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  1. On 5/9/2019 at 6:55 PM, turtlegirl said:

    Back to DM and Ryan date. They are being cute in a park. They start walking hand in hand. DM gets a text from EG. They talk about EG for a minute. Wonder if Ryan will tip her off that may be EG likes you. I dunno what they're saying sorry. My recaps are pretty much all strictly guesses. Now they're talking about DI. Maybe they're both discussing how they have someone else who likes them. I dunno. It's nothing bad though. 


    EG is dressed suit and tie and rehearsing at his studio what he will say to DM. I feel a little bad for him even tho he played dirty. 

    During this scene in the park, does anyone know the guitar based theme song that's playing? It plays a couple other times in the show, like when Eun gi confesses his feelings for DM to Editor Nam. I can't find it on the official soundtrack, including a few others.. 

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