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  1. This week's throwback episode! English subtitles should appear sometime this weekend: Also, Jeon Mido has had some new content recently! She covered Kang Susie's Violet Fragrance for a Febreze Korea ad: Spotify links here: Kang Susie's original and Jeon Mido's cover produced by Yoon Sang Bonus: gfycat links from the MV and CF https://gfycat.com/@gemmoglock/collections/5CGvB271/jeon-mi-do-violet-fragrance-febreze-cf
  2. Hi all, joined this thread really late. Just wanted to say thank you for all the insights and it was a great way to think about all the details in the thread. Looking forward to S2 and hopefully S3 too! If anyone would like, I made some some gfycats from the show and fansubbed extras here. Cheers ((:
  3. A time skip is plausible because if the show continues at the same time pace as S1 (approx 1 year a season) 1) S2 will be mostly Songhwa's time in Sokcho and 2) Iksun won't even complete her 3 year course by S3 if S3 is confirmed (I'm curious what the decision on S3 is because that decision will impact the writing for S2 significantly) I hope later YouTube episodes will reveal hints about other characters like the outgoing NS Chief resident staying on. If those characters continue appearing as snippets in Yulje hospital life with the remaining 4 doctors, there might be some develo
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