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  1. 9 hours ago, myicecreamcakexoxo said:

    Fanfiction for episode 16 (after Yeong and Raon's staring contest):

    credit: thesecretgarden (thanks again dongsaeng! :wub:)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    Ra-on averts her eyes and looks down, clenching her fists.




    To love, and love deeply.




    She tightens her grip and bites her lips, before slowly scooting closer to where he is – and she knows, without even looking at him, that that person is looking at her in surprise – and then she stops, pausing two steps away from him.








    Why must you call me in such a way, Jeoha?




    “I…” How many times are you going to tear down this fortress that I've built around my heart? She lifts her gaze and meets his eyes – the same eyes that always look at her with such warmth, such fondness; like she is the most precious woman in his world – and it never fails to send her heart palpitating against her ribcage.








    Ra-on swallows the lump in her throat and feels the familiar stinging in the corner of her eyes.




    So many things that she wants to say.




    So many things left unspoken between them.




    But it’s so hard to muster up the courage to say those words.




    I love you.



    Have you always been this weak, Hong Ra-on?



    “Why are you crying?”




    She chews on her trembling lips and diverts her gaze once more, annoyed at herself for her cowardice, but she has to stifle a gasp of surprise when a pair of warm hands cups her cold cheeks.




    He isn’t smiling, she notes, but Ra-on can no longer see that trace of hurt in his expression and for that, she is grateful.




    It hurts to blatantly lie to his face.




    It hurts even more, when he accepts that ridiculous lie for her sake.




    But it breaks her to see that he is suffering – to see that he is in pain – all because of her.




    Who is she, that all she can do is to bring pain to him?




    To bring pain to the person that she loves?


    Isn't she supposed to be protecting him, now?



    Yeong can feel his heart clenching when she gazes at him with such longing and a tint of sorrow in her eyes. How does she expect him to let her go, if she can’t even hide her sadness from him, if their separation brings forth as much pain to her as it does to him? How is it that even after their countless goodbyes, she can still continue to raise his hope up and remind him of his love for her? Does this ridiculous girl – young woman – even know, the power that she has over him? Of how even the smallest of things from her can either make him or break him? Perhaps so, he muses wistfully as he gently traces his thumb over her cheek, wiping that telltale of tears away from her face. Because she has always been the more sensible between the two of them; the more logical one.




    Ra-on almost flinches at the gesture and suddenly feels that lump in her throat returning.




    She places a hand on his arm, hesitant. “Jeoha…”








    Ra-on grips on his sleeve tighter, trying hard not to break down in front of him, but finding it to be quite futile as more tears roll down her cheek.




    Yeong softens his eyes and leans closer, fingers trailing down to her lips, and her breath hitches when his fingers caress her lips, an act so intimate that she can’t help but freeze in her spot and mutters out. “J-Jeoha…?”




    He continues to look at her with that veil of warmth in his eyes, before quietly replying. “Don’t bite on your lips too hard.” He lets the corner of his lips tug into a gentle smile, brandishing that lovely red across her cheeks into his memory. “You will hurt yourself.”




    Ra-on releases a shaky breath and she can see, through her tears, that beautiful smile on his face – ah, how long has it been since I've last seen this person smile? – closing her eyes when he presses his lips to her wet cheeks, and then some, and welcomes that familiar pounding of her heart.




    Her hand reaches out to grip at his own, and she slowly brings them away from her face, before she flutters her eyes open and looks at him straight in the eye.




    She tilts her head and presses a soft kiss to the back of his hand.



    A reply.



    I love you.



    Her breath wisps his hand like a gentle wind in the spring – warm, but fleeting – and Yeong can see it in her eyes – the love, the hurt, the joy, the pain – and he takes in as much as he could, this rare display of weakness from her, and when he reaches out to unravel the knot of her manggeon, Ra-on closes her eyes, feeling her black tresses tumble down behind her back in soft waves. He tugs at her wrist, and just like that she falls into his arms – and just like that, she thinks, it feels so, so right.




    “This is the second time.”




    Ra-on nuzzles into his chest and mumbles. “Hm?”




    Yeong buries his face into the crown of her head and breathes in her scent – she smells like sunshine and a hint of something sweet.




    “The second time I’ve seen you with your hair down.”




    She lets out another breath that sounds like a mixture of a snort and a sob, but it’s such a familiar sound coming from her – his Ra-on – that Yeong can’t help but be reminded of the happy days, of her smiling and laughing and when all is good in the world.




    So just once more.




    Just this once, right now.




    Because maybe right now they can pretend that she is not the daughter of a traitor and he isn’t the crown prince of this nation.




    That right now, hidden in this room that holds a memory of his mother, they are just two people in love with each other.




    Yeong and Ra-on.




    “Just right now, Ra-on-ah.”




    Let us not think about anything else, and look at each other. 


    - - - - - - - - - -

    So I basically badgered her to write more yeongon fics and thankfully she's kind enough not to be annoyed by my constant pleadings and instead granted my wish, heheh. I've asked her permission to post this story on soompi since she didn't post it on her aff acount, so yeah! Hope you guys enjoy reading it like I did! @thesecretgarden I love youuuuu :wub:



    Oh my gosh this just takes my breathe away!

    YeongOn consumes my every thought these days; every glance, every caress, every touch, every gesture, every bit of it all...seared into my heart. 

    I delayed watching 15 &  16 because it felt too  close to the end and I'm not prepared to say goodbye to them next week. 

    Thank you Moonlighters for keeping me company in the days between Moondays. Here's to a happily ever after for our beloved YeongOn and if it's not too much to ask for, for Byung Yeon and Yoon Sung to be safe. Moonlight fighting! 




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