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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence


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Name: 배두나 / Bae Doo-Na / Bae Du-Na
Nicknames: 배양, 사오정, 여고괴담, 아롬이, 어둠의 자식, 헐랭이, 만두소녀, 낙지소녀
Profession: Actress, photographer, model
Date of birth: October 11, 1979
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 5'8" ft
Weight: 115 lbs
Blood type: O
Religion: Christian
Family: Mother is renowned theater actress Kim Hwa-Young, businessman father, older brother (Doo-Han) and younger brother (Tae-Han)
Educational background:
--- Seoul Jaedong Elementary School
--- Chung-Ang University Girls' Middle School
--- Chung-Ang University Girls' High School
--- Hanyang University - Major in Theater and Cinema (1998-2000, dropped out)
--- Konkuk University - Major in Film (2007~)
Debut: COOLDOG catalog model (1998)
Motto: 작은 찬사에 동요하지 말고 큰 비난에도 아파하지 말자.
Hobbies: Photography, listening to music, travel, reading books and comics, surfing the Internet, driving, window shopping, flower-arranging, baking
Habit: Touches her head a lot
Personality traits: Extremely moody, but warm personality
Ideal man: Genius, professional, funny, well-mannered (일에 천재적이고 프로페셔널한 남자. 또 유머러스하면서도 매너있는 남자가 내 이상형이야.)
Most favorite person in the world: Her best friend Kang Semi
Her 'treasures': Her car, cell phone, cameras, piano
Most prized possessions: Knitted hats her mom makes
Pet dogs: Nana '나나', Dudu '두두', Jonah '요나'
Regular hair/beauty salons: iHee (Cheongdam), Jean-Pierre Hair Community (Apgujeong)
Preferred make-up style: Either very natural, or Japanese doll-like
Preferred fashion style: Avant-garde
Fashion influences: Sofia Coppola, Chloe Sevigny, Asian street styles
Favorite models: Kate Moss, Audrey Marnay
Favorite photographers: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus
Favorite actors: Gwyneth Paltrow, Faye Wong, Shim Eun-Ha, Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite movies: Billy Elliot, All About Lily Chou-Chou, The Pianist, Welcome to the Dollhouse
Favorite books: One Hundred and Three Monologues
Favorite colors: Primary colors, sometimes neutrals
Favorite perfume: Truth by Calvin Klein, Hanae Mori
Favorite cars: Mercedes-Benz CL63, Volkswagen Golf R32
Favorite songs: At a Flower Garden by Jung Hoon-Hee, Endless Rain by X Japan
Favorite noraebang/karaoke songs: El Dorado (Ad Madness OST), Perfect Love by Jang Hye-Jin
Favorite sport to watch during the Olympics: Badminton
Favorite food: Chicken, coke, anything with potatoes like gamjatang (spicy pork stew w/ potatoes and vegetables)
Favorite dish: Samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup) that her mother makes
Dishes she cooks best: Ojingau jjigae (squid stew w/ mixed vegetables in spicy sauce), mul-mandu (dumplings cooked in water or broth and served w/ soup)
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite time of the day: 12:00-2:00 in the morning (a time when she's completely alone, when her mind's in a calm emotional state)

(Some of the "more personal" details are from 1999-2001 profiles 에꼴 so they're probably outdated. Recent "favorites" are from her Nylon 2008 interview.)

YesAsia profile - Bae Du Na, Korea's Quirky Queen
Twitch - Cine21 Interviews Bae Doo-Na
Subway Cinema profile - We Love Bae Doo-na (even if Korea doesn't)
Koreanfilm.org profile
Doona.net profile
Doonacafe profile
Cine21 profile
Movist profile

