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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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Guest yoonah

From the News thread:

June 4, 2007

Kim Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na go to Cambodia

The crew for the upcoming drama series 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor' including the two left for a ten-day shoot in Cambodia on the 2nd. This is the first time a Korean drama series is being filmed on location in Cambodia.

The series 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor' questions what a perfect neighbor is while reflecting upon those who vow to live together forever as a married couples.

Kim Seung Woo plays Baek Soo Chan, a former player, while Bae Doo Na takes on the role of Jung Yoon Hee, a comic secretary for a conglomerate chairman. Son Hyun Joo, Kim Sung Ryung, Ahn Seon Young, Kim Rwe Ha, Park Kwang Soo, and others will also be starring in the series.

The crew will film the various episodes that happen between the main characters who meet in a foreign location by chance.

The series 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor' will start airing on July 11th.

Source: BROASIA.com
















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I'm not surprised to hear that she's coming out with 'Doona's Tokyo Play'--she seems to love that city A LOT. ^_^ I guess this means her first book on London was a success, yay! I hope this will only be the beginning of an ongoing series of her travel diaries on the many interesting places of the world.

AnAn article


AnAn article














AnAn article
















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Guest Epikt

Welcome back melusine ! (we doonaddicts missed you sooo much :tears: )

Me too, I hope she'll continue her travel diaries, London play was so cool.

PS : hop hop ! new Doona-pix from Moogna (wéééééé ! :w00t: )







And photos about her new drama How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor (완벽한 이웃이 되는 법) coming very very soon on SBS ! (wéééééé! :w00t: )

(by the way, is there a thread about this drama ?)






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Guest Epikt

Yeah ! Doona's Tokyo Play (두나's도쿄놀이) is on the way :w00t:






(Doona rocks ! :lol: )

More Doona on Moogna and Pudding paran (look at the "twin pictures", there is something fun about it).

And do not forget to watch the video trailer !

PS : did anyone knows something about Yun Suk Mu (who took the photo for Londay Play) ? Any website, blog or cyworld ?

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Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh the first batch of Tokyo Play pics are out~~ *swoons from happiness*

Jeongmal kamsahamnida for the heads-up and links, Epikt! *mwah mwah* As expected, the photos are wonderful.

Repeats ad infinitum: I can't. believe. how. talented. she. is.

Epikt and yoonah: Thanks for sharing the pics+articles on her new drama "How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor"; I'm really psyched to see her in something new so soon. Though actually *whispers* I didn't finish "Someday." I know, I know! *bonks self* But hear me out. I gave up after the first few episodes because--ironically enough--I was LOVING what I was seeing onscreen so much that I HATED the fact that I was completely missing out on the whole experience because I couldn't understand the dialogue. So I decided to just go cold turkey and stop (:() ...and wish-like-I've-never-wished-before for an English-subbed DVD release. And sure enough, despite its low ratings and cable TV origins, the K-drama gods took pity and smiled down upon me. :D Can't wait to finally see it! I hope it turns out to be as wonderful as "Beating Heart", "Goodbye Solo" and "Alone in Love" (and I hope the subs are good too). It's cool that its thread only has a few posts but they're ALL raves; loving an underrated drama is sorta like being part of a secret society lol.

Haha, time flew by so fast: I went from feverishly anticipating "Someday" to waiting-somewhat-more-sedately for HTMTPN. I'm not a big fan of Kim SeungWoo nor have I seen their previous collaboration "Rosemary" (I'm assuming she enjoyed working with him last time--enough to do it again). Despite that, I'm looking forward to their new drama simply because of Doona's presence in it. She always, always picks interesting projects (and I think at this point in her career she's less pressured to do the sort of forgettable and reportedly mediocre dramas she did early on). Plus I have a weakness for ensembles! I've seen the work of some of the supporting actors in the cast like Son HyunJoo and Kim RoiHa and they're good actors (sidebar: their photo shoot was so pretty, and I do hope they ate the food on the table later on because it certainly looked yummy). I'm curious to see their Cambodia shenanigans too--the only cinematic memory I have of that country is Tony Leung Chiu Wai heartbreakingly whispering his secrets into an Angkor Wat wall ( :tears: ). I'm hoping the drama will be smartly written and light-hearted+breezy+fun... and I'm crossing my fingers that despite the lack of hott boytoys in the cast, that that will be enough to pique the interest of some fansubbing group so I can watch it while it's airing in Korea.

I watched her Dangerous Invitation guesting and OMG it was frickin hilarious! It was so stupid and ridiculous and just loads of mindless fun. Poor MCs lol.

