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  1. I thought the same. So I am thinking if writer wanted to do same with KSH as she did with Yoon in s.1: we got to know him liitle by little, he was snooping around SM, then joined investigation team, apologised to SM, got close to the team, made us fell in love with him and BAM he was the killer of s1. That's is similar to the KSH - I disliked him at first, then started to notice that he is not that bad, defending SH and I started to like him and now BAM - creating creepy scene when he is standing in front of a doors and being suspicious. I think he could be more important that we think. Again,
  2. let's take a short break and look at this: When at the day you are prosecutor and at night you work at the bar lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGzpZfV3-Fs&ab_channel=UPstageTV
  3. I liked this episode. Especially enjoyed Shi Mok talking to everyone and ,,debunking" theories. Just grilling them was so good to watch. That's what Shi Mok is. No matter in what position you are he sees you the same. (That's what I miss about Yeo Jin too) Seems like every person he talked to lied to him in one or other way. Me watching how everyone lies to Shi Mok and knowing that he knows they're lying: Felt a bit afraid after I saw preview, now that Shi Mok is digging deeper I'm sure a lot people won't like it. Hope nothing will happen to him. I still have
  4. I'm gonna share this, because this is what I really wanted to see in s2. But 9 ep. in and we get crumbs of our duo compared to what we had in 1st season. I miss them.
  5. You might be right. Sending bloody tie - I wouldn't think this could be someone's who is in high position, strategy. Why bother? Why even show reaction? Why give hints? It means this is someone more ,,down to earth". Who needs reactions, who needs to show that ,,they/he/she" is in control. So suspects circle could grow smaller from now on. But again, you can never know what writer has in her mind, it can grow even bigger, but I hope not, it's already confusing as it is.
  6. At this point I am so confused, even if episode ended with Park Gwang Su case, this don't prove that this is why Dong Jae was kidnapped. There are many suspects and everyone could have their own reason to harm Dong Jae. Hoobae, Hanjo, WTH, CB and etc. Especially seems like CH and WTH are shady more than we could think, how they react to every new detail they hear or see. What we know that in order to put all puzzle, cases will need to be solved. I love that we got to see what Shi-Mok thinks inside his head, hope that in a future no one will disturb him. Also, this could
  7. @bedifferent I think you are onto something. It was odd, how this case was like ,,dropped" even though the person who survived was acting weird. So it's high likely case will comeback and turn everything upside down. We know that writer likes to connect everything, so there should be no holes, everything is connected somehow.
  8. Both YJ and SM works better in enviroment they are more familiar with. YJ is more comfortable with her police team. SM - when he knows what his role is and don't have to move like every 5 minutes from one office to another. It really helped that DJ was with him in this new place. It might seem like SM don't care about things like this, but you can see from his expressions how he feels about every new changes in locations. I rewatched 1st season and I loved that a lot of scenes showed SM and YJ working together and just ,,being" there for each other. I hope we'll see this kind of fr
  9. I actually wasn't really fond of DJ in 1st season until he showed that he actually cared a little bit about Eun Soo and I started to like him more in 2nd season, he makes all plot a little bit lighter, also no matter how you see it, he tries to survive, even if methods are wrong and he is still some kind of a friend to Shi Mok, I need him to be alive. I hope more people will try to find him.
  10. Hi guys, I'm new here, hope you'll welcome me. I needed place to talk about this season, because as you probably know, waiting for another episode is one of hardest things to do, and knowing that you are not alone waiting, make things easier. So this is my short recap about this season and recent episodes: Finally! That's what I've been waiting for. That tension. Twists. Faster pace. This is the ,,no-nonsense" Shi Mok I loved in 1st season. I was a bit nervous watching s2 because you could feel tension between Shi Mok and Yeo Jin. I'm glad Shi Mok encourages her not to forget her ,,
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