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  1. Just finished back reading all the awesome post that was shared. I have been so busy at work for the month of July. It feels like a year since I been back here. Thanks for all the post to keep me updated. You guys rock!
  2. I am just happy to hear that he is going to do a new drama. As an actor I trust him and the roles he has picked. I am just excited as a fan and happy to support him in his journey to be an actor that inspires people.
  3. It has been so long since we have seen him on screen any news is exciting. I hope people remembers that he is a professional. It doesn't matter who is his leading lady is, it is his profession to do the best he can at any project that he decides to do. The comments about him and SJK and how strange it would be for him to start in a role with one of his closest friend's wife is absurd. This is their job. I am sure he will be opposite of other leading ladies in the future that are spouses of his friends. Does that mean he needs to not choose any project that has any ties to him in any way, if it does then he will never work as an actor.
  4. He has always been so sweet and keen toward BTS. I love how he is so humble and loyal to all his friends. Always so proud to be his fan.
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