Awards and Nominations

2015 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Actress nominee (A Girl at My Door)
2015 Asian Film Awards: Best Actress (A Girl at My Door)
2015 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress nominee (A Girl at My Door)
2014 Buil Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (A Girl at My Door)
2014 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards: Best Actress in a Foreign Film (A Girl at My Door)
2010 KBS Drama Awards: Best Actress <Excellence, Miniseries> nominee (Master of Study)
2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Excellence> nominee (Gloria)
2010 Takasaki Film Festival: Best Actress (Air Doll)
2010 Asian Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (Air Doll)
2010 Tokyo Sports Film Awards: Best Actress (Air Doll)
2010 Japan Academy Awards: Best Actress nominee (Air Doll)
2007 Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (Linda Linda Linda)
2006 Director's CUT Awards: Best Performers Award (The Host ensemble cast)
2006 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee (The Host)
2006 Premiere Rising Star Awards: Best Actress nominee
2003 MBC Drama Awards: Best Actress <Excellence> nominee (Country Princess)
2002 Director's CUT Awards: Best Actress (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance)
2002 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actress nominee (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance)
2002 Pusan Film Critics Awards: Best Actress (Take Care of My Cat)
2002 Baeksang Art Awards: Best Actress (Take Care of My Cat)
2001 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actress (Take Care of My Cat)
2001 Korean Critics Association (Critics Choice) Awards: Best Actress (Take Care of My Cat)
2000 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (RNA)
2000 Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actress (Barking Dogs Never Bite)
1999 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (School, Ad Madness)

2008 2nd Daegu Photo Biennale - Goodwill Ambassador
2000 4th Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - PiFan Lady

Filmography - Movies

2015 Jupiter Ascending
2014 도희야 A Girl at My Door / Dohee-ya
2012 Cloud Atlas
2012 코리아 As One / Korea
2012 인류멸망보고서 Doomsday Book 해피 버스데이 Happy Birthday (omnibus)
2009 空氣人形 Air Doll
2006 괴물 The Host / Monster
2005 リンダ リンダ リンダ Linda Linda Linda
2005 티 데이트 Tea Date (short film)
2003 봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요? Spring Bears Love / Do You Like Spring Bear?
2003 튜브 Tube
2002 굳세어라 금순아 Saving My Hubby / Be Strong, Geum-Soon!
2002 복수는 나의 것 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
2001 고양이를 부탁해 Take Care of My Cat
2000 청춘,靑春 Plum Blossom / Youth
2000 플란다스의 개 Barking Dogs Never Bite / Dog of Flanders / A Higher Animal
1999 링 The Ring Virus

Filmography - TV Dramas

2015 Netflix Sense8
2010-2011 MBC 글로리아 Gloria
2010 KBS 공부의 신 Master of Study / God of Study / Lord of Study
2007 SBS 완벽한 이웃을 만나는법 How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor / The Perfect Neighbor
2006 OCN 썸데이 Someday
2005 MBC 떨리는 가슴 Beating Heart / My Trembling Heart / Six Love Stories
2003 KBS 로즈마리 Rosemary
2003 MBC 위 당당 그녀 Country Princess / Funny Wild Girl / Majestic Lady / Lady of Dignity / Courageous Girl
2001 SBS 남과여 '넌 사랑이라고 말하지, 난 욕망이라고 생각해' Man & Woman "You say it's love, but I think it's desire" (ep 37)
2000-2001 MBC 엄마야 누나야 Mothers and Sisters / Oh Mother, Oh Sister
2000-2001 SBS 자꾸만 보고 싶네 I Want to Keep Seeing You
2000 KBS RNA
2000 KBS 사랑의 유람선 Cruise of Love
2000 KBS 성난 얼굴로 돌아보라 Look Back in Anger / Turn Your Angry Face / Youth in an Angry Face
2000 SBS 러브스토리 '미스 힙합 미스터 록' Love Story "Miss Hip-hop and Mr. Rock" (ep 6)
1999 KBS 광끼 Ad Madness / Ad Maniac / Fanatic / Love Me, Please
1999 KBS 학교 School
1998 KBS 천사쿘 키스 Angel's Kiss


2008 그녀가 돌아왔다 The Visit - Producer
2004 선데이 서울 Sunday Seoul - Actress, Producer
2002 로베르토 쥬코 Roberto Zucco - Producer


2010 Gloria OST
2005 we are PARAN MAUM
2005 Linda Linda Linda OST


2008 두나’s 서울놀이 Doona's Seoul Play
2007 두나's 도쿄놀이 Doona's Tokyo Play
2006 두나's 런던놀이 Doona's London Play

