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  1. Gotta say Yang Se Jong did a great job playing both characters, or probably all three character? Ugh I hate to wait for another week to find out about that... anyway, this drama show just tells us exactly why human cloning project is unethical, to grow those individuals in unnatural environment and the pain inflicted on them for the sake of science... I do hope both SJ and SH will have a happy ending even if they die young

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  2. 1 hour ago, sharreb said:

    Keke ppl on ig commenting that this is like ladies version of minion outfit. She looks vy cute :kiss_wink: n like a college gal in it :love:

    Hee as long as u limit it to 3 per post n others in spoiler box @athena22 it shd b fine. I suck at making gifs n love seeing gifs posted on our otp n funny moment. I just made sure not to open soompi forum if im running on data hee :D

    @onlysb1 me too. I bleed for her. But i find my admiration for her increases evy ep. How is this girl so amazing; shine so beautifully smile so bright n when she wants to slip into despair she beats her head to remind herself to have a grip of herself ..considering fortune hadnt been too kind to her. But she always looks at the better things. She found her fortune in JW and she focuses on where she could try to survive. And her directness n courage..which i cant stop mentioning. If u read all my previous comments, you might thk im a broken record, repetitively singing her praises :D Shes now on my wall of fame for best female otp.


    Ps ive taken liberty to highlight bits of lollypip's comments that i agree

    Suspicious Partner: Episodes 11-12

    by LollyPip

    This episode proves that getting the answers you’re looking for doesn’t necessarily solve the mystery, and those same answers can often make the truth even harder to ferret out. Bong-hee finds herself at odds wth Ji-wook as she defends her first murder case, but Ji-wook’s instincts from his many years as a prosecutor are telling him that something isn’t adding up. Their first case together may end up being their last if they can’t find a way to work together.

    EPISODE 11/12  RECAP



    Oof, poor Bong-hee! It’s hard enough to confess your feelings, even when they aren’t exactly a secret, but to be so thoroughly rejected is the most painful thing in the world. I do understand why Ji-wook is scared to open himself up to love, because he’s been so terribly hurt in the past, and he has the right to decide that he doesn’t want to go through that again. It’s a miracle that he acknowledges his feelings at all. But Bong-hee has done nothing to earn his distrust, and it’s too late anyway, since he’s already falling for her. He’s going to regret those words.

    He can deny his feelings, but they’re so obvious that everyone can see them, and he can’t help but respond when Bong-hee needs him. I particularly loved when Ji-wook saw the bruises on Bong-hee’s throat and was instantly worried for her, but when she said she didn’t want to talk about it, he actually respected her wishes. He didn’t yell or push her, but he let her know that he was concerned and that he’s there if she changes her mind. I even thought it was sensitive of him to approach her softly and quietly — he probably knew that she’d been attacked, so coming at her with anger or aggression (even if he was feeling it towards her attacker and not her) would only scare her even more. For a guy who doesn’t know much about women, he certainly has great instincts when it comes to dealing with Bong-hee. Mostly it’s just wonderful how much he notices about her, and the way he responds to her unconscious cues without a second thought.


    On the flip side of that, my positive first impression of Yoo-jung is taking a decided nosedive now that she’s showing this selfish, manipulative side. Her sense of entitlement to Ji-wook’s feelings is annoying, particularly when he’s made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. I find her persistence very different from the way Eun-hyuk behaves around Ji-wook. Yoo-jung bailed when she screwed things up, then just reappeared when she decided she wanted Ji-wook back. She even has the nerve to imply that her cheating is his fault for not loving her enough, and if I didn’t already dislike her for hurting him, that right there sealed it.

    On the other hand, Eun-hyuk stuck around, accepting Ji-wook’s hatred and anger as his rightful punishment for his betrayal. And Eun-hyuk waited for Ji-wook too call him first, only increasing his pursuit to rekindle their friendship after Ji-wook made the first move. To my mind, Eun-hyuk has consistently been more concerned with Ji-wook’s feelings than his own, taking full responsibility for what he did, while Yoo-jung is all about blaming others and is focused on whatshe wants. And I don’t believe for a moment that she’s sick, either — something Ji-hae said gave her “an idea for an excuse,” which just sounds like more manipulation to me.

    I’m having a lot of mixed feelings about accused murderer Hyun-soo right now, because although he seems perfectly mild and innocent, there’s something about him that sets off every self-preservation siren I possess. I can’t describe what it is about him that makes me think he’s not what he seems — maybe it’s that he’s a bit too perfect? His voice is slightly too gentle and his smile is just a bit too sweet. His alibi for the day of the murder is sprinkled with a few too many tiny details (girls in the park playing with balloons, whipped cream on his coffee, candles on a birthday cake), which seem like an indication that he’s lying.

    I have a theory about Hyun-soo that’s pretty wild, but the more I think about it, the more it fits with everything we’ve seen so far. (Stop reading now if you don’t want to know!) It’s obvious that Chan-ho is involved with the murders, both of Hee-joon and of the recently deceased chef. But I don’t think Chan-ho is the actual killer. Promos of the show told us that the killer has amnesia, and Chan-ho seems too sharp to be suffering from any memory loss. Conversely, Hyun-soo appeared way too happy, almost surprised, whenever he recalled a detail from the day of the murder. It’s as if remembering those details isn’t normal for him.

    So my theory is that Hyun-soo is the murderer with the memory problems, and that Chan-ho, for whatever mysterious reason, is a sort of “cleaner” who goes behind Hyun-soo, hiding any evidence he may have left behind using his knowledge of forensics. It would explain the keychain that was left in Bong-hee’s office that Chan-ho picked up and that let him into the chef’s home. I think that Hyun-soo may have been the masked man in Bong-hee’s office that night, and that Chan-ho arranged to examine the office so that he could pick up the dropped keychain that he needed to get into the house to arrange the murder scene. The only things that don’t fit are the Bible verse about rapists deserving death, and why the woman who found the body freaked out and tampered with the murder scene. Like I said, it’s a crazy theory, but it’s the best I’ve got right now.

      Reveal hidden contents


    Full article: http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/05/suspicious-partner-episodes-11-12/


    I couldn't agree more with you how EH is different with YJ, and this is exactly why I wish the writer wouldn't pair him with YJ in the end because eventhough he made a mistake, he regret it, and repent it.. while YJ, she's self-centered and inconsiderate of other's feeling, the way she complained to EH as he never pick up her calls is really annoying because in a way she admit that she made a mistake but it doens't seem that she's sorry about it and she doens't think too much of EH feeling's

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  3. I really like the actress who plays Bong Hee, she's got a nice vibe, her acting is natural and she's in sync with Ji Chang Wook so everything is just seems real and natural. As for the cheater ex-girlfriend, if I were her, I'd find the closest sinkhole as I'd be so ashamed of myself to have cheated on boyfriend with a bestfriend! so unacceptable, she might have never heard people say "don't s**t where you eat"

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