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  1. ConnieD said: cliffbinder2 said: too long since I last posted here just would like to share good thing, maybe a VITAMINSUN for us. Or maybe someone already mentioned this one, I might have run over with it. But FYI, the song ANAK for Min Ho's Gangnam Blues has also a movie with the same title. It is somewhat similar to the movie of our Princess because the movie was also about a daughter and mother relationship. Is it a coincidence or just a playful trick of our beloved couple... Ok maybe I am overthinking but of all songs why "ANAK" ... Anak is a Filipino word that can mean either son or "DAUGHTER"... Maybe Min Ho is trying to say to his fans, before watching or after watching my film watch also my wifey's movie "ANAK or DAUGHTER" :) AM I TOO DELUSIONAL? hahahhaha

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