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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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Guest globosapien


believe it or not, that's me on the right of doona.

we took that picture when doona was on guam.

my mom knows doona's parents personally, and they have been good friends, so hence the connection.

she's very friendly, and we still keep in touch sometimes

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globosapien: I know you know her as a real person (unlike the rest of us, who see her as star/actress/celebrity), and there's no other way to say this without sounding like a total dorky fan, but I just had to: You're friends with BAE DOONA?!? :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: That is VERY COOL.







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i used to remember ..BDN ..she like to take photos of the set ~ and the cast .filming the country princess~ .~ and posted on her cyworld .or was it the drama site .~ ..

She's such a photography buff! Like, every 3rd pic I see of her, she has a camera in her hand. :D The "My Treasures" folder in her cyworld even has pics of her expensive-looking, professional-sort cameras.

With Doona having an artist's eye, I wouldn't be surprised if she becomes a famous photographer or decides to go into directing someday (like Yoo JiTae and Bang EunJin <actress-turned-director of "Princess Aurora">).

Magazine T article 1 / 2 / 3









Speaking of artistic stuff, she had an exhibit in Aug '05:
















credit: BDN's cyworld

I love that not only is she über-creative, but that she's also a goofball. ^__^

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Guest saggiorpiioxgalaxy


believe it or not, that's me on the right of doona.

we took that picture when doona was on guam.

my mom knows doona's parents personally, and they have been good friends, so hence the connection.

she's very friendly, and we still keep in touch sometimes


Ahhh!~ No fair.. Ok.. j/k. Doona unni must be a good friend, when I first discovered her, I felt so close to her although I did not know her at all..

Sorry I haven't been posting here lately because I've been very busy, I'll come back as soon as I'm free.

THANKS ALOT melusine for all the beautiful pictures and articles on Doona unni. ;) I LOVE her style!

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Some lucky flower shop guy maybe!! :P ..

One thing about DooNa..she's such a mysterious babe..one moment she's taking photos..then posing dangerously sexy and the next thing she's arranging flowers..how cool-sexy is that??! :rolleyes: Love her long hair... :)

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^Could it be a friend or a fan? (If only I could read Korean, argh)

I did read somewhere that flower arranging is one of her many interests.

she's cute! and can be scary haha.

Lol! She's very good at transforming herself, as inez pointed out. And I think she's the sort who couldn't care less about her looks, and so experiments with it more.



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^True, that. Working with the best photographers in the biz, you'd definitely pick up a thing or two (or several) if you had the inclination (and the passion).


She has a folder in her cy ("Photographer Bae") containing the ginormous number (I kid you not) of pics she's taken. My unbiased (no, really! :P) opinion? She's good.



credit: BDN's cyworld


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True, that. Working with the best photographers in the biz, you'd definitely pick up a thing or two (or several).

She has a folder in her cy containing the ginormous number (I kid you not) of pics she's taken. My unbiased (no, really! :P) opinion? She's good.



BDN's cyworld

You werent kidding when you said she has alot of pics. I was in the middle of browsing but since Cyworld is updating, i cant see anything.

She really is talented and she probably did pick up on alot of stuff. Actually the pic above is my fav pic of her, very natural, no makeup, just her and her camera. It says alot about her personally.

I was browsing through this one model's cy and i saw that same pic too. Everyone seems to admire her. And thanks for posting her cy address.

And thank the heavens that her pics dont comprise of millions of self camera shots. They are so incredibly annoying sometimes and just not cute!

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Guest Epikt

Hi my dear Melusine !

I found this forum looking for information about Someday, the new drama with Doo-Na, and I discovered this topic !

Oh my god ! what a good job ! you found a lot of awesome stuff ! (and I believe that I finally found somebody who loves Doo-Na as much as I do :blush: ^^)

So big big big kisses & thank you ! :w00t:

Let me introduce myself, my name is Epikt, this is my first post here, I live in Paris in France (if sometimes my English seems exotic to you, don't look further) and I’m in love with Bae Doo-Na. How can I say ? She’s not really pretty, but there something special with her. And she a wonderful actress (actually, she’s the best).

As a great hardcore Doo-Na fan, I saw all her movies (each several times I confess).

My favorite ones are Take care of my cat and Linda Linda Linda. And then Barking dogs never Bite and Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. On the other hand, I was a little disappointed by The Host, which I was expecting a lot (in fact, it’s the exact opposite of Linda Linda Linda).

The ones I don’t like, Ring Virus (even if it’s better (less bad ?) than the Nakata’s), Tube and maybe Plum Blossom.

I also watch some dramas. Rosemary, which is not really good (except on the middle, maybe around the 12th episode, when Doo-Na became the "subtitute mother" of the kids), and Beating heart, which is great. I also have Ad Madness and Funny wild girl, but not seen it yet.

About this, do you know where I can find subtitled versions of her dramas ?

I found DVD for Beating heart and Ad Madness, and DL of Funny wild girl and Rosemary, but that’s al. Except for Beating heart, i didn’t find any Korean edition of her dramas, it’s a shame ! Is the next stage to buy chinese edition, extract the sub and put it in an automatic translator ? (i’ll do it, believe me)

I looking for a Korean edition of Tomak - love story too (it’s easy to find the Japanese, but the korean...). I looked on the Internet and made all the import video-game shops in Paris and they all looked at me with big frog eyes :blink: anyway, if you can help me, it will be great great great !

If you know if I can find Tea date somewhere, I’m open too ;)

But there’s something you forgot in your filmography (which is really complete), it’s the Paran-Maun CD, We are Paran-Maun.

