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  1. 16 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

    Ruoxi is not as emotional as Hae Soo's...Hae Soo got attached to the other princes easily, even wanting them to be together always. Moon Lovers created that image of "Big Happy Family" that the C-version never had. Also Ruoxi never had any scary vision of 4th prince killing her first friend in Goryeo (10th prince). What Hae Soo is experiencing are not her thoughts about the 4th king, are visions that appeared suddenly...almost like if she is experiencing them live, just in front of her eyes. If those scary visions continued...she will end up crazy. :( We need to understand that she is not experimenting something normal.


    I somehow feel sad for WS, first he got to call his father "father", people stop seeing her as an animal but HS who had been comforting him now and then start to be afraid of him without him knowing and he was smiling like a lost kid found his parents :bawling: then his mother invited him for a family dinner but turned out to be a discussion to kill the Crown Prince where his father asked him to assist :angry:.  He must have hoped for some changes from his mother too, we saw how he got a present for her and craved for her love in the beginning :dissapointed_relieved:.  When he wanted to just rest a bit with the person he loves, she pushed him away like he is a beast. I feel really bad for him...writer-nim is making me go crazy.

    I just hope the things that HS see is just pieces of the events...based on the preview, WS Baek Ah and Seon Deok father were in the same team ready to battle someone, WS wouldn't have kill Seon Deok too.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, I remember in C-Ver, Ruoxi warned 8th Prince to beware of 4th Prince and because of the warning, 8th Prince setup a plan and in order to safe 4th Prince, 13th Prince was exiled to another state/district.


    It's tough to wait for next monday to arrive...

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  2. 6 minutes ago, hallyus said:

    Oh no... that face. Her realization that she just helped this man to get even closer to the throne... and the realization that he is the Gwangjong...

    She goes back to the palace, again her face shows so much fear. I will think like "Did I take a wrong step?"

    then he shows up, the one whom she fears the most right at that time. smiling widely only to her, thanking her to the highest level he can give. She is the reason why he is 'there' now, she is his back. Only he will get rejected next, but I think he doesn't know why. Maybe Haesoo comes up with sort of excuses...

    Because Haesoo is still there beside him after that. Accompanying him at this time. The moment he got his confidence back, the moment he got accepted by people. Haesoo is his love, his strength.


    this episode is so misleading...HS talked about maybe she can change something, she even pushed So away when he hugged her.  Tomorrow pls come faster!!!

    Wook sounded scary when he looked out to the rain.

    The tea event resembles C-version but at that time RX knew he was the next king that's why she was treating 4th prince well...


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    yeah...im wondering too...
































































































































    i cant find No Limit rating in Japan
































































































































    i hope the rating is good there
































































































































    miss yunho so much
















































































































































































    last sunday i bought Heading to the Ground DVD
































































































































    anyone from Malaysia, if you're looking for this too
































































































































    you can get it from Sungei Wang's Hong Kong Video Centre (HKV) at RM 75
































































































































    but if you're buying it from Speedy, it will be RM 99.90
































































































































    at HKV, you can get the china edition "The Secret Code Tokyo Dome concert DVD" at RM 29.90
































































































































    while Mirotic Tour DVD at RM 39.90...they r selling AADBSK3 as well but not much left
































































































    anyone know what time will Sunmi's last performance be?
















































    i mean the concert in US...will miss her so much
















































































































































































    yay...i just found out that the DVD version of Heading to the Ground are released in Malaysia
































































































































    im buying it...finally it's out...
































































































    i never thought 2PM dancing skills would be better than DBSK...but for me i always think DBSK dance the best...but really happy that they top overall ranking...for female groups, if i have to rank them based on vocal, i think jewelry vocal is the best...anyway, SNSD really became a hit with GEE...hope to see WG back in Korea and compete with SNSD. i guess only WG has the chance to stop SNSD...that's what i think....congrats to all the groups...

































    Just like everyone here had said, because we still have not get enough of HTTG yet, and since the drama had finished too soon.. thus the feelings are still there hehehe!

