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  1. Hi :)
    Overall it was a great show , the actors and actresses were amazing . I've always  loved JIS ,ever since frozen flower despite the whole castrating scene it was a really hot movie lol. SHK did a great job in portraying a blind person , i totally believed in her acting which made it great to watch . 

    Thanks to all that updated and posted spoilers and pics .

    Could someone tell me weather the instrumental that plays when oh soo was getting stabbed is on the ost ?, i would really appreciate it .










    Hi all :) ive just watched the first 2 episodes ,honestly im enjoying the show on a whole. Loving the relationship between JW and SY , they are sooo adorable tougether . The way she calls him wife is sooo cute . The other guys are great too, i hope they all fall for her hahah it would be funny to see them all questioning their sexuality lol. I dont know about anyone else but SY was very distracting at first for me , but after a while i could finally see pass it and she was very cute lol, she really does resemble her brother quite a bit . Im hoping that more people will get into this drama , its very entertaining and quite funny to watch .



  3. Despite what anyone says , i loved this show . LDW and LSY did an amazing job portraying the leads , aswell as the other wonderful actors and actresses on the show. The show was full of fun and sadness , loved the mystery and the suspence. Although we didnt get more then one kiss, still even without you can see how much they love/like each other . Im really sad its ended , sincerly hope that both LDW and LSY do another drama tougether. Thanx to all that posted with spoilers and updates, its great to see everyone stuck to the show eventhough it had low rating ,on that note even the dramas with low rates turn out to be popular . Saranghae LDW and LSY :D








    I have to say the crazy woman is one twisted b**** . How could she even blame him for her daughters death ?, the only person to blame is her. I really hope that she gets whats coming to her sooner , im sick of her blaming everyone but herself . I find her soooo damn annoying , how could she even say that to tae yand after killing his grandmother. Jim Shim really needs to stop being to blinded by her , does she actually think this woman has ever thought of her well being. Up until now the witch has only cared about herself and how she can keep her status. Please please let Tae Yang find out soon about Jim Shim aswell as Jim Shim finding out about how the crazy woman killed his grandma.




    I really hope that Tae In will find out the truth and get her brother and JS tougether .



  5. Hi all :)

    I just finished watching all eight episodes,didn't think id get sucked into the story but i did :). What i found so satisfying was the way hwon is treated the soo called queen, i love how he can see through each and everyone of those traitors. Not very impressed with the princess , thought she would atleast remember wol. Anyways is there a English version of the book ?, also is there any chance for soel and woon couple ?lol. Can someone tell me wheater that queen wench consummates with hwon?.


























    I really really love the main couple, they are sooo adorable and cute . I was actually hoping JS would find out first , seeing her in so much pain and not being able to tell him who she is ,is really sad . Im looking forward to TY figuring out or finding out who she is.






















    I do feel angry at JS for going away with crazy mum , but then it was crazy mom who took advantage of JS wanting for a mother in her life . I really hope JS realise what evil witch she is , i would have thought since living with JS all these years she would have developed some love towards her but seems as though she only cares about herself. Since the hag is pregnant i hope she has the baby , the sooner she makes JS realise what an awful human being she is the better.












    Honestly ,as much as i would like JI and IW to end up tougether i doubt it will happen , i think she is kinda using him to get to his father which is very sad . This show on a whole is messed lol, Ji didnt seem like the type of person to play around with peoples heart but now she is doin exactly that with both guys , she will end up hurting IW in the process . Hes loved her from childhood , he recognised her before the other guy did. Although some people say that his character hasnt grown , i do actually think from all of the characters his character progressed more.



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