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  1. On 6/10/2016 at 9:23 PM, junerain7 said:


    I'll be waiting here patiently to hear your story about what happened today. This is a shipper's dream come true. My first time to crazily follow a couple who are not even my countrymen and I am tickled pink that I was not wrong about following them. This is a romance story for the books. Gee, I'm so inspired. I think I can write another fan fic now. :D


    @junerain7 Yes, yes! I will be waiting for your new fan fic....Jiayo!:wub:


    Credit to Rui Qi

    Maybe one of you posted this before and I think some of you had seen this video... I just wanted to share this MV to all of you guys who miss RM at this very moment. This is one of my favorites....:wub:

    I have here an inspiring quote to share with you all by Ann Landers:

    Love is friendship that has caught fire.

    It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving.

    It is loyalty through good and bad times.

    It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.

    Enjoy and Have a good night everyone..... :wub:


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    On 6/5/2016 at 2:51 PM, amyam01220 said:

    Here's the translation to part 3 of RM's since March journey. This one was no doubt my favourite out of the 3 vid series, now I'm gonna miss these :phew: Hope there will be more~ Have a good week ahead BFFs!! :)

    Video credit to SiuMeng. 


    Rough translation

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    楚妍煙花之路 (Since Mar) 時間軸Part.3

    April 11th
    More than words interview on UFO radio (A TW radio station) that night. During the radio station interview, Megan very quickly discovered
    賴皮 (LaiPi) amongst a ton of messages for her. Finally she admitted “LaiPi is also me”

    Megan: LaiPi, you are the best!. girl is me, boy is also me. LaiPi is also me
    Reporter: Oh is that true? Ayao..Oh it’s all you

    On the same night before dawn, Megan updated her weibo. Even though both of them were living their own lives at different times of day, but what they said in their posts were the same.

    April 12th
    Baron updated weibo that evening. He posted a photo of himself injured from playing basketball, but “very obviously it was a strawberry”

    April 14th
    Baron arrived in London to film Extraordinary partners. In the afternoon he posed as Sherlock Holmes, very seriously ready for that day’s competition.

    That same day, Megan headed to Taichung to prepare for her musical. That night she posted about 2 nights prior to the premier during the preparations to “let the angels bestow upon them” (ie. To protect the show and the cast from all angles of the theater, giving them the best of luck)

    April 15th
    Baron updated his weibo before starting filming for the day. That night TV broadcasted the episode in LA showing the inexplicable night sky photo and pacific park. As this episode was showing, he was filming in Edinburgh. During the live broadcast, Baron suddenly asked Li XiaoPeng who was cuter, his baby girl or his wife…XiaoPeng replied: (both) are cute. Baron said that XiaoPeng is his idol and example model. In the coffee shop, he evaluated all the food ingredients and in the end chose “ginger beer”

    That night, Extraordinary partners had this scene:
    (Filmed on March 6th)
    Baron: Even if she wanted me to coax her (Zhu Zhu), I will not coax her.
    Reporter: Why wouldn’t you coax her?
    Baron: She is not my girlfriend

    Okay, we all know that you will only coax your girlfriend.

    Late night that night, Megan posted on weibo messages of thanks and gratitude (to all the fans who supported her at her musical)

    April 16th
    More than words in Taichung, practicing for the upcoming 2 performances. The performance went very smoothly, Megan successfully played the role of a photographer that danced and sang. At both ovations, she cried during her many heartfelt thanks to the audience. Her and the cast thanked the audience with love all the way until the curtains came to a complete close.

    That night, Baron, in Edinburgh, updated his weibo. Edinburgh and Taiwan have a 7hr time difference. At almost the same time, Megan made 3 thank you posts on hers. Sweet Megan was still full of heartfelt thanks, heartfelt thanks, and more heartfelt thanks. And this time the name ChuYan kept appearing on her weibo.

    On that same late night, Baron who was filming Extraordinary partners openly posted a comment on her weibo, Taiwan time zone 4:30am.