Paran-Maun is the fictive band of Linda Linda Linda, and they released a CD. There are 6 songs, the first threes are the three Blue Heart covers they sing in the movie, the others seems to be originals (I don’t really know). Anyway, the album is great, just as the movie, you can’t really say it’s good, but it’s full of enthusiasm and energy.

You can listen to it here (on your right, the radio-blog, the 5 "Paranmaun" song and "Linda Linda Linda" - they are in the reverse order, sorry), it is the blog of a friend of mine (it been a month I lend him the CD but he don’t want to give it back to me, so rude ^^).

You can buy it on YesAsia, on the Japanese version and the korean (there are no real differences).


Doo-Na sing in the Linda Linda Linda OST too, the same three cover songs of the Blue heart (the interpretations are different on the movie, the OST and the album).

Oh lala ! I think I already talked to much ;)

Thank you again for this amazing tread !

Epikt =^..^=

PS1 : oh ! I forgot ! I love the pictures she takes.

PS2 : the CFs you linked are not available (or I can’t see it) :(

PS3 : just a last question : What do you think about Ko Ah-Sung ?

She’s the little girl playing in Beating heart. You will probably be able to have a real opinion after seeing The Host (oh my god she’s wonderful in that film !).

Anyway, the more I see her, the more I see her as a mini-Doo-Na (cut name, isn’it ?). The same king of physic, the same kind of acting, the same way both are existing on the screen. I really believe she'll soon become a great actress if people let her express herself.

And I won’t be surprise I you tell me that is Doo-Na who talk about her to Bong Joon-Ho, idem if that’s Doo-Na who initiated her into photography (don't you think ?).

clic >>> http://www.goahsung.com/

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Welcome to Soompi, Epikt! partyblowfv2.gif

It was wonderful reading your post. I gotta tell you though: Nope, I don't think you've found in me someone who loves Doona as much as you do... because you obviously love her MORE! ^_^

Case in point: I'm not such a completist that I would even buy her simulation game (much less search high and low for it, while French shop owners give me :blink: looks, heh). THAT, my friend, is true devotion (I'm quite amazed actually) and I'm sure Doona would be gratified to hear it. ;) I googled around to no avail, so I'm sorry to say I can't help you. But I do have 2 suggestions:


-You can try emailing the developers themselves to ask if they sell the game in your part of the world: http://www.seed9.com/eng/about_contact.htm

-Or you can email one of the game reviewers I found online, who knows, maybe those guys have an idea where to buy it: staff@thegia.com

dejawa1024gh6.th.jpg --> Dejawa wallpaper

Good luck! :D

About the CFs: I'm sorry if you're unable to view them (some of them were working when I posted the links, though I didn't test 'em all)--I just found them in Naver.com and posted the whole lot.

is the only one I could find on YouTube. I wish her official website had archived every CF she's done in viewable/downloadable form... but ohwell. Too bad for us that Doona doesn't seem to be doing any new ones.

I don't know where to buy her dramas either. Since Doona isn't exactly Korean Wave bait, "Rosemary" and "Funny Wild Girl" didn't get fancy subtitled DVD releases, and the older ones are pretty much impossible to find (it's a miracle you have "Ad Madness"). Unless you're willing to risk the unsubbed Chinese VCDs/DVDs, I guess we pretty much have to rely on downloads or YouTube (btw some kind soul uploaded FWG). At least "Beating Heart" (which I <3) is on DVD, and "Someday" probably will be as well. Did you hear the news that they're showing "Someday" on Korean cable instead of network TV? :tears:

Yep, ifever "Tea Date" gets released (our best bet is as part of those shorts collections, ala-"Twentidentity"), I'll give you a heads-up.

Oh, and thank you so much for telling me about the 'We Are Paranmaum' album, I've already added a discography (along with her filmography) to the posts on the 1st page. I'm also grateful that you posted a link to your friend's blog--I really enjoyed listening to the songs. I wanna see "Linda Linda Linda"!!!!! I've heard nothing but good things about it, and it's nice to hear you count it as one of your favorite BDN flicks. Really, you prefer it over SfMV and BDNB? Hmm, I'm even more intrigued because I LOVE those 2 films to bits. (btw the Linda3 Japanese release over at YesAsia doesn't indicate if it has English subs, did your DVD have them?)

I haven't seen "The Ring Virus" and "Tube" yet--so not a big loss, eh?

Aww, you were disappointed by "The Host"? It's one of my most anticipated films of 2006. Maybe you were expecting too much? Or Doona not having a lot of screen time bummed you out?

Anyhow... I'm so envious you've already seen it! (aside from being envious that you were at Cannes... and being envious that you live in Paris... oh don't get me started :lol: ) I'm really happy that it's both a critical and commercial hit (Doona's first, yay!). I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps breaking box office records. "Silmido" and "Taegukgi", WATCH OUT! kekeke

Re Go AhSung: I've seen her in "Beating Heart" (and "Sad Love Story"--but the less said about that drama, the better :wacko: ) and I agree that she's a very talented young actress. When I clicked on her website (+ her cyworld), I grinned widely. A mini-Doona indeed! I'm even more convinced that Bong JoonHo casted her through Doona's suggestion, and since you say she's wonderful in it, it was definitely the right decision. ^__^ (I also subscribe to your Doona-initiated-her-into-photography theory.) Nice turn of phrase 'same way of existing onscreen', and I share your hope that AhSung grows up to be an intelligent, eclectic actress. After all, she has a great role model. ^__^


I'm glad you found your way here, Epikt. Hope to see more of you so we can ramble some more about Bae Doona's movies and dramas, and gush what a wonderful actress she is and how much we love her.

P.S. Get your CD back from your friend! :lol:

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