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  1. anneyong everyone... I've been silent lurker in this thread since ng aired on 2012. and yes, i ship for this couple and enjoy your analized for this couple. Last time i'd come to this thread, its still on page 100 something, but now its almost 800... wooww..you guys is so amazing... about sjk recent rumour for dots, i like to think that if chaeki are a real couple, they won't act as a couple in a drama, because it won't give them challenge to explore their acting skills. if they do the same drama, i thought it would be better that one of them play as antagonists. and for cw, there is no rumour about her next drama yet, i think its because sjk already take role on dots after he finished military service. if your boyfriend will busy with his job, you won't do the same, rite? if it happens, how you guys would match your tight schedule to meet each other?

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