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  1. woooow... Really? Thank you for following me @Mayrita nice to know you!:D

    1. Mayrita


      Aww You are so Nice, I followed you Because I saw your videos en youtube and I Love them!:wub: I posted some messages for you on them ( My id on youtube is Pijicita) and also We share the love for Gong Yoo:rolleyes:, Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your Message. Have a nice day or Night!

      Pd: Sorry if my english is not good because is no my first language. 

    2. CatchMine_ID


      You are the nice one! I know you are in Gong Yoo thread and I really don't expect that you will.. So, ahhhhh you are Pijicita!!! Thank you so much dear for the love:wub: things like this makes me so happy, to know that we share the same addiction, bond because excited in the same things:D have a wonderful day too, chingu. Will wait for you to spaze all along!

      No sorry cause we both in the same ship of struggling in english-not-my-first-language lol. Just keep learning:lol:

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