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    I was at the Wiltern live yesterday and it was awesome!














    But like a certainREALITY said, I cannot believe how many ridiculous people were there. The majority of the dir en grey fans need to learn some manners and act more mature and civilized. People go to lives to enjoy good music and have a good time, they do not go there to pick fights with the security guards/police and insult other people/bands because they think they are superior/hardcore with their expensive-time-consuming visual get-up. Being a deg fan does not make you 'special' and does not give you the right to act like a disrespectful twat.







    hmm..dunno if anyone posted this yet...










    ^ click to watch!!





    buu i was standing right next to the guy who was screamin 'YEAHHHHH' but NOoo they had to cut it off -___-;;





    nontheless...credits to JROCKNYC















    heres another clip with a short interview with Kaoru & Shinya about their U.S.A tour and the release of their American release of 'Withering to Death' which will be out in May 16!





    U.S.A Interview









    Wait I'm confused.. In the "interview clip" was that kaoru speaking english or someone else? The streamed video only showed kaoru with a mic and it wasn't really moving so I couldn't really tell who was speaking. But if that is Kaoru speaking english I am quite surprised, because it's not half as bad as I'd expect.



    yes...those r from the Awake tour. Hyde cried in "Forbidden Lover" and "Hoshizora" i believe. and Ken cried in "Ophelia". sigh...we'll never kno wat exactly made them cry...>.< but i hope it was nothing too serious...T.T just looking at those makes me wanna cry too. :(





    I think they cried because of how long the band's been together. I watched this AWAKE ASIA TOUR interview thing which talks about their korea, china, and japan concerts, and it also shows ken crying and the members being all proud/soulful/shocked about their careers. Basically they can't believe how long they've been together espeically since next year is their 15th year as L'Arc~en~Ciel.


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