    “I heard that you became a crybaby, but I’m leaving you a message here not because of your crying but because whether you are crying or smiling you are still just as beautiful, because you are the best. That time when you invited everyone to come (to the musical) I didn’t reply, but given the chance I will come watch you.

    April 17th
    After leaving that message, Baron had a group weibo chat during his flight. He commented on his 10 partners, and said that he had good times with them and was quite happy. He also mentioned that if he found the person that he likes that he will coax her, and will only act warmly towards “the right person”

    April 18th
    The past two days of performances finally finished, and on the 2nd day upon returning home she updated her weibo that night. The first post thanked everyone that cheered her on at the musical. In the 2nd post she spent almost 50 minutes mentioning many thanks to those who are close to her, including Ching Ma, QingYang (Bii) and ZiHan (Mandy Tao). And the finale, was obviously the warmest senior, the warmest man in her heart, Baron Chen.

    Megan’s note:
    Thank you senior, I finished the performance and haven’t forgotten that after crossing the sea comes the warmth(?). I had to search for the message that you left for me for a long time because too many people had posted already. I cried because right now I’m a girl (are you surprised?) Also, you are a warm man, you are a warm man, you are a warm man

    -----The world between two people is very simple. He has her in his heart, and as for her, she has him in her heart.
    ChuYan’s journey is remains unfinished and continues on…

    wooaahhh!!!So this is all about it! I have been watching this video months ago and still cannot understand it, but now finally, I can! @amyam01220 Thanks to you! Thank you for the trans... It made my day...:wub:.. Gracias!


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  3. On 5/25/2016 at 5:54 PM, t0pino said:

    RiverMegan Team International

    Dear All,

    Here is an update on the ongoing Megan's musical project. Everything is being finalized in order to convey your support messages to Megan for her upcoming performance in Taipei at the beginning of june. After Taipei, the next stop will be Kaohsiung. You can already send us your messages. The deadline is 3 June 2016.

    Please note that we now have a new email address for our RM projects: rivermegan1314.intlfanshq@gmail.com. The previous one is still valid but will be kept for Bromance related projects.

    A new blog and facebook page will be set up shortly. We will communicate on that in due time.

    Also, I can anticipate that a "River get well" project is in preparation. We'll share more details very soon.


    Thank you @t0pino for the updates and details... I appreciate it very much... Have a good day:wub:

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  4. Credit to From onefineday...

    Sharing this heart warming MV... I love the lyrics of this song...enjoy

    @acidpopszero A warm welcome kabayan...:wub:

    @ploylead I love that MV as well... My heart aches for RM seeing that MV, thanks for sharing...

    @junerain7 Yes, yes I'am more than willing to send my GEIYUs... It would be Great!! :)

    @Sheila Marie GreenThanks for sharing those lovely pictures of RM...

    @jbying7 I miss them too!!!

    @amyam01220 Thank you for translating the MV...:phew:

    @niq8803 @littlesame Thank you for the updates..

    I have been praying for River's fast recovery. Maybe it was tough but he made the right decision. Health is more important than Career. I hope he will have a good healing process.. Get well soon River....

    I have a here another quote to share with you guys that says, "Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." Have a blissful day BFFs...:phew::wub::lol:





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  5. Credit to From: coffeefly

     Eventhough I cannot understand what they said, I feel that my DIAMOND RM Heart understands... Their Chemistry still tickles my whole body...:wub:. I only understand ''QINGWA", it means FROG.Am I right?.hahaha... poor me..:lol:

    Maybe one of our good RM heart BFFs can translate this cute video? Thank you...:wub:

    @amyam01220 Thank you for the translations from ETtodays's article posted by you last Sunday.. Indeed we are proud of Him... 

