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    1) people forget
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    2) some people srsly cbf txting like me, if u want to chat, ill ignore you, if u ask me where I am and I don't want to meet you, ill ignore you
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    if you want to discuss something, do it face to face or at least call.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The thing that I hate the most is discussing something over txting, its a waste of time writing all that mini cooper on your  phone.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    for me txting is simply a way to find where my friends are at, or tell them to go online so I can discuss/ask further questions, ETC2.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i actually have the opposite thoughts. i find that calling should be for things like finding out where people are at/telling them to go online, because those are the kind of things that you need the other person to answer immediately and i'm not gonna wait for them for hours until they finally check their phone, because afterwards, i'd probably be busy doing something else.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i think what the OP is referring to is when you're having a conversation/casual discussion and the other person NEVER replies. i have that problem with people sometimes, too. it's not a big deal because it's not urgent/important, but it does discourages me from texting them again. even if it's with my close friends, it's like they didn't reply before, so i shouldn't expect a reply this time, hence i don't text them again. if you ask why we don't just call, it's because we're busy students. texting allows us to respond whenever we have time. idc if you take days to respond, i can understand, but never responding is sorta ... eh. lol cause you're not even acknowledging me. it's pretty rude imo.

































































































































  2. What I LOVED in this ep and to be fair from the very beginning is EJ's every move and reaction, her attitude towards the ex, I laughed so bad when she purposely ate so happily in front of her, and practically treated her like the stubborn child she is, even pushing her down on the sofa (I can see some of us grinning endlessly while imagining ourselves doing the same exact thing to the ex :rolleyes::D)

    ... you're kidding me? how was JH being a stubborn child? in addition to being bipolar, she also just saw something really traumatizing and lost her pet (the cat might have been just a cat to you, but it could've been JH's best friend). how is one supposed to be in the mood to eat after that?

    i honestly can't w/ some of you acting like JH had no reason to be acting like that. if JH was the female lead, i bet you guys would be much more sympathetic and sensitive












    I have watched a lot of dramas, and I think the most hateful villian award has to go to Gloria's Lee Ji Suk.








    GOD, I truly hated his character (and this coming from someone that tend to sympathize with the antagonists). I hated his smirks, his smiles, his words, everything. He was always blaming his crimes and wrongs on someone else, refusing to believe that he should have to pay for his crimes. He ruined SOOOOO many lives, it's ridiculous, but he still SOMEHOW believed that he's entitled to everything that he wants.








    The worst part was when they redeemed him at the end. He didn't have to work for forgiveness at all. So unjust.





    Aren't the writers just changing the story? Now MJ claims she was never serious about the revenge? Then how come she kept talking about it?








    well i find that believable cause i never once thought seriously of JY's "revenge" lol it felt like she was just upset and wishes to take revenge, but wanting to take revenge and actually doing it are, imo, very different














    i watched episode 4 with subtitles and i wouldn't be surprised if MJ agrees to take revenge on IH for JY.








    after the whole family meeting with DH, MJ told MR that if they lose IH's favor, then they'll have no one else to depend on. losing favor should not be a concern if IH was really a caring older sister, so that really opened my eyes D: i agree with marie67, it seems like she's just leaving the kids alone because they're not in her way :|














    wow DH really made me mad at the end .. how could he call out the squad even while knowing that JY's dad is in the crowd.. i think the look he had at the end was only for realizing that JY witnessed this.








    i think JY's question to MJ about taking revenge on IH was just to get him off her back.








    oh and LOL DC trying to seduce MR .. he is so lame hahah.





