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    This year I stumbled upon one program from Channel A, Vocal Play, that aims on Acapella style musical program. Contestant were chosen via live performance, that were judged by 100 live audience. If they manage to score 70 out of 100 votes, the draft wall will open, and they will be presented to 4 main coach. Contestants are divided into their own specialties, like Vocal Solo (Singer), Beatboxer and Acapella. Then they will be mixed with each other under each coach.


    Vocal Play will return in October 2019 for season 2


    Season 1 Host







    • Khan
    • Hiss
    • MayTree
    • VRomance
    • EXIT
    • G2
    • Bae Dae-hae
    • Paradise
    • Han Hae
    • Mighty
    • Kwon Hyuk-soo
    • Wings
    • Greg
    • Park Ji-min
    • Yoo Sung-eun


    okay, these are key performance for season 1. I actually learned about several of them through this show!








    As for now, Vocal Play Season 2: Campus Music Olympiad is coming maybe on October 2019 with new coaches like Ailee, Lee Seok Hoon, Kim Hyun Chul and Sweet Sorrow will maintain as coaches from season 1

  2. On 4/4/2016 at 9:08 PM, orchidia said:



    Hehehehe Yong's ideal type eh..


    Jonghyun said somewhat seriously, "I really like it when women wear jeans with white t-shirts." 

    Yonghwa countered, joking, "It's similar for me. I like it when girls take off the cardigans they're wearing, carry that cardigan in one hand, and roll up her sleeves, and when the outfit underneath  that cardigan is a white t-shirt and jeans."  



    Missing this Yonghwa?





    Hyun always wears white and jeans... You miss you wifey ah Yong~~?


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  3. hmm...that shirt of hers is just too fishy. she has one with bigsize, now she has one that fits her frame well. very curious indeed. im not quite happy with her revealing her tactic. this will make paparazo's weary and might follow her more. should have been kept a secret til the end. by end, i mean the wedding announcement...

    what is the title of the show? where can i watch? tnx

    @glamrockr69 I think it still hard to track her... hehehe because she have a very unique brain and thinking system, I'm sure she will not be spotted easily.

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  4. I've stumbled upon this artcle just now!!!! Credit to YongSeoInternational and Mnet


    Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Sooyoung has exposed Seohyun′s double life.

    SNSD members Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun attended a production presentation for On Style′s reality show Channel Girls′ Generation (SNSD) held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on July 21.


    SNSD′s Sooyoung Reveals Seohyun Leads a Double Life

    On the topic of Seohyun producing content on the topic of ′The Maknae′s Double Life,′ Sooyoung said, "Seohyun has already lived a double life."

    Sooyoung continued, "She even went around wearing a hanbok once. And went out wearing a wig before."


    Kekekekeekeke is this true? Did Hyun meet with hubby Yong wearing a hanbok? Wahahahahaahaha pleaseeeeee be true this time... Thanks Sooyoung-sshi!!!!!  YongSeo FTW. Goguma 4ever!

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  5. Already watched Running Man EP165, and this is a very special episode when the production team decided to give a very special gift for a very special fan! Hyemi is very lucky, as the all the Running Man scatters around Namyangju, doing all the things that she have been doing and finally a full blown race at her school, ans SHE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT AT ALL! and the best thing is, Ji Suk Jin, become the first solo winner for the fist time! Congrats Impala Hyung! And Lee Kwang Soo have found his die hard fan! Running Man Daebak!

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