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  1. 1 hour ago, Chellsee said:

    <snipping the article>

    "Going forward, Song wants to steer away from the chivalrous boyfriend role that has earned him massive popularity.

    “I want to play a character that is cold,” he said. “I think there are sides of me that are like that. I’m a fan of the actor Edward Norton, and if you see his early works, he plays a lot of those roles. A thriller could be fun, too.” "

    THIS! This was enough to drag me out of lurk mode to say how much I admire this young man and sooooo looking forward to following his career! Wow, Edward Norton --- of all actors in the world to give a special shout out too. This dude is deep and so, apparently, is SJK. Those are some huge shoes to fill and may the wind always be at SJK's back blowing him to his goals.

    A side note: Edward Norton played an uncredited role in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven that stole the whole movie!

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  2. 1 hour ago, mellinadear said:

    Watched ep 3.

    Only complain I have is the ENGLISH. Would it kill the producers to get good English actors (they can get rookies for all I care), I cringe everytime. 

    I was thinking the same thing. But I reasoned that almost all of the characters (not just the actors) are not native English speakers so I got curious about somehow, some way English became a global language for communication. I did a teensy bit of digging and apparently it's becoming the international auxiliary language. So it is rational for the language to sound stilted to those of us for whom the language is native. The only character who seemed to be born to English was the arms dealer. And his way of speaking bothered me because it was also stilted. So either the actor was not given license to speak naturally by the director, or the actor himself is not a native English speaker but has obviously been taking lessons in diction.

    I just finished Ep 3. Still willing to continue, but there's only so much belief I am willing to suspend. President Mubarak? Really? This fictional character is in line to receive the Nobel Peace Prize and his name is Mubarak? :phew:

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  3. 8 hours ago, shuangyh said:


    in episode 2, i especially love the last few scenes. she was in her scarf with the apache flying over the team's head. i love that. she also froze when she realised it was him walking out. there were many other scenes which i rewatched, such as the one they sat in the cafe and talked about their principles. in reality, not many couples can do that especially when they have good feelings about each other at the start. despite not having the same beliefs and values, i think many couples will still try to sort it out. but in DoTS, they had to pass by each other to path a longer story for us, which i'm not complaining!


    I snipped your comment so this thought would stand out. This is what I love about DoTS, this sold the drama to me. And honestly, I believe the couple share more values than not, they just have a different way of approaching them. Both want a better world for people. It's unfortunate that his approach is required, being that it's responsible for carnage, but until everyone on the planet begins to love their children more than they hate their enemies (thought borrowed from Golda Meir), carnage will be a reality. Her approach repairs the damage the carnage causes. My hope is that this will be a core theme between the couple. It will elevate their love story out of the mundane.

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  4. My two cents on the ending: it's gonna be what it will be and its 6 weeks away.

    To me, the photo of the holed helmet on the butt of the rifle planted into the ground is symbolic of the fact that war is hell. But DoTS is storytelling. Will this writer script two lead characters so skillfully to have the audience fall immediately in love with them, only to kill one or both of them off at the end? This would cause grief and grieving people get angry at some point and the writer will lose the trust of the audience. The writer is most probably aware of the backlash Julien Fellowes received when he killed off Matthew at the end of season 3 of Downton Abbey, the same season another beloved character died in childbirth. I certainly will never forget that season ending; a friend of mine was so furious she never watched another season. A good storyteller just doesn't do that. There are sad endings, but not without closure.

    Whatever the ending, I have a feeling it will be a good one even if there is some loss involved.

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  5. 1 hour ago, SeGafanlady said:

    hhmm actually she isn't his EX... because they had not established any romantic relationship officially yet.... or I can say.. the flower had no chance to bloom yet it's shattered by rain and wind.. but it's still alive and it shall grow and blooming stronger than ever.. because the rain and the wind can't stop it anymore.... (OMO I become so hopeless romantic because of this drama)

    .. the flower had no chance to bloom

    yet it's shattered by rain and wind..

    but it's still alive

    and it shall grow

    and blooming stronger than ever..

    because the rain

    and the wind

    can't stop it anymore....

    :D You're a poet and don't know it!

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  6. 41 minutes ago, tovsleeptov said:

    Just came across people who complained about the flaws and what don't make sense in this drama. Lol usually I don't give a care to negative comment about the this drama. Cos as long as I like it. I enjoy it. That's enough. They are the unhappy one.

    So waht I'm trying to say is. There's no such thing as perfect and flawless drama out there. U just need to relax your brain and go with the flow!!! So just dont think!!!  Like don't even think about what make sense or not. Cos it more like they just sit there trying to find fault and rationalizing the drama instead of Watching it!!! 

    By saying the mission force is a crap!!! Well if you compare it to American action movie, yes. But we r not watching American action movie right now. This is a love, romance/melodrama.... Like really what do they expecting!!! A drama this GOOD!!! What's not to like??? Like they can make a better drama lmao!!! 

    Actually, in my opinion, most American action movies are crap. ;) 

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  7. Hello! First time posting here. Forgive for not going back to the beginning, but 135 pages is a lot to catch up on. 

    I watched the first two eps last night and liked them, a lot! I'm not so much a fan of romance, but character KMY is one smart lady so I sorta fell for her despite the .... ummmm .... drippy love theme. (Please don't flame me, I like the song but they played it, what? 5 times?)

    I also fell for the character SDY. I seem to fall for the seconds in just about every drama.

    Great action, smart dialog and some depth to the characters right out of the gate. Great location scenes. Yeah. Looking forward to the rest!

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  8. 13 hours ago, soomp said:

    Hellloo! I've reported the site slowness as well as asking if it's possible to restore the view where you can just view all the threads you are following instead of the heavy activity stream and related issues (not sure if they'll be able to do it, but I had to ask!)

    As for the emoticons, are there specific ones missing? Do you guys just want all sorts of random emoticons? This is something we can do, why not? 

    Are these too big? or fun?



    It's not that they're missing, I can't post them. I click on the smilie up on the task bar I blank code screen. I have no time this morning, but later on I'll try again and if I can't, I'll take a screenshot and post it to show you what's happening. I've cleared cookies, but I'll also restart my computer and see if that helps. 

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  9. 7 hours ago, Hanyeoun said:


    The index is being rebuilt. This process happens all the time after a major update requiring a maintenance. This step should be finished by this weekend.

    With Invision migrating our database, the platform will face technical issues and it shall be stabilized within a week or two.


    A week or two????? No!!!

    I want it all ... and I want it now!  

    See, dang smilies don't even work. I was gonna wink ;) at you which required me to type " ;" and ")" which is OK for ;) and :) and :P but not so good for o_O ... or maybe it should be O_o? Nope...and all the other glorious emoticons. We need our emoticons!! The world can't continue without emoticons. The word is even Oxford Dictionaries word of the year for 2015!

    (I do hope you realize this rant is tongue in cheek ... which also needs an emoticon, but I'm not graphically endowed. :))

    But I do echo what everyone else was saying ... things were so much easier before this change. I do, however, want to acknowledge and thank you for your hard work!

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