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  1. o bakla eto ung isa sa sinabi nuong way back episode 9 0r 8pa nung specialist:

    When the word cheat is used, i am more inclined to mean the door to commitment is not quite closed or open but rather slightly ajar. Get what i mean?

    The one who is more likely to look at another person is So Eun. This is mainly because like most women she wants to be certain tht she is loved. She needs to be assured that she has his love 150%. I x know why she feels insecure but i guess because sjl is a looker n well admired by women around the globe.

    Ok, SJL is less likely to cheat because this man prefers to be alone (in his little cave). Oh dear i can't remember exactly wht i wrote abt him. If i have all comments in here, it'll b easier to refer.

    Do you remember when he said in SNL, tht WGM is purely business? He wasn't fibbing. He was telling the truth. He partcipated in WGM to change his image. Also, he has methodically calculated and planned his moves.

    SJL is honest & blunt. He is not denying that he is sexually attracted to So Eun (hence in SNL his reference to the bathroom/shower). I noticed this when he looks relaxed and sits with his legs wide apart. He is ready for any sexual relationship BUT commitment may not be on the table just yet. If u remember the time SE brazenly brushes below his waistline, he quickly retreated and adjusted his pants. Wht does tht tell u? JL is ok with women rubbing and touching his torso, part of his job i guess. but the moment, it goes a little below the waistline, he gets protective. Watch SNL too.

    Are JL & SE in love? I x know. With SJ, there is this possibility of falling in love at first sight but not So Eun. By nature, the girl is very cautious. Being attracted to each other is different from falling in love. To win SE it'll take persistence on JL's part. I perceive she has slowly fallen for him but she is holding back because modesty is her conscience.

    Attraction, falling in love & commitment are 3 phases in a male-female relationship. Currently, there are still in the first stage. And both parties are sounding like a broken record maintaining tht it's all purely business  ... The truth is they r more likely trying to convince themselves & reminding each other why they r in wgm.

  2. Chingu, about the picachu post. hehhe its not my question of the day.. mianhe.. its just because of the new soompi forum thread I end up with white backgorund always hehehe 

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      Hahaha... I know dear... I just cannot help my self to comment on your post :D

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