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- read first post please
Hi L&R folks,

Here's a new thread to post your messages. Some simple guidelines to make this pain-free for everyone, so please adhere to them.

- All soompi rules apply

- No swearing

- No putting messages in white or colours almost as light, or spoiler codes (this is to discourage hiding swear filter violations)

- No replying to other people's messages.

Thanks and happy posting ^_^

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Guest addickshun

argh.. you did it again.

you let me down again,

loney and disappointed.

stop saying the same thing over and over again,

can't you see i'm losing hope on you?

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Guest the kite

Some people break the rules even when they [the rules] are placed right in front of their faces.

It annoys me. If you don't want to be busted, make it discreet, at least TT__TT

I've had a bad day today. I have a headache, an eye-ache (if there's such thing), a bruised arm, and a bruised leg because I walked into a door.

The gum above my tooth is sore too. And I have a Romeo and Juliet Oral tomorrow.

Yes, It sucks indeed.

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Guest &&TiFF;ANY.

I wish I was a little bit more straight forward and outgoing towards the people I'm interested in.

So then, maybe the right people will take notice in me instead.

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I thought today was Sept 4, then I found out I got the date wrong. Today is Sept the 3rd. Sigh, I wish I had more sense of time and awareness of my surroundings.

To blahblah,

I'm sorry, I forgot to return the planning video I borrowed.

Hopefully, I won't forget tomorrow - -"

I never watched it though :X

I know I said I would but it seems too 'boring'

Yeah, sorry. @_@;;


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Guest Kare1989

oh my god !! i am so happy for u. But i'm still sad, too

A. u know him for 2 years and now u met him its sooooooo great. But when i saw u

2gether i thought about it omg.... u r so far from him. He is in a other country and u saw him.

And S. u too u know him just as long i know my Boy. And u saw him yesterday too thats so great. And he lives in a other country tooooooo

but i'm living here and he lives just in a other town and i cant met him. thats so sad :(

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Guest prizzyy

(oh yay new thread, everyone used to post in white)

i miss you, tomorrow's the day i will see you again, for a mere one hour.

i would walk a thousand miles just to see you.

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why do you say something and then when the truth is finally let out, you turn and say it wasn't true?

what was the purpose of it?

say it and mean it, don't take it back because it'll just end up hurting the other person even more

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ugh, seriously you think the world revolves around you don tyou.

why must you be paranoid about everything? not all of us are rich like you okay?

i just got my frist job recently, how am i suppose to make quick money just like that?!

and fyi, its such a hassle to borrow money from other ppl, cause they would come back

asking for it when you forget.

you are a rude a selfish person.

hope the group disbands you, good luck on making new friends.

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Guest Rekidai

you ditch me again. you said we should hang out today and i felt so stupid. I cancelled on people's plans so i can hang out with you today now what? You ditched me again god i feel dumb now. I wish i didn't bother trying again.

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to someone--

its only been a day.. not even..

12 hours?

and i already miss you.

i want to see you but then i dont want to see you.

i hate that i have no willpower around you..

and when you come back on wednesday..

that'll be the last time ill see you until november..

i wish i wasnt so scared to tell you how i feel.

but what would that do?


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"It does not rejoice over the wrong, but rejoices in the truth."

I keep on repeating these words in my mind, yet my heart doesn't comprehend them. It hurted-- basically a lot. Holding my tears in my heart is going to burst soon. "I tricked myself onto believing that we were a perfect couple." What you said, deeply hurted. It really did. It made me feel as if I've also tricked myself on believing you. Believing your promises, believing that you would make a change from my past. Believing that you would stay. Believing that you would love me. Now, it seems like... you're just an ordinary person passing by, sparkling my life, and in the end, throws it away.

They say, "the day i stop loving you, is the day i find my tear from the ocean."

I guess you found your tear. You never place a tear in the ocean. All along, it was in a bottle.. floating on the ocean. Silly me, on believing that you actually place your tear in the ocean. Silly me.

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