Commercials (CF) / Print Ads / Online Ads / Catalogues

COOLDOG | 꾸띠 | i.n.v.u. | TM21 | Lykea Cosmetics | Binggrae Frozen Food Products | Migliore | 츄에츠 Chocolate | Donga Otsuka DemiSoda | Korea Association of Information & Telecommunication | G-Rush | Crencia | Whisper P&G | Ssamzie | KT Nespot | Tomato Savings Bank | PixDix | 2008 Kia Sportage | Eryn Brinie | Make Up For Ever | Suntory I love vegi | Aladdin Bookstore | Olleh Book Cafe | Kiehl's | Uniqlo | Viewfit | Louis Vuitton

Music Videos

2010 이별의 온도 Temperature of Separation by 윤종신 Yoon Jong-Shin (feat. 유희열 Yoo Hee-Yeol)
2010 시소 Seesaw by 뜨거운 감자 Hot Potato | 고백 Confession by 뜨거운 감자 Hot Potato
2009 冷たい雨 Cold Rain by エヴリ・リトル・シング Every Little Thing
2007 널 볼때마다 Every Time I Look At You / Every Time I See You by 강균성 Kang Kyun-Sung
2005 リンダ リンダ Linda Linda by パーランマウム Paran Maum
2000 Still / Only / However 但 (단) by 김돈규 Kim Don-Kyoo
2000 Party Time by 레이제이 Ray Jay
2000 You by 피쉬 Fish


2001 Tomak, Save the Earth: A Love Story - Voice for Simulation Game
1999 MBC Live 음악캠프 Music Camp - MC
1999 SBS Radio 텐텐클럽 TenTen Club - DJ


banBlog.gif banMinihome.gif banTokyoPlay.jpg

http://www.doona.net/ [Official]
http://cafe.daum.net/love716 [Official]
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More on her filmography: <clickable thumbnails>
Angel's Kiss
Cast: Cha Seung-Won, Yoo Ho-Jung, Jo Min-Ki, Lee Hye-Eun, Park Sang-Ah, Lee Sung-Young, Im Ha-Ryong, Hwang Eun-Ha, Bae Doo-Na, Yoon Moon-Shik
PD: Son Young-Mok
Writer: Jeon San
Episodes: 18
http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/angelkiss/default.html [archived]

Cast: Ahn Jae-Mo, Jang Hyuk, Kim Min-Sun, Yang Dong-Geun, Jo Jae-Wan, Choi Kang-Hee, Bae Doo-Na, Park Shi-Eun, Yeom Jung-Ah, Lee Chang-Hoon, Kim Jeong-Wook, Shin Goo, Lee Hye-Sook, Choi Yong-Min, Lee Han-Wi
PDs: Jeong Hae-Ryong, Hwang Eui-Kyung
Writers: Lee Hyang-Hee, Jin Soo-Wan, Kim Ji-Woo
Episodes: 16
sch1candle209lc.th.jpg mancome44us8.th.jpg
More pics
Watch the first 15 mins of Episode 1
Watch on Veoh
Clubbox DL: MQ / MQ / MQ / MQ

Ad Madness
Cast: Won Bin, Choi Kang-Hee, Yang Dong-Geun, Kim Hyun-Jung, Kang Sung-Min, Bae Doo-Na, Lee Dong-Gun, Jang Su-Won, Kim So-Yeon
PD: Moon Bo-Hyun
Asst. PD: Ki Min-Su
Writers: Lee Kyung-Mi, Kim Min-Ju
Episodes: 36
th_1506fef7.jpg th_f7b8021a.jpg
More pics
Fanmade MVs:


KDramaGuk review
Clubbox DL: LQ / LQ
Availability: DVD (Japanese subs) / DVD (English subs, China version)