    Hi every1, i just started watching ep 1&2. This drama has a really refreshing concept indeed. Btw, is there any1 happen to know the actress playing the character of Jung Yun's friend - the nurse that always work in same shift with her. She looks really familiar but I just cant tell who she is








    the actress is Shin So Yool (:





    Thank you purexorange.  I don't trust IH.  She did not get to where she is by playing nice with others. The smile is a facade and I think she's ruthless.  Take her willingness to destroy a family member....given said family member more or less told them he would disown them all and kick them to the curb, but they are their father's children...all of them.








    i sort of disagree. i also don't trust IH (i got a strong feeling that she's trying to break up the couple and she obviously has a motive when it comes to DH though i'm not sure if it's romantically motivated) but i don't think she's really that ruthless by taking down SJ. maybe it's because he was a total jackass to MJ&MR that i don't feel any sympathy for him. i feel like IH cares (at least a little bit) for MJ&MR, and she doesn't seem to have anything against the eldest brother (he seemed nice).








    anyways yay for the ratings! i mean it's not very high up yet, but it's been climbing little by little, which is good. if it continues like this, it'll reach the upper teens pretty soon (: and hopefully surpass the 20s. (and then i can rub it in my friend's face :lol: )





    I've only seen episode 1, because it's the only one that's subbed, so I haven't even been introduced to No Min Woo's character, but I'm not a very big fan of 'bad boy' characters, so I'm really pushing for a Jang Hyuk/Min Jung love-line(I remember watching a movie where these two were a married couple, but they didn't end up together which ruined the movie for me), and depending on whether or not this is the case, will probably be the deciding factor on whether or not I'll continue watching.






    are you talking about Penthouse Elephant? cause if you are, didn't Jang Hyuk and LMJ play siblings? instead of a couple












    hmmmm, when i looked closer at the posters, i noticed that the bg is actually LMJ's character description poster (or at least thats what i think it is) cause you can see words too. i'm not sure why it's there o_o it seemed like someone took the posters [fanmade or not] and plastered it on LMJ's char description or something. but it's so easy to just start on a blank image canvas on photoshop lol so idk D:






    but im soooo happy that midas is airing one week earlier! which is only less than 5 days away :D the bad thing is that they can only air one episode, and it's pretty hard to build the foundation for a drama with only one episode since people usually use the first week to determine whether or not they will continue the drama. but seeing how they decided to do that, they must have a fair amount of confidence that the first episode is capable of standing by itself. either that, or they just couldnt do anything about it lol










    uhm wow. that was a pretty awesome trailer. i love the beginning, cause it's so far from how i expected the trailer to start. and jang hyuk looked adorable when he was admiring his(?) office. no minwoo looks better than in the pictures too hahah. the relationship btwn jang hyuk and lmj seems sweet .. ): hopefully they'll give us at least a decent amount of episodes with them








    First Stills of No Min Woo in Midas




    Posted on February 10, 2011 by ockoala




    Yes, yes, calm yourselves, ladies. And no need to thank me. I am merely performing a charitable act – that of bestowing No Min Woo back to the drama world. The production of SBS’s upcoming Mon-Tues drama Midas finally wised up, and unleashed the first set of character stills for No Min Noo.




    He plays the younger brother of self-made chaebol Kim Hee Ae. Rather than have any ambition or responsibility, he’s instead an incorrigible playboy. I’m glad the production provided these character snippets, since here I thought he was a preacher in bed with that chick because he was getting a physical.




    I really am not following Midas close enough (such as digging around for character descriptions and whatnot) to know exactly how all four leads are related or expected to interact together. I do think it’s a given that No Min Woo will somehow fall in love with Lee Min Jung, cuz he sure as heck won’t be falling for Kim Hee Ae’s character. Before Rock, Rock, Rock, I would’ve bet money that Jang Hyuk would eat this pretty boy for breakfast. Now, I think he’ll do just fine opposite a towering presence like Hyukkie, gracing the screen not just with his face, but with some improved acting skills.




