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One Call (American Boy Band managed by Johnny Wright)

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Justin Thorne

AG Gamlieli

[size=3"]Chris Moy[/size]

Jose Bordonada

Bio:“It’s funny how one call can change your whole life.” remarked Chris Moy, giving name to the new band formed by legendary music executive Johnny Wright. All four members were brought together from different parts of the country, with different musical experiences, to create a new wave of pop music magic. Johnny Wright is no stranger when it comes to putting together a superstar group and rocketing them to success, as he’s done time and again with the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, and The Jonas Brothers, among others. The four members of One Call- AG Gamlieli from Seattle, WA, Justin Thorne from Los Angeles, CA, Chris Moy from the Bronx, NY, and Jose Bordonada from Manati, Puerto Rico - are also very familiar with what it takes to make it or break it in pop music. As a former member of boy group, NLT; Justin has shared in the success of 3 singles on the charts and a national tour with The Pussycat Dolls. Now as a member of One Call, he’s sure to share his experiences with his new “band of brothers”. Justin isn’t the only one with some experience under his belt, though. Chris and Jose B. are neither strangers to the music world nor Johnny Wright, having previously been hand selected by Johnny out of thousands of young hopefuls on an MTV series, “Making Menudo”, to become members of the latest version of the legendary latin boyband. After a successful summer single and tour dates with the Jonas Brothers, the members of Menudo took different paths, but Jose and Chris were ready for another shot at success. Growing up, AG knew that he was destined for the spotlight. When your parents own a dance studio, music just becomes a way of life. With his high energy dance skills and edgy vocals, it was only a matter of time before he would cross paths with Johnny Wright. One Call is gearing up to bring to today’s stage what we love so dearly about the boybands who still hold music industry records to this day: captivating dance moves, seamless harmonies, and looks that drive the girls wild. But they’re putting their own twist on things. Joining forces with music’s hottest producer, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, and innovative choreographer Laurianne Gibson, One Call will deliver a sound and performance that’ll capture your heart and inspire you to move. -taken from their fb page

Official sites:
[url="http://"]FB page[/url]
official website

Blacklight MV
Meet One Call

Clevvertv: One Call music interview
ClevverTV Blacklight Interview
~~~more on the way~~~


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