Love Story
[story 1 - Sunflower] Cast: Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Sun-Ah, Lee Seung-Yeon
[story 2 - Messages] Cast: Song Seung-Hun, Choi Ji-Woo, Lee Na-Young, Lee Beom-Soo
[story 3 - Lost Baggage] Cast: Song Yoon-Ah, Yoo Ji-Tae, Hur Joon-Ho
[story 4 - Open-Ended] Cast: Lee Mi-Yeon, Lee Min-Woo, Jenny Lee
[story 5 - Rose] Cast: Kim Tae-Yun, Lee Kyung-Young, Kim Jung-Hyun
[story 6 - Miss Hip-Hop & Mr. Rock] Cast: Shin Sung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, So Ji-Sub
[story 7 - Insomnia, Manual, and Orange Juice] Cast: Kim Hyun-Joo, Kwon Oh-Joong, Yoon Gi-Won
[story 8 - Her Memories] Cast: Kim Tae-Woo, Park Sang-Ah, Song Seon-Mi
PDs: Lee Kang-Hoon, Kim Jong-Hyuk
Writer: Song Ji-Na
Episodes: 16
90305893lg6.th.jpg 87228900zl7.th.jpg
Official Website
Synopsis: D-addicts / YesAsia / AsianMediaWiki
SBS VODs: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Episode 1: Clubbox DL
Episode 2: Clubbox DL
Availability: DVD (no subs) / DVD (Japanese subs) / DVD (Chinese subs) / DVD (Chinese subs) / VCD - Story 6 only (Chinese subs)

Look Back in Anger
Cast: Joo Jin-Mo, Lee Min-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Kim Min-Hee, Park Jin-Hee, Lee Eun-Joo, Kim Young-Ae, Kang Seok-Woo, Kim Myung-Min, Kang Sung-Jin, Lee Joon, Yoon Hyun-Sook
PDs: Lee Min-Hong, Lee Won-Ik
Writer: Kim Young-Chan
Episodes: 16
Clubbox DL: LQ
Availability: VCD (Mandarin-dubbed) / VCD (Mandarin-dubbed)

Cruise of Love
Cast: Yoo Tae-Woong, Bae Doo-Na, Kim Ga-Yeon, Kang Seok-Woo, Do Ji-Won, Lee Joon-Goo, Chu Ja-Hyun, Kim So-Yeon
Naver entry
Cine21 entry

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Hyo-Jin, Lee Min-Woo, Kim Heung-Soo, Park Kwang-Hyun, Im Yoo-Jin, Kang Kyung-Hyun
PD: Jeon Gi-Sang
Writer: Lee Hong-Gu
Episodes: 17
k00000020710w555eu8.th.jpg rna7hn.gif
EPG.co.kr entry
Magazine T article
Availability: DVD (Chinese subs)

I Want to Keep Seeing You
Cast: Lee Min-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Lee Soon-Jae, Yoon Yeo-Jung, Kim Gyu-Cheol, Maeng Se-Chang, Song Seon-Mi, Yoo Tae-Woong, Lee Hui-Hyang, Lee Eun-Kyung, Bae Do-Hwan, Go Soo-Hee, Lee Ji-Hyun, Ji Sung
PD: Woon Goon-Il
Writer: Park Jung-Joo
seemain5nv.th.jpg s35xo.th.jpg s25rk.th.jpg
More pics
Choen article

Mothers and Sisters
Cast: Kim So-Yeon, Hwang Soo-Jung, Ahn Jae-Wook, Go Soo, Bae Doo-Na, Kim Ji-Young, Park Sun-Young, Ahn Jae-Hwan, Go Doo-Shim, Na Moon-Hee, Jang Mi-Hee, Jo Kyeong-Hwan, Park Shi-Eun, Kim Yeon-Joo, Jin Jae-Young
PD: Lee Kwang-Hee
Asst. PDs: Jang Gil-Young, Choi Do-Hoon
Writer: Jo So-Hye
Episodes: 50
photo24807sr1.th.jpg m00203594w600dg5.th.jpg m00203561w600np0.th.jpg
More pics
MV: mms://stream.doobob.com/music/kmusicvideo/20010104/300k/1-300.asf
Happy Time - Drama Highlight
Watch on
(Japanese subs)
Clubbox DL: LQ / LQ

Man & Woman: You say it's love, but I think it's desire
Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Jae-Won
PDs: Go Kyung-Hee, Kim Kyung-Ho, Park Hyung-Ki
Writer: Son Hong-Jo
Episodes: 1
Air Date: October 8, 2001
th_lovedesire1.jpg th_lovedesire2.jpg th_lovedesire3.jpg
Drama info
Screencaps [baidu]

