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    Episode 1 ratings were 19.3! (according to bittersweet's lj); pretty good, ne? I hope they continue to rise~ ^^










    I can't wait to see this, Yamapi looks so good in those screen caps <3










    must wait for subs or else I won't understand a thing T-T










    but wow love song is so quick, translations done already?!










    oh and for those who can't read korean, you can find the raws uploaded to timmy's other cb:




















    I just checked and episode one is there~
















    yay! yamapi got a haircut~ <3 (I really didn't like his long hair.)










    Finally the dragon zakura pair comes true~










    I always wanted them to get together in DZ but it never happened even though she was clearly in love with him. but all that happened was yamapi showing a bit of interest, it was disappointing >-<










    I can't wait, only a few more weeks.



  3. I just listened to Open Arms,

    and holy smokes it's soo good,

    Flawless english! and really nice and clear voice.

    It's been on repeat for awhile now~

    thanks everyone for sharing all the links (:



    That's the one I have. Even my 903sh friends like it.










    How's it compared to the 903?? hahas I'm comtemplating whether I should get that or the 903, though I'm leaning more towards the 903 since it seems to be cheaper at the sites I've seen. how much did you get it for??



  5. I'm not sure if I should be posting this here but my friend is planning on auditionning but she doesn't know what song to sing ^^; So I was hoping someone could help her choose a song (preferably japanese or english) that would suit her voice?? Here's a clip of her singing Everlasting by BoA. She was planning on singing it for the audition but she changed her mind >-< Sorry if her Japanese is a bit off, she's a vietnamese singing japanese ^^;


    Thanks in advance to anyone who's willing to help her choose a song! ^^












    THanks so much for the subs SJ*FH! ^__^








    Here's a link to Episode 10. If anyone needs it:








    [YSI] HQ Super JUnior Full House Ep. 10 [328MB]








    It's the verseion from prettysyuju's cb.








    I'm too lazy to write about episode 10 at the moment. Maybe I'll come back to write after I watch it again. :x














    ahahs I love Heechul's english. Yo man! Wassup! Touch man. yo baby. LMAO. sucks that they banned him from saying it. now I understand why he wasn't talking heechul english to the girl. xD Anyways thanks so much for the translations wonderland & luckyyou! (: I can't wait for the next episode, heechul's birthday~ ^^








    by the way, does anyone know if there are HQ 800x600 versions of episodes 8 and 9?? I can't find them anywhere! T_T;














    I didn't like JJH and YEH . Like they didn't have any chemisry, when I was watching Goong I so wanted CG to end up with Yul. I think they had better chemistry than Shin and CG. There are other couples too, but I just can't think of them at the moment since goong is the most recent k-drama I've watched where I didn't like the main couple pairing :x














    ah this week's episode was funny and great like usual.

    I love how they had to go up to strangers and start talking. and the missions at the beginning were so funny! It's so funny how heechul and hyukjae got a childrens read-along book and then hyukjae was like "We so genius!" and then donghae was so cute in the coffee shop and the girls gave them the free coffees. xD and the remake of the U MV was so fun and and and I can go on forever but won't :x








    I can't wait for next weeks episode. ^^








    anyways here's a link to the HQ file [401MB], if anyone wants to download! (:








    [YSI] HQ Super Junior Full House EP.9














    Today's episode is HILARIOUS! I almost choked on my chips I was eatting because I kept laughing. hahas. I love Eunhyuk's "I'm long!" and his "I'm no XMan" and how he is always saying "Nice Weather!" They kept using the words they learned from the last episode. The "You're so gorgeous" always seems to get Kangin whatever he wants like passing the immigration thing and getting out of jail. and yeahh I will stop now or I'll end up reciting the whole thing. I can't wait till the next episode! ^^














    I loved today's episode. It's so cute. ^^








    I just love how they kept saying "you are gorgeous~"








    and when shiwon said it to kibum, it was soo hot *dies*








    donghae and kibum's conversation was so funny








    and the "Obey Me! Just Because!" line is so kangin-y















    Here's a little treat from me! Shiwon skin x)
















    I can't wait for the next episode. Eetuk's gonna be on! yay! yay! ^^



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