So in gratitude for the links, here's something I've been looking for for a long time, found (yay!), and wanted to share with my fellow doonaddicts (I love this word!). I'm sure you guys will like this... *drumroll pls*

Clubbox (LQ) links to her story Miss Hip-Hop and Mr. Rock in the 2001 SBS drama "Love Story"! <page 1 updated>

Episode 1

Episode 2

She keeps working with Shin SungWoo, doesn't she. I mean, thrice?! Do they have a connection we don't know about, like they share the same management agency or something? Hmm. *wool gathering* Anyway, it was fun to see So JiSub dorking out (since I've only seen him morose in "What Happened in Bali" and <his most important role to date> "I'm Sorry I Love You"). And Doona's cute, watching her is always a treat.


Thanks so much for the pics and Section TV video of her Singles photoshoot, jahye! Here's another interview (via Y-Star): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z06kNvshsqA

Vogue Girl, September 2005




Vogue Girl, March 2007 [also via Style.com]














Harper's Bazaar













Doona was also one of Movieweek's 25 Most Beautiful People of 2007

(for the 2nd consecutive year!). She's #9 among the women.


Movieweek 01 02 03 04

Different scans of the AnAn and Cosmo photo shoots in post#203 + BTS pics (from Doona's cyworld):






Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600


Wallpaper 1024x768 | 800x600



Repeats ad infinitum: DOONA ROCKS!

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Guest Epikt

Thank for the missing picture, I editied my post.

(I couldn't donwload it :( , that's why I didn't added it on the thread).

Thanks for the Miss Hip-hop episodes too !

In fact, I downloaded it few days ago from the link on the first page, i didn't know it was a new link (I wonder why I hadn't downloaded it before, now I know why ^^). It's crappy quality, but better than nothing. As it will not be the next of her drama I'll buy it's great !!!

Speaking of Someday's Korean edition, where did you see it was english subbed ? (there are no sub mentionned on Yesasia and DVDfromKorea)

You're the second person today to say it's subbed, I'm begin to doubt !

(and you're the second to speak about Alone in love, it excite my curiosity)

PS : Park Chan-Wook's trilogy boxset (including Sympathy for Mister Vengeance) releases soon.

It looks cool - but I already have the 3 movies in DVD, twice for Mr Vengeance (French and Korean :blush: ), is buying three time a DVD is too much ?


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Guest cherryonken

omo omo omo

in love with her fashion sense and charisma - beautiful and talented bae doo na! I WANT TO BE HER, more than any other popular actresses, she just exudes cool.

how tall is she =(?¨

thanks for those pics, enlightening =D!

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Guest Epikt

Hi ! Welcome in the doonaddicts area !

(but I'm affraid nobody can be Bae Doona :P )

how tall is she =(?¨

She's 1m71... if my memory's good...

(now, the challenge will be to converte it in feet :sweatingbullets: )

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Guest cherryonken

could someone explain what these are - did she release travel books in korea? are the london pics posted? sorry really tired!

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Guest Epikt

sorry really tired!

Héhé, no problem ;)

Almost a year ago (end of august 2006) she released a kind of photographic travel diary, about her journey in London, called 두나's 런던 놀이 (Doona's London noli = Doona's London play). The London pictures posted on this tread are from this book (and there are a lot more inside ^^), and took by Doona herself (when she's not in and for selfportraits) and Yun Suk-Mu.

Needless to say this book is totally :wub: :wub: :wub:

Of course, it's hasn't been translated (or I really missed something...), so it's in Korean only.

(available here)

She will publish a new book soon. Another photo diary, in Tokyo : 두나's 도쿄 놀이 (Doona's Tokyo noli =Doona's Tokyo play) (yeah !)

It's all (most of) the new pictures you can see on this page.

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Guest cherryonken

merci epikt - =).

i first saw doo na in linda linda linda - so cute. I don't know how anyone can say she isn't beautiful. It doesn't surprise me shes not big on soomp. Lets keep the love alive for doo na haha!

keep those pics coming, totally ace!

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Guest Epikt

I don't know how anyone can say she isn't beautiful.

She's not beautiful like all those Korean stars who all look like Song Hye-Kyo :sweatingbullets:

Then, is she beautiful, I don't care - and both in terms of pure academic beauty and according to my personnal tastes, she really isn't the most beautiful woman on hearth (Doo-na, forgive me, I'm blaspheming).