    @junerain7 "Just Another Woman In Love"...beautiful song! we can have a duet.. :lol:

    @kiraning @Nanahady Welcome Back ! Group Hug!!:wub:

    @ployleadwow! What a talent you have... Impressive...keep it up! thumbs up! We miss them too! Don't Worry, Be Happy!:phew:

    @pechumori Thank you for all the pictures and updates... 

    @darkice7_12 Remarkable fanfic! Food for my imagination....Thank you for sharing!!:blush:

    @t0pino @chunrren10 Thank you for your sweet reminders for Megan's Musical Project... 

    @tanuscha  I'm speechless my dear... Brilliant! You got it right. You draw it almost the same..wow!.:wub:

    @niq8803 What a lovely Picture Collage! Thank you for sharing and updating us... :wub:

    @littlesame My heartfelt Thanks for updating us about River's Birthday Project and for sharing it to us... It is my Honor to be a part of this family. Thank You very much.... 

    Thank you everyone for keeping this thread alive always. For sharing all the updates, the latest photos of RM, for all the videos, creative music videos and for sharing all your feelings and insights.  I hope we will always be supporting our dear River and Megan to whatever endeavors they will have in the near future..  KUDOS to all of you... :) JIAYO! 

    I also wanted to say thank you for the team who made River's LITTLE FUN GIFT BOX  and creative album. It is BEAUTIFUL and ARTISTIC. Thank you for making it  possible and to the person/persons who made sure that Our Presents/Gifts were delivered to him. Thank you for YOUR tireless efforts. For all those haven't seen it, please check http://bromancefansproject.blogspot.com/...

    Let me share a cute quote: 

    It says: "Sometimes the greatest relationships are the ones You never expected to be in. The ones that sweep you off your feet and challenge every view you've ever had"... Have a wonderful night everyone...:wub:






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  6. On 5/14/2016 at 7:52 AM, amyam01220 said:


    Here a bit more information on Baron and Ariel's reaction to the "brake card" and the aftermath. I was doing some reading online and and came across this one. Ariel was very sorry for using the card on Baron which caused them to drop from 2nd to 5th place. 

    I'm glad they're such good friends that she felt bad for using the card on his team (or on any of the teams for that matter), but for the sake of the game one team had to be chosen and Baron/Xiao Tian were the victims :sweatingbullets:

    I've put the article translation in spoiler mode for those who haven't watched this episode yet :P

    Article link (and photo credits to the article): http://ent.ltn.com.tw/news/breakingnews/1696436



      Hide contents


    陳楚河摔帽怒「不再相信」 晨神淚眼道歉
    Baron’s statement “(I) wont believe you anymore caused Goddess Ariel Lin to apologize with teary-eyes


    The “goddess with zero negativity” Ariel Lin recently participated in China’s variety show “Extraordinary Partners/RTW”. Aside from sacrificing her idol image(?), she she also used a card, causing Baron and his team mate to stop all activities for 20 minutes, dropping them from 2nd place. It made her feel quite guilty, and with teary-eyes she apologized to Baron Chen.  


    It was all concentrated amongst Ariel Lin and her partner Weng Meng because they surprisingly got the “Break Card”, which allows any team to stop all activities for 20 minutes. In actuality, Ariel did not want to use this card, but because she didn’t want to affect anyone (in the game). But in the end, she still had to use it and the card was used on Baron and his teammate. It caused them to fall to 5th place in the end. 

    Her good friend Baron had an expression of betrayal and acted as if he was “throwing his hat on the ground in anger/disappointment”. He said: “I will not believe in you anymore” This statement caused Ariel to apologize with teary-eyes, Baron noticed this and comforted her “You still are my goddess”. But while still laughing he said “But I will still not believe you anymore”. It was quite entertaining.





    @amyam01220 Thank you thank you for the trans...

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  7. @jbying7 @niq8803 @pechumori Thank you for sharing and posting photos and videos.... for the translations as well...