Country Princess
Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Shin Sung-Woo, Kim Yoo-Mi, Kang Dong-Won
PD: Kim Jin-Man
Writer: Bae Yoo-Mi
Episodes: 17
photo51113la0.th.jpg photo51055dl6.th.jpg cp7qn.th.jpg
More pics here / here
Cine21 article
Film2.0 article
Watch on YouTube
Watch on CrunchyRoll
Clubbox DL: LQ
Availability: DVD (English subs) / DVD (Japanese subs)

Cast: Yoo Ho-Jung, Kim Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Yeon Jung-Hoon
PD: Lee Gun-Joon
Writer: Song Ji-Na
Episodes: 18
r39ub.th.jpg paper4mwa3.th.jpg
More wallpapers
More pics here / here
OST here / here
Watch on MySoju.com
Availability: DVD (Chinese subs) / DVD (Japanese subs)

Beating Heart
Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Bae Jong-Ok, Kim Chang-Wan, Go Ah-Sung, Ha Ri-Su, Kim Dong-Wan, Shin Sung-Woo, Choi Kang-Hee, Ji Sung, Kim Soo-Mi
PDs: Oh Kyung-Hoon / Go Dong-Seon / Shin Hyun-Chang / Lee Yoon-Jung / Kim Jin-Man / Park Sung-Soo
Writers: Kim In-Young / Jung Hyung-Soo / Park Jung-Hwan / Hong Jin-Ah / Lee Kyung-Hee / In Jung-Ok
Episodes: 12
beatingheart031024768pv6.th.jpg 1beatingheart011024768ny9.th.jpg
Synopsis / Character Descriptions
More wallpapers
More pics
[Twitch Review] Top 10 Dramas of 2005
DL first 20 mins (with English subs)
Direct DL: here
Clubbox DL: LQ / HQ / HQ
Availability: DVD (English subs) / DVD (English subs)

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Lee Jin-Wook, Kim Min-Joon, Oh Yoon-Ah
PDs: Kim Kyung-Yong, Han Ji-Seung
Writer: Kim Hee-Jae
Episodes: 16
somedayocntg6av5.th.jpg someday2wu1.th.jpg somedayimg2uz0.th.jpg somedaybannerge1.th.jpg somedaywallieyi4.th.jpg
Magazine T article
DramaWiki entry
Teaser 1 / Teaser 2 / Teaser 3 / Teaser 4
Teaser: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU2IWZfFVTU]
Photo Shoot Clip 1: DL / Watch online
Photo Shoot Clip 2: DL / Watch online
Photo Shoot Clip: [MegaUpload] (Arirang, with English subs)
Presscon Clip 1: DL / Watch online
Presscon Clip 2: DL / Watch online
Presscon Clip: [MegaUpload] / [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNUMvMu_o4] (Arirang, with English subs)
Premiere Clip 1: DL / Watch online
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Music Video: Boohwal - 정동하 (The Fog) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjB704QoF-0] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14tgQqIu6d4] [YouTube]
Fanmade MVs:

OST here / here
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Soompi thread

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor
Cast: Kim Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na, Park Shi-Hoo, Son Hyun-Joo, Min Ji-Hye, Kim Sung-Ryung, Ahn Seon-Young, Kim Roi-Ha, Park Kwang-Soo
PD: Jo Nam-Gook
Writer: Jung Ji-Woo
Episodes: 20
1280aka1.th.jpg neighbor021024ty2.th.jpg neighbor051024vx4.th.jpg
More wallpapers
More pics here / here
DC Inside gallery
OST here / here / [MegaUpload] / [MegaUpload] / [SendSpace]
Music Video: DL
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Teaser: mms://eventvod.sbs.co.kr/event/tv/neighbor_1.asf [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QFtNUILTaw]
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SBS Live TV Ent interview: [MegaUpload]
Watch photo shoot
Magazine T article
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Direct DL: Aja Aja / here / Cococrust Repository (C-subbed)
eMule DL: here
Clubbox DL: HQ
Availability: DVD (English subs)
Soompi thread

God of Study
Cast: Kim Soo-Ro, Bae Doo-Na, Oh Yoon-Ah, Yoo Seung-Ho, Go Ah-Sung, Lee Hyun-Woo, Park Ji-Yeon, Lee Chan-Ho, Byun Hee-Bong, Lee Byung-Joon, Im Ji-Eun, Shim Hyung-Tak
PD: Yoo Hyun-Ki
Writer: Yoon Kyung-Ah
Episodes: 16
20091231105336653f31113v.th.jpg 20091231105336653f31113.th.jpg 20091231105336653f31113.th.jpg
Website (English)
More pics
Dramabeans recaps
Fansite: http://godofstudy.wordpress.com/
Direct DL: Aja Aja
Soompi thread

