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  1. Actually the first time she kissed back in a drama was in Radio Romance. This is also where she did her first real kiss (not just peck) She and Dujun kissed 8 times here, at least 2 of them were initiated by her character lol
  2. I became a Sohyun fan right after the airing of School 2015's last episode so I didn't get to see it's increasing popularity during broadcast. But what I remembered was that its KBS youtube videos are getting million views and the Yibi vs Taebi battle was so intense among the viewers. The drama also trends in other countries twitter. Sohyun had been on the top list of hot actresses in China. When she went to Taiwan, the fans flocked her in the airport and based on Taiwan fanclub, everybody in Taiwan just recognizes her that she had to put disguise just to roam around the country. School 2015 OST also was Top 4 on the top musics in Taiwan. School 2015 was extremely popular. It was the drama that made her known in and out of Korea. On the other hand, Let's Fight Ghost boosted her popularity (mostly among guys lol). She was invited by VIU to do a fanmeet in Singapore (venue was in a mall). Fans flocked Changi airport upon her arrival. The 6 floor mall venue where she went was also full of fans. Most of the dedicated fans that you see now came from Let's Fight Ghost fever. My brother who doesnt even watch kdrama watched LFG. So yeah, both dramas were extremely popular. 2015-2016 was the best time for Sohyun fans. I remember how happy I was with the amount of news and updates about her. She really lie low after she entered univ last Feb 2018 Sorry for the long post XD
  3. School 2015 and Let's Fight Ghost are really popular overseas. School 2015 already got a Chinese remake.
  4. I also think her hair extension during Love Alarm promotion is good (if I didn't know she cut it I would have believed it's her natural hair). The earliest that they can film is Feb/Mar and 4-5 months are definitely not enough to bring back her hair length from S1. Hopefully it grows shoulder length so shorter extension will be required. And it might be an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind if Sohyun attends university first even if it means delaying Love Alarm filming. (she's already on leave for 3 semesters if my calculations are right) I just love the idea of her experiencing what it feels like to become a normal person. Now that she and Jung Ga Ram became a bit closer, maybe it'll be easier for her to attend classes? She's shy to strangers so it would be a good idea to have somebody she knows on school
  5. Love this episode too! I also love that one episode where she bought a burger and accidentally spilled the drink on her sleeves she was super adorable. I really hope she becomes more open with herself to the public. I've noticed she stopped posting on twitter and her Instagram is now full of promotional posts that her fan accounts start to look more realistic than hers haha
  6. I always think Taec is the best partner of Sohyun and again he proved me correct happy to see them still getting in touch after 3 years. But I'm still laughing over his grumpy and sulky messages hahaha
  7. I think hair extensions is the only way. Unless there is a food or shampoo that can magically regrow her hair faster haha anyways, the earliest that they can film is next year I guess
  8. It was a roller coaster of emotions yesterday with Taecyeon's truck support and a possible Love Alarm announcement. Taecyeon is soooo adorable and cute with the sulky messages. That's why he will always be my no. 1 partner for Sohyun Love Alarm leads love to tease us right? But it's certain we'll be getting season 2 after Love Alarm's warm reception globally. I just hope they will give Sohyun enough rest before she starts filming again
  9. All are pictures only I suggest that you also check the dedicated Instagram accounts of her fans. Some of them do English translations. Her Philippine fanpage translated some of her Love Alarm interviews in English. For Chinese translations, Sohyun has 2 Chinese fansites and Taiwan fansite that you can check in weibo and facebook (respectively). For Vietnamese translations, KSH Raining Land on Facebook translates almost everything from videos to interviews (I feel they are the most dedicated). For Indonesian translations, you may follow ksh Indonesia in IG. They also have a youtube channel (Stayfine subs if my memory is correct) where they translate videos in Indo subs. For Thai translations, you may want to check KSH Thailand fanpage in twitter. She recently went to Singapore Feb of this year to promote the Gentle Monster brand. Some of the fans were able to meet her. She also went last year for Love Alarm activities. Who knows, she might visit Singapore again
  10. If my memory is correct her brother is just 1 year younger than her, so he's born year 2000. Also, she was born in Australia and just moved to Korea when she became a bit older. I have this speculation that she might have Australian blood but just no clues or indication haha Her peak was around 2015-2016 so during that time Korea's conflict with China and Japan wasn't that big. I think back then the definition of hallyu is somebody who is popular overseas. I'm not sure if that's still the definition now. I agree. She's also very good in hosting. You guys may want to try watching KBS Drama Awards 2015 wherein she was the main host (btw she was also the youngest presenter at age 17 (16 y.o internationally)). She also hosted multiple idol awards show. I watched Under19 because of her I think this is one of the main reason why they create WAVE because many people watch online nowadays. Most of those who watch in TVs are older generations who obviously have different tastes. I was hoping Nokdujeon to be shown on Netflix, but being in WAVE is not a bad idea too
  11. I've been away from Soompi for so long so I don't have an idea why my pictures are not showing T_T can anybody help me? *cries*
  12. Some pictures of her fanmeeting and international fan support (obviously I'm enjoying bragging these since I'm part of these supports XD) HongKong (2015), Taiwan (2016), Singapore (2016) Taiwan 2017 Japan 2018 Korea 2019 (latest) -- I attended this fan meeting and it was worth flying to Korea *tears of joy* Sohyun has a Korean fansite name called Stand By which has been supporting her since 2014. So I'll just be posting the international fan supports (I couldn't find pictures of all the rice wreaths given T_T) Subway Banner Support for her 10th year anniv Food trucks Vietnam (for Radio Romance 2018) 5 countries (for Love Alarm 2019) The Tale of Nokdu 2019 I heard more international fans are preparing coffee trucks for The Tale of Nokdu The list is not exhaustive (I couldn't find all the pictures). But yeah, Sohyun has a solid international fanbase
