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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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Guest pecpecjuice

I think she's definately one of the Best Actresses in Korea...I think she's up there in the Elite Status as Choi Ji-Woo and Ha Ji-Won in terms of acting... i really like her....

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Harper's Bazaar September issue


click for bigger size


click for bigger size



Dayuumm, what a great assemblage of actors! :w00t: But then I may be a wee bit biased since most of the 13 are favorites of mine (and yes I do mean the watch&collect-everything-they're-in-get-excited-everytime-I-see-them-onscreen definition of favorite). Seriously, it's like a K-film lover's wet dream.^^

This thirteen-actor photo spread is for the Cinema Angels Project; proceeds earned will be donated to fostering the development of indie films.

from Doona's cyworld:




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:w00t: dang... she looks HOT!! seriously. WOOOHOOO..

thanks for all the pics, melusine! <3

What a great collection of actors/actresses! ^^

I wonder if they have the Bazaar magazine in that korean plaza.. hmmm kekeke..

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She has such a great great taste in all pretty, beautiful, delicious things!

I love browsing at her photographs <3

for example:

this pretty bouquet:







^ I went :w00t: when I saw these! The most prettiest rose ever!

lavender roses <3





She also has great skill in capturing all these delicious foods... YUM~~!



I'm sooo hungry!





^ hehehehe... it ain't Doona if she can't pull this one off! :lol:




<pics extracted from this great site: http://blog.naver.com/hnpl46>

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*or shall I say, cook and bake and eat... :lol:*

Magnolia Bakery, New York



and she bought some home! keke



Look! :w00t:


what's inside? :unsure:


need closer look?




BROWNIES! :w00t:







^ is she planning to sell those? hahaha.. XD

COOKIES! :w00t:







^ she's soooo crafty and thoughtful. I bet she gave these cookies for friends/relatives...


<pics extracted from this wonderful site: click >

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September 7, 2007

Bae Doo Na, "Right now? I'm having the time of my life!"


The viewer bulletin board of the SBS drama series "How to meet a perfect neighbor" is overflowing with posts about Yoon Hee and Joon Suk's love line. The love between the CEO with a rich family and the ever so normal Yoon Hee and the obstacles that are placed along their path are the clicha of all melodramas, but their tears are keeping the viewers by their televisions.

Amidst all of this, the transformation of Yoon Hee has been gathering attention. Until recently, she was a messy character all over the place, considered a 'thing' rather than a 'person' even from her mom. But through her struggles about love and relationships, she has been changing. It is a change that can, if done wrong, be blamed on the immaturity of the actor or crew. But nobody is criticizing her change and that is the power of Bae Doo Na who is playing the role.

"Yoon Hee changed all of a sudden, didn't she? She changed a lot as the drama flowed towards the love line and I think that is the charm of Yoon Hee. She is not the type of person who takes in emotions one by one. She just falls in love at once like being hit by lightning. And the fact that she was always thirsty for love justifies such a change."

Bae Doo Na on set on the 6th at the SBS studios had an expression of excitement while acting as Yoon Hee. Weaving in an out of movies and dramas by creating her own unique characters, she seemed to be enjoying having met a new character once again.

"As the love story became the focus Yoon Hee started to be a lot more depressed but I'm having the time of my life acting her character. I feel like I am playing freely in front of the camera."

Yoon Hee actually has a lot in common with Bae Doo Na. She finds joy in the smallest things and looks at things around her with a not so common eye. That is one of the supporting factors allowing her to publish two photo essays.

"Yoon Hee is like endorphins. People around her may see her as a disorganized person and puzzle them in many cases, but she has a lot of affection and is very righteous many times. She overflows with charm. I personally like roles such as Yoon Hee that have their lacking points. Her best charm is that she is not typical. Can you tell on the television screen that I am having fun acting as Yoon Hee?"

But having fun acting does not mean there are no hardships. Her eyes were infected a few days ago making it turn red, proof that her body is tired. And she is taking much care to make sure the change of Yoon Hee isn't too awkward.

"If I receive the script and don't understand something, I ask the writer. And through the discussions I contemplate on how toa ct. When I can't explain the change of Yoon Hee logically, I have to interpret it the 'Bae Doo Na way' and make the viewers understand. That is the only way it is not hard for both me and the viewers. But that process isn't that easy. I have to bring out all of my imaginative power to justify Yoon Hee's emotional changes but finding that justification is difficult. And that is more so because her emotional changes aren't habitual but rather sudden and unique."

Bae Doo Na's uniqueness can also be found in the reason she chose this series. It was solely because Kim Seung Woo who she performed with in the KBS series "Rosemary" offered.

"I didn't know what type of drama or role it was. It wasn't important. Seung Woo suggested working on it together so I wanted to. Why? The most important thing is for me to enjoy it. I have to enjoy it and act comfortably so the viewers will also feel comfortable. Seung Woo is a senior I can trust and follow. His leadership on the set is great and he has a broad mindset."

Starring in the movie "The Host" and the cable television drama series "Someday," she smiles and says, "The previous characters were rather reserved so I am glad I met Yoon Hee. I feel like I have been absorbing acting recently. I truly enjoy acting and work is so much fun."

Source: BROASIA.com


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"Yoon Hee is like endorphins. People around her may see her as a disorganized person and puzzle them in many cases, but she has a lot of affection and is very righteous many times. She overflows with charm. I personally like roles such as Yoon Hee that have their lacking points. Her best charm is that she is not typical. Can you tell on the television screen that I am having fun acting as Yoon Hee?"

Yes, I can tell! hehehe..

thanks rubie dear for the news! ^^ I'm happy to see her having the time of her life hehehe...

Yes, indeed, to me, Yoon Hee is really such a fitting character for Doona. And often times I wonder myself, is this Doona I'm seeing, or Yoon Hee? hehehe... Yoon Hee <3

We, the viewers can really tell how comfortable Doona acts out YH's character, and how she truly is the center of this awesome drama. Doona really is having so much fun playing as Yoon Hee. She doesn't try too hard, but it just fits perfectly. I think this is my fave role for Doona, compared to other drama/movies I've seen. :)

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