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Lee Chun-Hee, Seo Ji-Suk, So Yi-Hyun, Oh Hyun-Kyung, Lee Jong-Won
PDs: Kim Min-Shik
Writer: Jung Ji-Woo
Episodes: 50
th_article2.jpg th_article.jpg th_article4.jpg th_article3.jpg
Synopsis / Character Descriptions (English)
More pics
Teaser: [YouTube] [YouTube]
10-min Preview
DL first 20 mins (with English subs)
Poster Shoot: [YouTube] [YouTube]
Presscon Clips: iMBC [YouTube] Y-Star [Streaming] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJgIPnJuEpE] ETN [Streaming|Download] Sports Khan [YouTube]
Making Of: Surprise visit to YS's room
Making Of: KS memorizing script
Making Of: JJ asking KS a question
Making Of: KS / JJ at table
Making Of:

Making Of: JJ/YS/KS talking
Making Of:

Making Of: KS/DA/YS jajangmyun
Making Of: JJ/JJ/DA/YS/KS
Making Of: DA indoor filming
Making Of: Playing with puppy
Making Of: KS/DA playing during mealtime
Making Of: KS exercise at park - part 1
Making Of: KS exercise at park - part 2
Making Of: JJ/KS playing with camera
Making Of: KS with staff
Making Of: YS/DA wedding
Making Of:

Making Of: Christmas gifts
Music Videos:
Sun Min - 글로리아 (Gloria) [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vCgA9PYglw] [YouTube]
Kan Jong Wook & Byul - 빈털터리 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHeDkHz489A] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbJ27RVib_0]
Bae Doo-Na - 바보랍니다 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwvKyZXUC20] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWc-xEdrNWQ]
Fanmade MVs:
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| 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16
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Soompi thread

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Filmography, continued <clickable thumbnails>

The Ring Virus

Cast: Shin Eun-Kyung, Jung Jin-Young, Kim Chang-Wan, Bae Doo-Na

Director: Kim Dong-Bin

Screenplay: Kim Dong-Bin (adapted from the novel by Kôji Suzuki)

th_rv1.jpg a01ab9.th.jpg th_rv2.jpg a03ut1.th.jpg

More pics here / here / here

EPG.co.kr entry

Koreanfilm.org review

Direct DL: Koroshiya Way

Barking Dogs Never Bite

Cast: Lee Sung-Jae, Bae Doo-Na, Byun Hee-Bong, Kim Ho-Jung

Director: Bong Joon-Ho

Screenplay: Bong Joon-Ho, Song Ji-Ho, Derek Son Tae-Woong

bdnbkh2.th.jpg m002017902h585rv2.th.jpg dog17ac.th.jpg dog37nm.th.jpg dog29eq.th.jpg



More pics here / here / here



Koreanfilm.org review

LoveHKFilm review

Subway Cinema review

Watch on YouTube

Direct DL: Idols Unlimited

Plum Blossom

Cast: Kim Rae-Won, Kim Jung-Hyun, Jin Hee-Kyung, Bae Doo-Na

Director: Kwak Ji-Gyun

Screenplay: Kwak Ji-Gyun

p19ug.th.jpg p26lt.th.jpg p37xl.th.jpg


More pics here / here / here

MV [MegaUpload]


EPG.co.kr entry

Direct DL: Idols Unlimited

Single CD: Clubbox DL

Soompi thread

Take Care of My Cat

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Lee Yo-Won, Ok Ji-Young, Lee Eun-Joo, Lee Eun-Shil, Oh Tae-Kyung

Director: Jung Jae-Eun

Screenplay: Jung Jae-Eun

t08mw.th.jpg poster01p.th.jpg poster03d.th.jpg snapshots6at.th.jpg



More pics here / here / here

Trailer: http://www.film2.co.kr/theater/trailers/T0000403.asx

International Trailer (with English subs): [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm-UU6vAEQ8] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exjx_XlwXwQ]


