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  1. I was already sitting...so I didn't have far to fall.
  2. Well LS had 12 episodes first season and 36 second season. They got it all in - 48 episodes ! LOL Well if the 3.15 got to 6.21 it would be an improvement...would be at least 50% - but that's a lot to expect ! I was eating...K fried chicken...and doing math...Soju is hard core that's for sure.
  3. My thoughts... SO if LBC was based on 4 stories, and those 4 stories added up to 100%...then we didn't even get close to 100 %. note: never do math and drink soju. I liked Tin Can. It was lite and funny. Would have like more...maybe in the imaginary 2nd season.... cr on image/twitter Cantaloupe ! Off Topic of course.. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. cr: Line
  4. Lovely, it's like watching the KD's come to life. Seoul is on my bucket list...planning to do an Asian( shopping )tour in a couple of years..and Seoul is included. 감사합니다 for the video and sharing. And... Fun little vid I found about MeanPlan before LBC
  5. Agreed 100%...I've only seen 3-4 BL drama's with those kinda kisses...
  6. Very Nimble...I'd take those keys in a heart beat...
  7. Clients never listen,, But THIS makes me feel so much better..
  8. I know...that's the first vid I thought of when I saw the rendition above...and that would be reason #46 why I would not pay to go to a Fanmeet... I can't. Just sign my poster picture and let me go home..just don't do anything I have to watch...
  9. Following those bread crumbs for info...in the beginning, that's how I found them...
  10. well...yeah ...and of course there are the ones not on that list. Seems we've have a few newbies to BL ...so why create of list when there is one already in existence..and it also provides exposure for what is out there...sorta beyond the Thai world.
  11. Well yeah...but there ARE other under utilized lips in this series....let's give equal treatment.
  12. I have to say I don't watch much American TV ( they don't have subs) - Shadowhunters and that's only for Malec.
  13. So can I infer from this that PA will kiss some more, TC will go for #4 and MAYBE KT will get #1 ? Then, the remaining episodes will be +12 scenes ?
  14. Episode 6 with subs B1 https://tv.line.me/embed/4359910 B2 https://tv.line.me/embed/4359920 B3 https://tv.line.me/embed/4359922 B4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4359925 B5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4359929
  15. then allow me to introduce you to: never say addicted...
  16. Oh really ? Seriously though, you are correct. Even if you don't watch the whole BL you go back to scenes that grabbed you. I really loved the composition of the " goldfish" scene in LS. Lights/camera work/ staging...I compared it to the goldfish scene in LBC... LS was filmed and LBC is digital ( which makes a diff in effects imho)... it just didn't feel the same although what took place was the same. I also notice there was a locker room/kabedon scene - there and in MIR.. think I'm doing a 3-way analysis...
  17. Oh there is always something to watch. Man does not live by BL alone...Nothing like a 60 episode Chinese drama to keep you engaged until/while a good BL appears !
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