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  1. Lee Yoo Joon Talks About Working With Park Seo Joon And Hwang Bo Ra In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” yshin August 6, 2018 cr: soompi
  2. Poor Mr. Park.... Looks like he will need a good full day of rest before doing anything. Make sure you don't stay on the phone too long now
  3. Park Min Young Shares Reaction To Positive Reviews For “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” + Her Thoughts On Next Project J. K August 6, 2018 CR: SOOMPI
  4. I'll be like a ninja.... And meet my Jealous Bulldozer in Phuket Or make a surprise appearance in France
  5. Thank For This... Let's all be open-minded respectful shippers and accept each other's opinion whether it's different from ours or not. Please keep this thread happy and healthy. Thank you
  6. “It feels like we’re still doing the drama. I miss it to the point that I want to go back" Ms. Park. It's probably because you can date and love freely without any worries, whereas, you cannot do it in public in real life...kekeke
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