  13. I have been following her earnestly since her big break in School 2015. Also, I've been watching and following kdramas and kcelebrities for almost 15 years and I have to say she is one of the biggest korean actresses in her age in terms of international following. She had a hiatus last year (2018) but during era 2015-2017, she was everywhere. She had fanmeetings in Taiwan (2016 & 2017), HongKong, Singapore, Japan (2018 & 2019) and Korea (2017 & 2019) already. She was the youngest Korean actress to have a fanmeeting in Taiwan at age 17. Fans from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Hongkong, Malaysia send rice wreaths during her drama presscons. She was the first endorser of VIU when they started in Singapore in 2016. The media calls her Hallyu star. Her 7.8 million Instagram followers also manifest that. It may not be visible here in soompi but if you look through her tags in Instagram, I can say there are at least 100 accounts dedicated to her. She also had solid fanclubs in various countries tho most of their official fansites are in Facebook or Weibo. Also, before the release of Love Alarm, the official trailer got 2M views before broadcast and 99% of the thousand comments are about her. So yeah, I'm confident to say that she's really well known overseas. That's pretty much the fruit of my 4 years of avid fangirling haha
  14. Welcome to the forum! It's always nice to see new fans around. Let's make this forum even more lively! I was School 2015 baited and ever since then followed her works faithfully (you can consider me an avid/hardcore fan lol). You should try Page Turner and Nightmare Teacher (web drama). These 2 are definitely must watch. Ruler did her wrong. Her character appeared so little and she had no development. Sohyun admitted that Ruler was her slump. Until now I have trauma with that drama. Anyways, do check her dramas when she was still a child actor. Missing You is one of the best Yup, Mongsuk is her 4 year old maltese. I think she loves her dog more than her younger brother hahahahah jk Sohyun is known to be ultra private about her personal life thus a single picture or post of her personal life is a gem to her fans. We're kind of used to it tbh haha
  15. Wahh~ so happy to see the forum being active. Let me join the fun after I finish work
  16. Thankfully her long time fans already had years of training (those 3-4 years paid of lol) on how to get information about her. They now follow accounts from staff, her Hanyang classmates and costars
  17. Actually a lot of fans asked the same question and Sohyun personally answered that she's the one running her social media accounts. She used to follow fans way back 2015-2016 era that's why she follows 6000+ accounts now (that was 7000+ before actually). Unfortunately, her social media account content is 99% advertisement and 1% about Mongsuk. She almost never posts about her personal life (thus earning her the title "ninja Sso" from fans). Her Korean fans even call her accounts "promotion bot" at times XD She used to post about her personal life more 3-4 years ago (ratio's about 3% personal and 97% advertisement) but ever since her hiatus last year and after creating Mongsuk's IG account, she posts even less. That's why you need to be a detective to follow her haha
  18. I've also seen a lot of comments from Sohyun's Chinese fanpage on how it starts to remind them about Ruler. Some also said that the plot is starting to become all over the place I stopped watching TTON at ep 2 (and will just wait for the drama to finish) so I can't really say anything but I had a huge trauma from Ruler so I'm thinking whether I should continue it or not
  19. Jung Ga Ram is 6 years older but he only entered Hanyang univ last year (2018) which is the same year as Sohyun. They even had a class picture together. Now with the male lead, nobody really knows who is the male lead but in the webtoon, Jojo will date both Sun Oh and Hye Young. So my expectation is that Jojo and Hye Young scenes will increase significantly in the 2nd season.
  20. I wouldn't consider the reality show and idol competition as hectic as in the drama. For TIMFT, it probably only took her 2 weeks at most to film everything inc her trip in US. For Under19, she can prerecord most of her scenes as an MC. Love Alarm has considerably a more lenient film sched since it's pre produced. I remember Sohyun saying that she can still take a stroll while filming. It was completely different in 2015-2016 when she had 4 dramas, 2 movies and plenty of endorsements, fansign events, fanmeetings (taiwan, hongkong and singapore) and awards night presenter (main MC for KBS which took like 4 hours). It was a huge treat for the fans, but she looked dead tired during those days
  21. She used to announce projects left and right during 2015-2016 era but I don't think that is possible since she's currently attending university. Her year long hiatus was due to schooling. I think the only feasible project that can suit her studies is Love Alarm, because she will have more scenes with Jung Ga Ram (as per the webtoon) who is her classmate in univ. I think they can sync their sched so that they can attend univ and film at the same time. She doesn't seem to take movies but I think she wants to have one
  22. It's true that the writing of this to a drama is critical especially since an exisiting material can be a point of comparison, but there's no harm in trying. The advantage of a drama is that it can give depth to each scene that movies couldn't do due to limited time. But like you said, the writer should be able to flesh out the emotions from a particular scene without being draggy. Miss Granny drama is a double edge project, but I think it's worth the try. No news about season 2 but I feel they will announce it as soon as she finishes the drama
  23. Love Alarm is a web drama while Page Turner is a 3 episode special drama so I didn't include them since I was pertaining to short weekday dramas (16 episodes). But both are female centric (I still consider Page Turner as Yoo Seul's drama). What I mean with female centric dramas are those where the center of the story revolves around the female lead haha. But it's nice to have a women village as a fresh concept Unfortunately, we only heard of one article about Miss Granny and nothing more. So it might be just a rumor, or they are saving it for next year since a similar type of drama aired last 2018/19.
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