    On 5/14/2016 at 11:01 PM, junerain7 said:

    @lovemarie let's giggle together. It's the bright side of what happened. Megan is still the one who makes him smile and I guess, the fans' unwavering support too. Didn't he say before that he is always touched by what the fans do for him? Jiayou River!

    @junerain7 high five!

    @qtrealnimhq you are welcome my dear....


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  8. On 5/14/2016 at 5:05 PM, littlesame said:

    Last update for the night. They cancelled the 5 round which is a 6K marathon due to the disabled cast members, many were hurt prior to the final stop including River.

    His 100% sportsmanship on display, limping around while punching the blocks out, like a Jengga game with math. Truly feel like crying seeing how competitive and devoted he is 



    This is how he limp + run to the finish line


    Correction: his knee was hurt, don't know the E extend of the damage.




    @littlesame Thank you for sharing :) .I feel you.. I feel like crying seeing the link videos you shared... (teary eyed) . I'am proud of him!! Seeing his determination and willpower in RTW even though his knee hurts...a one of a kind strength of character of a man!...He did Best...

    I gigged a bit reading your explanation when he smiled, do the thumbs up upon seeing RM desktop card from a fan...Wow! It's like an ENERGY DRINK to him, seeing HER picture or THEIR....naahh, my delulu mode...:lol:

    I'am worried. I hope there will be no big damage or bone fracture on his knee. He was able to finish the race, right? I pray that he will be okay, and that he will get well soon... He is the best!



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  9. On 5/14/2016 at 7:18 PM, pechumori said:

    I watched the show earlier and I agree, this is the best episode so far. River is more relaxed with Xiao Tang as his partner and they work well together. Is it only me or do you also feel as if he is the star of the show? (more air time than the rest. they even showed a comedy skit of River and Xiao Tang) :D

    I love the basketball and driving challenge It was exhilarating when they were able to beat the clock. I think the car sponsor, Infiniti was also impressed with River's driving skills. In their weibo account, they posted 3 pictures from the basketball challenge. They showed Ariel and Wang Meng stepping out of the car, while they put up a photo of River on the driver's seat. An excerpt from the caption says "who says cars can not dominate the basketball court?"




    they also did a gif of him only with the caption "Racing expert, see the stadium" (River was able to show the speed of their car....great publicity for them)


    In order to pass a challenge in this reality game, I think you need a combination of the following: skills, luck, strategy and good communication with your partner. Take for instance the first group that finished the pool challenge. That was Sheng Yi Lun (the one who lost his passport in episode 1) and Pan Xiao Ting, the first ever female professional pool player from China. Even if she was playing on a giant pool table, of course, she knows the right moves to win easily as compared to Joe Cheng and Li Xiao Peng, who got stuck in the game.

    Also in that part where they were supposed to make the employees smile, I think River and Xiao Tang had the best strategy of them all, making people smile by taking a selfie with them.

    As for the last part, River gets to face his fear of heights again. He kept on focusing his gaze upwards because as we often see in movies or TV, people who have that kind of fear are often told not to look down.

    I think the best part in today's results is that despite all that negative publicity, River is now back in the first place of the weibo poll.




    @pechumori well said my dear, high five!!:lol: 

    yes yes , I agree with you.. This is so far the THRILLING episode of RTW...  I think River and XiaoTian are the highlights of this episode.. More videos and pictures of them. I love the driving and the basketball challenge of them when it's almost time is up and they were able to finish it on the dot! It was like WOW ! They made it!  It was breathtaking all throughout the challenge... Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings...

    Picture Credit to from video of China Jiangsu Tv




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  10. On 5/14/2016 at 0:52 PM, jbying7 said:

    Apologies that I didn't put the spoiler tag to my comments. I figured that's what the forum is for, to share thoughts and if any of us wants the suspense of not knowing before watching, one wouldn't be reading the forum right? Apologies ok... :sweatingbullets:

    Anyway, @lovemarie the brake card is like a bonus a team earns and can be used to slow down another team. Eg if a team is winning, if you have a brake card, you can use it on the winning team who has just finished a challenge and they have to sit out for 30mins. 

