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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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15 December 2006 - 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards


Complete list, more pics & updates at the thread - thanks to Shirley

The 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards

Date : 15 December 2006

Venue : KBS hall

Boardcast by : KBS 2TV

official website : http://sports.chosun.com/bluedragon2006/index.htm

제27회 청룡영화상 최우수작품상 후보 5편


And the nominees are :

작품상 (Best Film)

Birth of a family

The Host

Radio Star

King and the Clown

Tazza ( War of flowers)

여우조연상 (Best Supporting Actress)

Kang Seong-yeon - The King and the Clown

Bae Doona -The Host

Uhm Ji-Won - Traces of Love

Yoon Ji-Hye - No Mercy For the Rude

JUNG Yoo-mi - Birth of Family



2006121520344211201fe3.jpg < love DooNa's white outfit - cool! :lol:


Source: empas.com

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THANKS Epikt for showing me the way here ^___^

I really like Bae Doo Na work and I haven't seen so much so I'll have to start getting her movies :P

I've seen Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, The Host, Linda, linda linda and Someday (the current drama).

THANKS again!

You're welcome ! :lol:

My favorites are Take care of my cat, Linda Linda Linda and Symptahy for Mr Vengeance.

About her dramas, i realy love Beating Heart (aka 6 love stories).

Rubie : I love her shoes on the pictures ! :w00t:

(too bad she was not awarded :tears: )

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Rubie : I love her shoes on the pictures ! :w00t:

(too bad she was not awarded :tears: )

Hahaha! Isn't she just funky... love her style, her shoes... totally rocks! :lol:

Yeah, too bad but I'm sure DooNa will be better recognized in a better role, not that The Host isn't good... just not much of her. But definitely very happy for Ko Ah Sung as the Best New Actress... she's a gem!


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Hi boyz and girlz ! :w00t:

Here are Clubbox links to download #191 Yashimmanman (YSMM) (2006/12/18), with my so beloved DooNa inside :





and even links on mega-upload :


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N7SPGS6A (part 1)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WWSUY5X0 (part 2)

EDIT : I found the video on Youtube : very bad quality, but no need to wait.

- part 1/8

- part 2/8

- part 3/8

- part 4/8

- part 5/8

- part 6/8

- part 7/8

- part 8/8

Enjoy !! :w00t:

PS : of course i didn't tested all the links ! he ! :P I found them on Yashimmanman tread on Soompi

(by the way i wonder why they all upload the same file, it's useless :wacko: )

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Hello my beloved doonaddicts ! :lol:

I was wandering on Moogna's blog and I found this photo soooo cool !


Doo-Na and Kim Min-Jun

Just for information, "Défense de déposer des ordures" is French, it means "Do not throw your garbage" and "ordure" is also a slang word for "bastard" (classic French play on words :rolleyes: )

PS : for the people who don't follow the Someday tread, a chinese DVD with subtitles is out.

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Yeah ! Today I'm happy happy happy :w00t: I got my The Host DVD (the limited edition with a lot of good things inside) in my letter-box :w00t:

It rocks, the packaging is really beautiful. And even if most of the bonus features seams to be promotionnal stuff, there are some interesting videos (like short films - didn't watch yet, i'll talk about on the tread of The Host)

< fan service inside >

:w00t:Bae Doo-Na's archery training :w00t:

</ fan service inside >


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Guest winkie_winkie

i love bae doo na...i think she's cool...n she's freaking hillarious.... :rolleyes:

i love watching her in Saving My Hubby & Funny Wild Princess....n her character in The Host is really great....

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Guest miyawoks

finally i found bae doona's forum here :)

i'm wondering, when will her new series be showing? news about it's been out since last year but there's nothing really solid about it...

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Bae Doo Na to Join Kim Seung Woo in Drama Series


Actor Kim Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na were both cast in the SBS drama series 'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor,' performing together again after four years.

Kim Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na who appeared together in the 2003 KBS drama series 'Rosemary' with Yoo Ho Jeong will once again play the role of lovers as a former host and clumsy secretary.

'How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor' draws the story of four people who reside in corporate housing of an automotive company. The series has also gathered attention for featuring illustrator and comic creator Park Kwang Soo, his first time acting, along with Park Shi Hoo, Son Hyun Joo, Kim Roi Ha, Ahn Seon Young, Park Won Sook, and others.

Bae Doo Na formerly starred in the movie 'The Host' and in the cable series 'Someday' broadcasted on OCN.

Source: BROASIA.com


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Guest Epikt

It's been a loooooong time this tread is dead, so saaaad :tears: :tears: :tears:

So here are some pictures of DooNa from Moogna's blog :



And pictures with (oh my god !) Park Chan-Wook, Song Kang-Ho, Choi Min-Sik, Kang Hye-Jong, Lee Young-Ae and Shin Ha-Kyoon ! :w00t:

(I wish it was a movie, but it seems to be something about Park's vengence trilogy : moogna)







PS : 8 days to come for Linda Linda Linda DVD !!!! :w00t:

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Guest Epikt

Linda Linda ! Linda Linda Lindaaaa ! :w00t: :w00t:

Linda Linda ! Linda Linda Lindaaaa aahh! aahhh ! :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Released today, here it is : the US version ! finally with subtitles !


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Guest jahye

Recent interview with MBC Section TV on the set of her latest photoshoot


Download: HQ video on megaupload



Bigger pics from doona.net (thumbnails)





This is from March 2007, with her costar, Go Ah Sung






credits; doona.net

I miss seeing Doo Na on the screen, but we won't have to wait too long anymore. Her new drama 완벽한 이웃이 되는 법 (How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor) is slated to start July 11th on SBS.

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Guest Epikt

Thanks for the video Jahye ! :w00t:

Few days ago I saw som of these pictures on Moogna's blog (sorry I didn't post it here, I really busy these days :( ) and I was wondering what this giant doll was.

PS : I miss her too :sweatingbullets:

(but in a way she's doing fast, Someday was broadcasted only 6 month ago)

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Guest Epikt

Hi guys ! I was reading Mark Russel's blog and I saw i wrote a little something about Doona's London Play (it's always a pleasure to read people who like Doona) and then (I don't know where he got it) I read an awesome news :

If you are a big fan of Ms Bae, good news, she has another book coming out soon -- BAE DOONA'S TOKYO PLAY.



PS : I finally decided to watch Ad madness, despite the AWFUL (and I'm kind) quality of the DVD. It's nice, but not that much. In fact, even if the characters are fun, it's very trite.

If you want to watch an drama with both Bae Doona and Choi Kanghee (it means you have good taste), you'd better watch Beating Heart, which is simply great.

(and if you want to watch a drama with Won Bin, I sorry I can't help you, your tastes are awful ! :P )

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