By the way, I'm now really used to her long hair. When she started to grow her hair (2 or 3 years ago ? I don't remember) I found it strange, I missed her short hair, she was so cute (I love short hair). But finally it look good on her, and she's becoming more and more beautiful (who said I'm contradicting myself ?) and well adjusted (at least, she looks as if she is) - not really surprising, she going to her 30s, the best age for women :wub:

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'Doona's Tokyo Play' is coming out Aug 16! :w00t:







Those who reserve early get a free VCD! Ppalli ppalli! For the participating bookstores and sample videos (v. cute) -->

click these Magazine T links:



I think (but I'm not sure) that Doona will also be holding a photo exhibit and book signings

at the Welcomm Gallery on these dates:


...sigh. Wish I was there.

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August 13, 2007

Bae Doo Na second photo book, '... Tokyo Play'


Bae Doo Na who debuted as a photographer last year will release another photo album.

"Doona's Tokyo Play" will be released on the 16th with photos and essays from traveling in Tokyo. Last year she released "Doona's London Play" with photos from her August trip to London.

Learning Japanese on her own and starring in the Japanese movie "Linda Linda Linda" back in 2004, the photo book will feature her one month stay in Tokyo last winter.

She travels through subways and back alleys and also goes around memorable places she found throughout her 30 or so visits.

Bae Doo Na is currently starring in the drama series "How to meet a perfect neighbor."

Source: BROASIA.com


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Guest saggiorpiioxgalaxy


Thanks for all the pictures and information!

Doona's new book looks great. I'm going to search for it~

Doona unni is definitely beautiful!

She has this really attractive aura..

I fell in love with her ever I first saw her in Ad Madness 5 years ago..

I don't know, but her aura just made me feel a sense of familarity, purity.. and everything nice!

Her smile is exceptionally pretty. I smile seeing her smile.

I personally don't feel SHK's beauty, in fact, I don't like her.

Doona unni is always up to something interesting. <3 :lol:

She's a beautiful Libraian~

I love this thread.

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^Thanks rubie! So nice to finally read something in English. ^_^

Bae Doona’s Tokyo Play

Source: http://lunapark6.com/bae-doonas-tokyo-play.html

16 Aug 2007

The always charming Doona Bae, sometimes written as Du-Na Bae, is releasing her second photo book called “Doona’s Tokyo Play” today in South Korea. The book follows the release of “Doona’s London Play” which was released last year.

“Doona’s Tokyo Play” is centered around her experiences in Tokyo as she was filming her role in Nobuhiro Yama$hita’s hilarious “Linda Linda Linda.” She introduces places she found interesting, from the more popular tourist spots to small back alleyway establishments.

For those not familiar with Doona Bae she is an amazing actress who has played in other great films like : The Host, Saving My Hubby, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Take Care of My Cat and Barking Dogs Never Bite. Doona Bae certainly seems to have the knack to play the most interesting of characters. Often she can express a range of emotions with just the glace of her all expressive eyes. And yeah you can tell I’m personally a huge fan of hers.


An english translation of the press release found on her publicist’s website Barunson can be read here (thanks to Eunwook for the translation).

Last year, Bae Duna debuted as a photographer with her photo book “Doona’s London Play.” Her first book was released shortly after the release of “The Host,” which became the smash hit of last summer. “Doona’s London Play” then went on to become a best seller in Korea and for this summer she comes to her fans in different character.

While busy playing the role of an indiscreet secretary in the TV drama “The way meet the perfect neighborhood,” Bae Doona will publish her second photo book “Doona’s Tokyo Play.”

In her new photo book, she reveals 10 years of movie promotions, advertisements, activities for pictorial magazines, her travels to Tokyo and the 6 months she spent writing “Travel to Tokyo” for the fashion magazine “Ang Ang” (2006). With these activities, Bae Doona has made a special travel essay, “Doona’s playing in Tokyo.”

In “Doona’s playing in Tokyo” you can read about her various past episodes and travelling tips in Tokyo. Moreover she also introduces her favorite places and waya to have more fun with her tips.

For lucky fans, the movie “Bae Doona’s Tokyo 25 days” will be given away to the first 1,000 books sold in her special event for the first edition. If fans wants to know how she is in her daily life, they should not miss this oppurtunity.

Bae Duna will give a press conference and party in celebration of the publication of her book on August 17th and be present for a book signing on the 25th.

Bae Doona’s “Doona’s Tokyo Play” will be available starting on August 16th.


More on 'Doona's Tokyo Play', her 2nd published photo book

News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News / News

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