    In today's episode, Wang Meng didn't use it on Leon/Wei Cheng team coz she changed her mind and I think she favors Wei Cheng (they do look out for each other) and also giving Leon some face after they suffered in the cold and were last in the previous episode. And also they were waiters (as a penalty) at the start of the episode. So today Leon and Wei Cheng got a lot of sympathy/attention from the rest and from the way they were shown (I feel it's due to the editing...)

    Enjoy the weekend BFFs :)

    @jbying7 thank you thank you for the explanation... now I know.:phew:

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  11. On 5/12/2016 at 9:17 PM, hyukjaeismine said:

    @autumntree @chunrren10 and I are working on it! :) 

     I will be waiting for it @hyukjaeismine @autumntree @chunrren10 .... Thank you in advance guys.. for the efforts, xie xie ni!!! looking forward to watch it with eng subs...:blush:

    All of you, I cannot elaborate,(so many names to give thanks, hahaha) I thank you for the bottom of my heart for all the goodies(River's pictures, all your translations, etc) you have shared here... 

    I have here a MV to share with you Credit to from Tanu



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  12. On 5/2/2016 at 10:40 AM, rukiaichigo said:

    seems like our co-captains want to share some gei-yu from Bromance. they're spamming their weibo with BTS photos from ep 15! how i missed them..


    river is soooo adorkable...  :glasses:

    and suddenly remembered my gif from the BTS..

    he's so disgusting yet so adorable. hahaha


    @rukiaichigo waaah nice photos and GIF,, Thank you for sharing my dear.... yes, yes I agree! hahahaha....he is so cute in the last GIF....:blush:


    Please don't forget to support and vote for Megan... 4243 ... thank you...

    Credit to from Yeda Yim

    Different scenes from Bromance...enjoy


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    Credit to From Jessica He

    You don't have to feel like a wasted space
    You're original, cannot be replaced
    If you only knew what the future holds
    After a hurricane comes a rainbow 

    I'am really inspired by this video... Thank You Jessica He... It made me cry at this point of time  while watching this video again  plus the song lyrics that embodied it.. Seeing River's expressions, his efforts , his smiles, they are all  priceless to me..RTW is a big challenge to him and I will keep on supporting him all throughout the Race!! Jaiyo River!!! :heart:

    -I have here an inspiring quote from Thomas Edison that I would like to share...-

    "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time".

    -Another one from Lou Holtz...-

    "ABILITY is what you're capable of doing. MOTIVATION determines what you do. ATTITUDE determines how well you do it."'

    Have a wonderful night everybody... been missing RM...







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  14. On 4/26/2016 at 8:32 PM, junerain7 said:

    I'll be threading on sensitive territory with this so I am appealing for more tolerance. I don't mean to intentionally offend anyone. I was guilty of this too but after realizing it, I resolved not to make the same statement again. So, here goes...

      Hide contents

    I presume that the BFFs will agree with me that River is a virile man. Sometimes physiological manifestations will be noticed down there, which are too blatant to be ignored. 

    I have several male friends who have had such physiological responses and they say it is beyond their control. Causes are not sexually-related all the time and there are certain times when they also don't know the reason. Sometimes it can be due to excitement like during a physical activity like sports, nervousness, fear and cold weather. Some male friends also joked that this natural reaction can be likened to when females get nipple bumps (thanks to pads, those can be hidden). It is also embarrassing to them especially when it will happen in public for everyone to see. They will greatly appreciate it if others will just turn a blind eye and don't make fun of it. Early on, I found it either funny or offensive. When I heard their story and learned, in time, to associate those happenings with the situation, I learned to understand and to be more symphatetic. 

    Let each one decide how to react when something like this (others call it "accident") will happen. Let's just keep in mind that our statements will not offend/embarrass/hurt/damage people, including those we admire. Maybe it will help if we ask ourselves this question before we post or make any comments here : "If River and/or Megan will be reading my comment, will they be happy with it?"