Hi-Res 14.8 MB [MegaUpload] [MediaFire]

Med-Res 5.9 MB

Low-Res 2.8 MB

JJE interviews BDN

OST here / here / here / here

Koreanfilm.org review

[Koreanfilm Weekly] DVD review

LoveHKFilm.com review

Watch on YouTube

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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Cast: Song Kang-Ho, Shin Ha-Kyun, Bae Doo-Na, Im Ji-Eun, Han Bo-Bae, Kim Se-Dong, Lee Dae-Yeon, Ryu Seung-Beom (cameo), Ryu Seung-Wan (cameo), Jung Jae-Young (cameo)

Director: Park Chan-Wook

Screenplay: Park Chan-Wook, Lee Jong-Yong, Lee Jae-Soon, Lee Mu-Young

sym25rt.th.jpg sym13ph.th.jpg bdn0db.th.jpg sfmv20xa.th.jpg s49fr.th.jpg



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[Koreanfilm Weekly] DVD review

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Filmography, continued <clickable thumbnails>

Saving My Hubby

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Tae-Woo, Kim Hae-Gon, Ju Hyeon

Director: Hyun Nam-Seob

Screenplay: Hyun Nam-Seob

22fb.th.jpg hubwy9.th.jpg new9fh2.th.jpg new1sb3.th.jpg


More pics here / here / here

Synopsis @ Finecut website


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Variety review

Koreanfilm.org review

Korea Times review

[Koreanfilm Weekly] DVD review

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Cast: Kim Seok-Hun, Bae Doo-Na, Park Sang-Min, Im Hyun-Shik, Son Byung-Ho, Kwon Oh-Joong, Gi Ju-Bong

Director: Baek Woon-Hak

Screenplay: Baek Woon-Hak

tbml3.th.jpg t28iv.th.jpg tube38cr.th.jpg t51jv.th.jpg


More pics here / here / here



MV: [YouTube]



On the set video:


OST here / here

Koreanfilm.org review

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Spring Bears Love

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Nam-Jin

Director: Yong Yi (Donald Yong)

Screenplay: Hwang Jo-Yun

poster1ab2.th.jpg s23ta.th.jpg s14hn.th.jpg s21cj.th.jpg


More pics here / here / here

Trailer: mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/2/theater/trailers/T0001242.asf

MV: mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/2/theater/trailers/M0001272.asf


Film2.0 article

Koreanfilm.org review

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Linda Linda Linda

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Aki Maeda, Yu Kashii, Shiori Sekine, Takayo Mimura, Shione Yukawa, Masahiro Komoto, Kaori Fujii

Director: Nobuhiro Yama$hita

Screenplay: Kosuke Mukai, Wakako Miya$hita, Nobuhiro Yama$hita

imgmovistcomqj6.th.jpg d3507007om.th.jpg




More pics here / here / here

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Tea Date (Short)

Cast: Mark Barkan, Bae Doo-Na, Marc Bryan Solomon

Director: Mina Park

Screenplay: Mina Park


Synopsis, Cast/Crew details: Naver / KOFIC / Film Messenger / IMDb

[Kaiju Shakedown] Where's Bae Doo-Na?

Watch on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXpiGPmT4GU] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LJxh7b1hQc]

Direct DL: [MegaUpload]

Korean Short Film Collection Disc 1: Clubbox DL

Availability: DVD (English subs) / DVD (English subs)

The Host

Cast: Song Kang-Ho, Byun Hee-Bong, Bae Doo-Na, Park Hae-Il, Go Ah-Sung, Lee Jae-Eung, Kim Roi-Ha, Park No-Shik, Yoon Je-Moon, Im Pil-Sung

Director: Bong Joon-Ho

Screenplay: Bong Joon-Ho, Ha Jun-Won, Baek Cheol-Hyun





More pics here / here / here / here

OST here / here / here / here

International Trailers: ComingSoon.net | AintItCool.com | Moviecentre.net | Apple.com

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Theatrical Trailer (Downloadable, 9mb, Windows Media)

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Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer (Streaming, 300k, Windows Media):


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Teaser Trailer (Downloadable, English Subtitles, 3mb, Windows Media)

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Japanese Teaser (Downloadable, Quicktime)

Japanese Teaser (Embedded Flash)

