest, a person who wants to love and be loved. She is not perfect, so am I and so are you. But I do believe she is a good person, not someone who is of questionable character as you are insinuating. Yes, she had three very public relationships which failed. Many, many persons had more failed relationships. It doesn’t mean they are bad persons, it does not mean shk has some kind of problem or anything like that. Her exes, lbh, hb and sjk, im sure you know they had other relationships before and after shk that did not work out. Just because they are not with actresses doesn’t mean we should also forget those, and such relationships also failed. But does it mean they are to be blamed for it? That they have a problem as well? To assume that shk has some sort of problem that is why her past relationships failed is just so wrong. And excuse me, she has close relationships with actresses, they even came to her wedding and just because her closest friends are not actresses, does it mean there’s something wrong with her? I think what matters in friendships is that you have friends, famous or not, few or many, who will stick with you whatever happens. Lastly, you clearly are not a fan of shk, and you do not personally know her. I admit I also personally do not know her but to judge her just based on your assumptions regarding what you think you know about her life is very low of you. I will never do that to anyone else, even to sjk or hb or lbh or anyone else. We do not know their lives, their feelings, their journeys, their stories. Let us stop assuming that we do. They are humans like us, who love and hurt and try to make the best of the time were given in this earth. It is you who deserves to be wished goodluck and I will pray for your very judgmental character. Dont cloud your mind with hate and dont go coming to her thread if you do not like her.
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