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  1. Hi Hazelnutthursdays!

    Thank you for setting up the shipper page, I am an ardent fan of 1% of Anything since I stumbled upon it since Episode 2 was released and someone posted about it on Instagram.

    Had to suffer having to wake up for eng subs at 3am every Thursday and Friday morning for the past two months. But no regrets! So, am happy to see fellow sufferers! haha!

    I read that you have received the Chinese translation for the fanmeeting in simplified form. May I help you on that if you don't mind? Or we can split the work? I studied Eng-Chinese translation in university and am very curious on what JSM and HSJ were saying. They were so cute during the fanmeeting.

    No obligations though, but will be very, very happy to help!

    1. hazelnutthursdays


      Hello!!! :) I'm messaging you. :)

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