    This is just my humble opinion. I still love you all! 

    238,796 :heart:


    Well said ate @junerain7..:lol: 


     Credit to from Siu Meng


    238,891 :wub:

    To the best team! I miss Bromance, I miss ChuYan...

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    Credit to from jocke wei...  Live video from her Album Face...

     Our very own Megan Lai... Amazing, Isn't she? . ..Oh, how I love her..She is so talented...:wub:..

    My Evenings be like this....listening to her music even if I couldn't understand a word... But It's alright, I love her voice anyway and I miss her... I miss RM..:wub:.. I hope by sharing this video will make your night/day ... Enjoy...

    I wanted to share you these:

    She needs no fancy clothes to make her look sexy.

    She needs no man by her side to make her look sturdy.

    She needs to tell no lies; her honesty is her beauty.

    She is smart in the head, and courageous in the heart, confident in herself, 

    and compassionate in her thoughts, independent and able, strong and graceful.

    She is no ordinary woman,

    She is the REAL WOMAN.

    She is MEGAN LAI.. 





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  16. Helloo dearest BFFs, It's been a while... I miss you all...:blush: been reading all your posts from page 135..haha... catching up with you guys... 

    On 4/21/2016 at 10:58 AM, littlesame said:

    Race The World Preview 3

    Just a friendly reminder, if you don't like how River acts here, please at least don't leave negative comments in the any Race The World related public forums including Weibo. Already, some Megan turned-CP fans denouncing his acts, saying they will protect Megan, Megan is the only one for River...blah blah meh~ 

    Like It or not, they each will have intimate scenes, be it in a scripted variety show like this, other projects or in TV dramas with other opposite sex artists, how and what we comment will reflect how much substance our idols and our fans' have. They will shoulder the consequences, hence the pressure will hurt them. Megan, if fans haven't noticed, isn't castes for RTW, to continuous name her and pretending to be her guardian brings negativity to her image and stir unnecessary fan wars which she will be affected. The show has its promo strategies, and we will see more similar ones in their future work, this is how the general media works. We are nobody to speak on behalf of River or Megan, in real life, they know about each other than we will ever know about them, so don't be a trouble making guardian; they know the truth beyond media exposures. In addition, River does have fun with his cast and he treats females like coworkers without gender distinction, this is nothing new ;) 

    Most hilarious part about this accusation is he finished some of the episodes BEFORE the FM, Megan already knows everything there's to know, we're the ones who are left in the dark, can only depend on what media feeds us...so yeah, what we know/see now is very limited.

    Chill out~ 

    @littlesame You are right. We,as an RM avid fans should be Role Models...  

     Credit to From Jessica He..enjoy..


    @danny0808 ate, thank you for sharing information and tips about Coffee...I'll  keep that in mind..

    @junerain7 well, finally, ahahaha... I love your Fan Fic ate.. What can I say? You are amazing!! Thumbs up!

    @tanuschaI love your music videos.. thank you for permitting me to share it...:heart:

    @niq8803thanks for sharing pictures about Bromance's BTS and RM's weibo updates..mwah!... I miss RM...

    @t0pinothank you for sharing new video of River by Showbiz... River is so cute and adorable...

    @chunrren10dear, love all your GIFS.... It tickles my heart every time...The motorbike kiss?? It is priceless and one of my favorites... thanks for sharing...

    @littlesame helloo littlesame, thank you for updating us about ChuYan, for sharing the race the World song and for reminding us to vote..:wub:. done voting... Thank you for the GEI-YU..

    Let me share to you guys a saying that goes this way: Life unfolds itself in mysterious ways.

    River and Megan knows their relationship about each other more than we do, more than others. Whatever their relationship right now, what is happening between them, both of them only knew.  It is a MYSTERY for us...  have a great day everyone.. by the way, welcome NEWBEES!!!


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