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  1. 41 Year Old Gong Yoo was Adorably Scolded During His Photoshoot... After He Did This One Thing Gong Yoo made some trouble during his photo shoot. On January 15th, the actor's agency Soop Management uploaded a making film of his photo shoot with clothing brand 'Discovery.' Gong Yoo modeled for the brand's latest collection, posing among the artificial iglos behind him. During the photoshoot, Gong Yoo suddenly got excited and danced along the song played in the studio. Soon, the photographer stopped him from dancing and said, "You have to be serious for this photo shoot." Taken aback, Gong Yoo stopped dancing and posed for the camera. However, he could not stop to feel the rhythm and started to dance again. The only different thing was that he danced with his serious face after got scolded by the photographer. He then said, "I think there is at least one good photo, right?" Not to mention, seeing the 41 years old (Korean age) Gong Yoo got scolded brings laughter to fans. Some of the comments on the web read "He looks so excited while dancing to the song", "Is he really a 41-year-old guy? I think he is a 41-month baby", "I laughed so hard when he suddenly stopped after got scolded by the photographer", and more. Check out the video above to know more! http://kstarlive.com/41-Year-Old-Gong-Yoo-was-Adorably-Scolded-During-His-Photoshoot----After-He-Did-This-One-Thing-6045512
  2. @rubie thank u for sharing this deleted scene & i wish GY 'll act with LBH in any movie please can u tell me what's the importance of Kakoa m acquires Soop management & BH entertainment cuz i can't understand
  3. Happy new year GY & Happy new year all gy fans It can happen in movies not dramas @alohagongyoo hello, madam we miss u here. I wish gy& yumi 'll have romantic scene in their upcoming movie . I'm so excited for their chemistry as a married couple As @2handsintertwined said i like gy romantic scenes . HE'S PERFECT. i love the way he grab & kiss his co stars
  4. yes , i miss him too & miss u all but i couldn't log in using my phone Anyway , i love his hairstyle in Train to Busan & big like @2handsintertwined said i'm glad GY is having fun & traveling abroad before shooting his 2 new movies And he was there with kim jae wook
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