    Okay, I get first dibs on pinching his cheeks. Everyone, the line starts right behind me.







    hahah, your entire post as a whole is hilarious




    but the character descriptions stated that NMW will have a terminal illness and LMJ, who's a nurse, will take care of him. he'll fall in love w/ her while she only cares for him as a patient but it said that eventually, she falls for him too.




    i'd take this description half-lightly though because things tend to change since the script gets changed as they film.








    hahaha i know exactly how you feel. i feel like ive been misleaded. but ya i'll still hang out till the end. after all theres only four more episodes.




    oh was it just me or did anyone else see some connection between Jun Ho and Jae Hee today. hahaha. there were some lingering looks and Jun Ho was really shocked and worried for Jae Hee when he saw that the bomb was strapped on her. He was insistent on staying with her too even though the bomb might go off any second :D That's one guy that sincerely cares for Jae Hee.




    oh and i was wondering... apparently SH had set up more than one bomb? the explosive on JH and another one somewhere else. remember when the director got a call from someone and he was like "how many were injured?" do you think that the bomb on JH could have been a fake and the real one was actually the second bomb planted somewhere else?







    there were 2 bombs, remember? one that the athena girl wore, and one that SR wore. the one that SR wore, went to JH. the second one was thrown into the car trunk where sungchul got locked in by SR. they left the bomb there when JW rescued sungchul




    anyways, i TOTALLY get what you're saying about JHx2 (Jae Hee and Jun Ho). i totally ship these 2 right now .. even though i think the writers were going for a close sunbae hoobae relationship. the character descriptions are so inaccurate lol cause it said that Jun Ho admires JW but i think the one that he actually idolizes is JH. at least there's one guy who cares about Jae Hee -_- anyways, i totally disagree with the thought that JH was passive in this episode. i mean .. she sure wasn't actively pursuing the criminals, but she wasn't really passive. she volunteered/insisted on having the bomb strapped to herself, that's very far from passive to me. it wasn't like she had much to do with a bomb on her lol even if she didn't care about herself, she had to care about the people surrounding her.




    i'm quite annoyed with the main love triangle .. it doesn't have anything to do with the chemistry btwn the actors, really. it's got A LOT to do with the writing. i totally despise this obsession that these two men have over HI. i'm just waiting for SH's demise right now. i totally don't care about him anymore now that my SHxJH hopes are down the drain haha




    but OMGGGG KIM SOYEON NEXT EP. I LOVE THIS WOMAN. and omg KI SOO GETS A STORY LINE W/ HER! seems like they're married? were in love? had a kid? omg i'm so excited!








    whoa Lee Min Jung is really beautiful.....she is no doubt one of the prettiest korean actresses I've ever seen. I wonder why she isn't that popular though.




    LMJ is VERY VERY popular in korea. lol her movie, cyrano, was a hit, and smile, you was a hit too. she's not very popular internationally cause she doesn't do cracktastic dramas lol but in korea she's very popular. she's the IT girl right now, pretty much. i heard that if you go to korea, she's like every where





    There's still 6 more episode left, if they kill each other now then what's left of the story?




    hahah i know, they're not meant to kill each other. it just frustrates me cause i see this kind of scene so often and i'm just like APPARENTLY NOBODY KNOWS THAT YOU CANT KILL A PERSON BY SHOOTING THEM IN THE SHOULDER D: i understand why the scene played out like that, but if this was real life ... D:


































































































































































































































































    did anyone else find it frustrating that JW and SH didn't shoot each other in the heart? D: like i guess i can understand JW since it would make sense that NTS would want to arrest SH alive to interrogate, but SH hates JW's guts, so why didn't he aim for the heart? lol. when i watched that scene i was like ???? WHY ARE YOU AIMING THERE! LOL
































































































































































































































































    and this is sorta OT but i hate it when characters in movies/dramas are involved in that sort of situation where their guns are pointed at each other, but they just talk -_- like okay! FOCUS! if you'd just fire the gun, you'd be done w/ it by now D:
































































































































































































































































































    definitely :] seeing SH and JH together makes me smile. sigh i only wish that SH can let JH into his heart and actually fall for JH. maybe JH can change him?
































































































































































































































































    would she even want to change him ): she's gonna hunt him down for revenge once she finds out that he ordered her father's death ;_; and from that translation of the special (about JH dying or not), it seems like she's gonna take it to the end D:

































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