    HTTG will air in Japan on 24th January 2010 at 9:45pm and finish at 11pm. If you want more information, just go to this site, its HTTG's Japanese site: http://www.kntv.co.jp/nolimit/
































































































    About GOESS, I had no idea since I had downloaded all of it a few weeks ago!































































































































































































    thanks for the information
































































































    you downloaded the hardsub or softsub version?
































































































    mind telling me where did you downloaded it from?
















































































































































    can't believe this thread is still active eventhough HTTG had ended long ago
































































































    anyone know when will it be air in Japan and it which channel?
































































































    i think something happen to GOESS? they stop uploading megaupload/mediafire hardsub
































































































    only clubbox uploaded....anybody know what happened?
































































































    i get to download til ep11 only :(
































































































    so it will be releasing on 11 Nov?
















































    will it be broadcasting in SBS?
















































    i heard that they will broadcast it on Nov 12
















































    Anyone know?
















































































































































    so that's how they end it?
































































































    haiz...i guess the ending is a little rush...
































































































    anyway, Yunho you're the best...hwaiting...
































































































































    i feel like killing people...
















































































    today is the finale and tvants is not working at all
















































































    why must choose today to rain...
















































































    the rain has not stop since this afternoon and now that it stopped
















































































    still the same...
































































































































    yeah...i think SME is going overboard
















































































    can't they go along and respect the court decision?
















































































    i don't understand what are they thinking
















































































    everything has come to an end with the final decision but yet SM is disagreeing this and that
















































































    if this continue, i doubt if DBSK can still perform together
































































































































    GOESS ur hard work is always appreciated...
















































































    so will the hardsubbed version be post in this forum or GOESS forum?
















































































    anyway...thanks a lot...
















































































    hopefully the ratings will increase since it's the last episode...
















































































    HTTG Hwaiting...
































































































































    teeny-dork thank u so much for the banners...all are so beautiful...
















































































    i can't wait for the last episode
















































































    wonder how will they end it
















































































    has the preview released yet
































































































































    i wonder is those articles saying Bonggun cheat an old lady money or something...
















































































    HSM is really funny...the way he talk to Haebin when she return to the office is very funny
















































































    did Bonggun gave Haebin a rubber band with two little pink balls, she's tied her hair with it
















































































    anybody understand what they wrote at the end of the episode?
















































































    something about episode 16 or something...is weird
















































































    is MBC ending HTTG with episode 16?
















































































    actually originally MBC said HTTG will have only 16 episode, isn't it?
































































































































    yiyi0312 im worried that SW will use some ways to kick BG off...i think he knows HB likes BG...
















































































    next episode, he was like giving BG money asking him go away, disappear...
















































































    Byul's disease is coming back isn't it?...i hope the ending will do well (ratings)
















































































    all this while had been single digit ratings, hopefully there'll be one episode, at least reach 8 or 9...feel so sad
































































































































    yiyi0312 i think is a press conference...but the PR lady kept saying interview...i only understand 'interview' after many korean sentences she had said...so im not sure is an interview or a press conference...the thing happen in the preview where he said he'll not dissapoint the people who believe him (something like that)
















































































    im wondering as well what he wrote on his singlet...HB was a little shocked after seeing it...those guys around him were like promoting his singlet...hahahaha...i was expecting for him to show 2 thumbs up before the camera when he score a goal...but it was nicer lol
















































































    is HB going to be an agent again? i wonder what SW will do...i heard he said BG to the black leather jacket man, but don't know what he said. i guess is another bad idea or plan of his....did BG beg HB father or something on the next episode? SW crumpled the envelope he wanted to give BG (fierily) so scary and evil...
















































































    after the preview, MBC aired the preview of Lee Junki's Hero...it'll be air on Nov 11 HTTG will be ending next Thursday on the 5th...so sad
































































































































    i have a bad habit...love forgetting what had happen after watching...
















































































    ill just help a bit about the missing part...but not sure if it is wrong
































































































































































    *after the coach part, Bonggun was confused then it moves to the part where the PR lady told the coach that there'll be an interview for Bonggun (something like that) i dont understand korean
















































































    *then move to the interview part
















































































    *when Bonggun came out from the interview room, he met Seungwoo
















































































    *i think that Seungwoo told him something about Haebin
















































































    *then is the part where Haebin meet Bonggun nearby the field
































































































































    ohh...looks like they will be another match in the stadium again...
















































































    Bonggun is wearing the yellow soccer shoe Haebin gave to him
















































































    i wonder where will Haebin go...will they separate for some time...
















































































    im so curious
































































































































    they look like holding hands
















































































    Haebin is like dragging Bonggun along
















































































    lol...i wonder what was Haebin's decision

















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