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  1. Lee Sung Kyung looking stunning at the grand opening of Saint Laurent flagship store in Xinyi A9, Taipei. In two days she will finally have her first fanmeeting.
  2. Face Reader Reads Fortune And Success Of BTS, SF9’s Rowoon, Lee Sung Kyung, Kwanghee, And More She went on to read Lee Sung Kyung’s physiognomy and commented, “Lee Sung Kyung has a look in her eye that not many Koreans have. Her face is someone like a blank white sheet, in that she can transform into various characters like a chameleon. She will see a lot of success if she takes on a lot of different transformations.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1292767wpp/face-reader-reads-fortune-success-bts-sf9s-rowoon-lee-sung-kyung-kwanghee I agree with her, Lee Sung Kyung strenght is her versatility, i hope she won't get stuck in playing nice sweet innocent girl character but more complex character.
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