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  1. Ae/Pete with out question ! I'm kinda in the Techno/Kla camp..I've always been drawn to the " bad boy" and Kla is just so calculating...I love it...then TinCan, an original Tsundere cpl no less...that will be fun..they are str8 out of a manga...I'm just hoping they spread out the angst...it's BL..there's angst...hope it's not all in one episode...that's a recipe for ded. LOL
  2. I admit I did cringe a bit on the chopping board diakon radish ( I think ) and carrots aren't the softest to cut but they did a great job...I am continually amazing at the amount of cooking that is done in one sauce pan not only by them but other cooking vids I've seen...LOLI think they were in an office only need a burner and a pot you can cook anywhere ! . Saint and Perth are good together...I really like the off screen connection - which confirms the on screen connection. on another cpl note...I found this TinCan FMV ( fan made video).it's not long, good song, nice images...well constructed..enjoy
  3. The lyrics #lovebychanceseries cr trans: Lazy Subber
  4. I wonder if the locker scene was a chase ? Yeah it's in my playlist...and since you can't hear subs...not a worry...LOL
  5. Let me just say I have it looping on two browsers...and I was one of the first 50 to see it...it's now up to 19K...soooooo yeah it's gonna be a long day.
  6. OK..so here are the cheat sheets to the vid... cr:Twitt
  7. New MV ...just released...they are asking that you watch on the link...and not re-upload...they need the views..S2 is at stake. " Wish This Love" is the title Just watched....there are some new clips included...perhaps even answers to some questions..
  8. Why not throw in some Durian as a side CJD( China) always had her actors stay together while shooting a series...I'm sure they didn't spend that kind of time..but the time they did spend definitely shows.
  9. I think that's what caught my eye...they are so organic with each other. No problem with skinship or personal space..
  10. Fan Boi time !!! Admit it...you grin and get cheesy when you watch this series...I admit to "Queening" out a bit... Nothing really special about this vid..it's just cute...
  11. It's nice to see they can still move through the mall without hundreds of iPhones in their faces. That little fan group seem very respectful..now by the time LBC ends...they won't be able to go to the bathroom without shakey iPhones recording their every move...
  12. So it seems it's Pete who is having a jelly moment...which could lead Ae to show frustration. You think ? What's the highlight for the next episode (EP5)? พีท หึงครั้งแรก เริ่มมีปะทะระหว่างตัวตั้มกับตัวไทป์ เรื่องของน้องต้า เรื่องของเก่งกล้ายังไม่ค่อยมีอะไร ติณณ์แคนปะทะกันอีกรอบนึง From the director: The first jealousy of Pete, the first conflict between Tum and Type about N'Tar, not much on the KengKla story, and another TinCan's conflict.
  13. Ok this is an interview with the director of LBC...lots of good stuff ! The LBC director asked fans to watch from the Official Links only and leaked the plan of season 2, “it depends on the sponsors.” Read rest in spoiler....it's translated, well, there is Thai ..and English
  14. I'm glad...it was beginning to feel like the 2m syndrome...all but one. It also occurred to me that this LBC was supposed to air before now, so many plans were put in place with that I mind. When it aired later, much later, some things could be change and others couldn't.
  15. I'm trying to remember because and what I do remember hasn't happened ye t
  16. I think we have to recognize the elephant in the room, that first, Pete is a young gay man. Second, he is a young gay man who has been used and abused by ( I'm going to say for now) another man. Tump may be gay too ( filled with self hate) or he could be just a Beatch--richard simmons loser who like to prey on gay men. I think those of us who are gay men here can understand where Pete is standing right now - he's out of the closet, but darn it's pretty harsh out there !! We don't know how Tump entered Pete's life...was it with the same kind of affection as Ae is showing ? Did he say " love knows no gender and I like you even though you're gay ? IF that is the case, then Ae has to really demonstrate that he's not Tump and he really cares for Pete. I think this also puts Ae at a disadvantage because any show of anger, frustration, etc.etc. is simply going to remind Pete of Tump. Pete has to realize and accept and trust that Ae is the real deal and not Tump. Sure the last guy was an arsewhole...and trust me...you meet a whole lot of those before you get to Mr. Right; Pete has to ( get his watch back) and move on, and see Ae for the caring guy that he is. ps I drop the r in Tumps name...on purpose...LOL
  17. The English translation of the novel is the most sought after document in the BL Kingdom right now...I've seen the reference to Wattpad and LBC novel translation on several platforms just today...trust me...they would be found...
  18. Exactly. LBC went through a lot just to get on the air...and they are covering social media like ants on honey...the author is involved in production. So yeah, the hunt is on. I also think what we are seeing is ( excuse this head think) a paradigm shift across the board in access to not only BL series, but novels, TV shows et.al. It's why DF and Viki exist. Even the Google bots have gotten better over the last couple of years especially in Thai...Twitter remains the worse in translation though...I get shite like "the mountain is wearing a dress" when I use it to translate. I've been around Asian series, movies and drama's for a few years now...things are definitely changing with regards to translations. OMG...LBC translates in under 12 hours with MT a close second. That has never happened. I think TWM came with subs when the episodes were aired ( ???) and that was unique...so The world is flat now..the internets have made that happen...and really for westerners..it's time to learn another language or two or three..and stop assuming the world has to make us happy...these drama's existed long before the west found them <steps off soap box>
  19. Umm pretty much a method of getting up close and personal 4. Fear of the unknown ? ( or known) 5. Still in the closet IMHO, the role of an actor is to convince me ( the viewer) that what you are saying or doing is real. Some of these actors are so young and have not had the experience they are attempting to demonstrate. Those actors who can step out of their personal selves and make it happen are impressive.For instance, I was reading an interview with the actors from CTL. Both are in relationships having gf's...and they said they just imagine it was their gf's they were kissing - yeah eyes were closed...but darn they went all in...that's acting no matter the motivation. If you write - you know every character has to have a fatal flaw...an imperfection that creates dissonance and something he (she) has to overcome. I see this extreme possesiveness/jealousy in Ae as something that creates conflict and as something he has to overcome. Pete's flaw is his " doormat" personae - I'm waiting to see him bust out of that. And clearly ( for me ), if that isn't resolved before consummation - it only gets worse after...then you move into the land of " you're mine "... Legally ? With permission ?
  20. C'mon in..the water is fine. I'd suggest that you get a spare pair of eyeballs..cause it's only Episode 4...we have a long way to go
  21. Just sweet The way to a man's heart is through his stomach... Techno has already lost...and he doesn't even know it...LOL
  22. I'm gonna say..there are a few male actors...that go all in...( no pun intended...well maybe...yeah it was). Like: yeah most of the time the eyes and the lips are closed...
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