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Those Giant Stubborn Pimples

momoko*momoko* bayAREA.Posts: 621Member
edited April 2009 in beauty & fashion
how to get rid of them?!

i have huge gigantic pimple. its one of those kinds that are under the skin and can't pop easily.
its big and red and theres no white part to it. i've had it for 4 days now and i cannot get rid of it !
how do you guys get rid of the giant stubborn pimples ?
should i put toothpaste on it ? i really dont know what to do. image
pleaseee helpppp !

thank youuuu ! image

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  • CharryCharry Posts: 1,123Member
    I hear you.
    I've had one of those stubborn pimples from time to time, and they just won't go away >:O

    I don't recommend you putting toothpaste on it, nor to try to squeeze it out.
    Just drink lots of water (ditch all those junk food), and remember to NOT STRESS OUT! image
  • mayholicmayholic worst fob ever H-TOWNNPosts: 646Member
    don't pop it and don't put toothpaste on it; it'll just irritate it

    if it really bugs you go to your derm for a cortisone shot
  • c.to_c.to_ Ontario, CanadaPosts: 1,108Member
    - Don't poke at it. or irritate it. For example, if it's on your cheek, don't rest your head in your hands ( dunno how to explain) the more you touch it the more aggrivated it will be.
    - don't try to but 92083943 different products on it --> irritation
    - be patient, these things don't go away over night
    - spot treatment :] if you have one. put it on other night, DON'T slather it. just a light layer. and hope for the best in the morning.

    I actually got one like 3 days ago, and i used my acne cream ( it's prescription) on it. and it's gone down in size but it's still there. patience..
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  • midnightlovemidnightlove under bi's beddddPosts: 601Member


    toothpaste can make the white head appear but make sure it doesn't irrate your skin because it will give you itty bitty pimples but just try a good facial cleanser that you know wont be bad fer yer skin and you can also try tea tree oil. (:
  • je_amourxje_amourx THINK BIG Posts: 3,391Member


    edited April 2009

    If you mix salt and a little bit of water; dip it with a cotton ball and then apply pressure on the pimple and leave it on for a 10-15mins or overnight. It will deflate your pimple and and the salt kills the bacteria. I
  • xtiffaddictxxtiffaddictx TexasPosts: 55Member


    Suggestion: Dry it out. It tends to grow smaller and go away when you dry it out.
    Dry out means No Makeup just leave it alone.

    Gooood Luck! image
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  • tofuxxtofuxx brooklynPosts: 1,408Member
    i have one right now ._. but its going away that it doesnt hurt anymore. i use the body shops tea tree night lotion thing. it slowly shrinks it.
  • RinaiyokoRinaiyoko GermanyPosts: 65Member
    I had got one 6 days ago. I put Bepanthen on it over night and the next morning it was a lot smaller.
    After 2-3 nights it's almost gone but don't do anything like squeezing it or using agressive things.
  • YooraYoora 626Posts: 306Member
    edited April 2009
    Hey sorry I left a post under my friend's account, who I'm logged in under! Let me repost.
  • jayjigglejayjiggle SoCalPosts: 28Member
    QUOTE (Yoora @ Apr 19 2009, 10:59 AM) »
    Hey sorry I left a post under my friend's account, who I'm logged in under! Let me repost.

    Yeahh, that was me. image Sorry, barely registered an acount right now! Anyways, this is what I was going to say:

    Hey! Ugh, those kind of pimples are the WORST! They hurt, and they look like bug bites sometimes, yet you can't really safely pop them since there's no whitehead. XO Buttt, this video might help you pop your pimple SAFELY!

    It's on a widely known and official beauty website, with a certified dermatologist giving the instructions. And, you can see on the video, it pretty much should help at least a little, and with minimal scarring, even if there is no whitehead. image Hope that helps!

  • MelitusMelitus A+ canadaPosts: 2,081Member
    ^ great for pimples that has the pus or a visable canal.

    You're pimple if a blocked comedon under neath the sebecous gland, the inflamed bump is not really pus, it's basically water + bodily fluid. The real pimple lies beneath the fluid. One way is you can use a lancet, a super tiny needle used for checking for diabetes, you can poke a hole through it. clear fluid should leak out. now u can place spot treatment on the bump. This will cause the pimple to inflame even more, and therfore push the comedon upward, and now u got yourself a visible pimple that can be treated.
    This step will basically be
    1 day inflamation
    1 day getting rid of the bacteria
    3-4 days healing period.

    otherwise u can wait for 2-3 weeks for it to clear it up.
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  • WENJJANGWENJJANG ?? CaliforniaPosts: 7,127Member


    Those pimples hurt but I actually don't mind them like regular pimples.
    They usually go away after awhile and no scar! :]
  • secretlyjustyourssecretlyjustyours Cali <3Posts: 1,360Member


    i hate those pimples.
    cystic right? if we're talking about the same one.
    i ALWAYS get a scar (pockmark) from it -____-
    and i dont even touch it. if not, i get hyperpigmentation.

    just dont touch it, drink lots of fluids and remember to wear sunscreen because if you don't you will get a dark sport (hyperpigmentation).

    i have one on my cheek ><"
  • * veenee* veenee Posts: 917Member


    I hate those, wish i know a way to get rid of them. image
    but when i put concealer on it, to try to hid it.. that red color turns purple image
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  • _ATELIER_ATELIER ♥ ♥ ♥ ATELIERPosts: 3,963Member


    on the spot treatments? i suggest the mario badescu drying lotion, or neutrogena on the spot treatment.
  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    just dont touch it image

    i have one on my forehead right now.

    but my bang covers it all image
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  • RoyalSenseRoyalSense Posts: 49Member
    Don't touch it with dirty oily grimey hands.
    Don't let your hair touch it.
    Wash your face gently with cold water several times in the morning afternoon and evening.
    If you have access to a facial product with salycylic acid use it.
  • jaewalkerjaewalker CanadaPosts: 458Member


    prescribed acne cream ^^
    works amazing for me.
    i asked my doctor to give me an extra strong one, just in case i get those stupidily huge ones, and if works really well.
    like, you apply some on it, and within 2-3 days, it's gone ~~~~~ image
  • lvff_lvff_ it's so cute ? Posts: 1,194Member
    i recommend clean and clear persa gel (10% bp) it works way better for me than the usual 2% sa or bp acne medications.
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  • beana*beana* Posts: 1,687Member
    Idk if this would help but its a suggestion and I've been raving about it everywhere I post!
    Try a EVOO+aspirin mask or honey+aspirin it might work? Just give it some time. If not I think you should leave it alone imo.
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