Making Of (Downloadable, 8mb, Windows Media)

Making Of (Streaming, Windows Media):


Sina Report (Monster Included) (Streaming, 128k, Windows Media):


Sina Report (Monster Included) (Streaming, 350k, Windows Media):


Sina Report - Edited Version (Money Shots Only) (Downloadable, 1.5mb, Windows Media)

Bong Joon-Ho's Cannes Presscon (Quicktime)

YTN Report (Downloadable, 5mb, Windows Media)

YTN clip

Section TV clip

Bae Doo-Na's Archery Training

Message From The Actors (Streaming, 500k, Windows Media):


Guest Special (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media):


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YTN Live - Press Screening (Downloadable, 13mb, Windows Media)

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Air Doll

Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Arata, Itao Itsuji, Odagiri Joe, Yo Kimiko, Takahashi Masaya, Fuji Sumiko, Iwamatsu Ryo, Terajima Susumu

Director: Koreeda Hirokazu

Screenplay: Koreeda Hirokazu (adapted from the manga by Yoshiie Goda)

th_airdoll.jpg kuuki.th.jpg 5340081020a.th.jpg 5340091020a.th.jpg posterur.th.jpg



Fortissimo Films catalogue

Theatrical trailer: [Nippon Cinema] [YouTube] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI46dEsDaBM] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Making Of clips: [

[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ij7yJHAvvU] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNrjtk7vgcs] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6urnnBdW-kc] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEzgBvmLZPE] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C96yLAE_5Dg]

Cannes Film Festival 2009

--Red carpet [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfNFVlHLZGk] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00zb7SowlBg] [Streaming|DL] [Streaming|DL]

--Interview+Photoshoot [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWO8z2cIjVI] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us_MzcImzA8] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQdERyWS2y8] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il2z1GCMy88] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZhYS_M77bs] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZNj8iKm82I] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPP58qUBmwI] [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8IL2olI0MM]

OST [by World's End Girlfriend] here / here / here / here / here / here / here


Doomsday Book

Cast: (Heavenly Creature) Kim Kang-Woo, Kim Gyu-Ri, Song Young-Chang, Jo Yoon-Hee, Kim Seo-Hyung, Park Hae-Il; (A Cool New World) Ryu Seung-Beom, Go Joon-Hee, Ma Dong-Seok; (Happy Birthday) Jin Ji-Hee, Song Sae-Byuk, Yoon Se-Ah, Lee Seung-Joon, Bae Doo-Na

Directors: Kim Ji-Woon (Heavenly Creature, Happy Birthday), Im Pil-Sung (A Cool New World, Happy Birthday)


61585865.th.jpg ed8eb8ebb384ecb29cec838.th.jpg ed8eb8ebb384eba98beca78.th.jpg ed8eb8ebb384ed95b4ed94b.th.jpg



More pics here / here / here

Teaser Trailer: (English subbed) [YouTube] (unsubbed) [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Main Trailer: [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

News - May 04 06

News - May 22 06

News - May 29 06

M-Line Distribution




As One

Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Bae Doo-Na, Oh Jung-Se, Han Ye-Ri, Choi Yoon-Young, Park Young-Seo, Park Cheol-Min, Lee Jong-Seok, Paul Stafford

Director: Moon Hyun-Sung

Screenplay: Kwon Sung-Hwi, Yoo Young-Ah

poster.gif poster1.gif poster2.gif




More pics here / here / here

Teaser Trailer: [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Main Trailer: [YouTube] [YouTube] [YouTube]

Character Video: [YouTube]

Production press conference: [Y-Star] [The Star Chosun] [E Daily] [Union Press] [Innolife] [Hani TV]

SBS Movie World interview: [YouTube] [YouTube]

Press screening and VIP premiere: [Y-Star] [천지TV] [Media Conan]



Cloud Atlas

Cast: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, James D'Arcy, Ben McKeen, Susan Sarandon, Keith David, David Gyasi, Zhou Xun, Bae Doo-Na, Ben Whishaw

Director: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski

Screenplay: Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski (adapted from the novel by David Mitchell)


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i remember watching her series, funny wild girl, on azn channel..at first-ppl might find her unattractive but i fell in love with her character..she really has charisma..and yeah i must say that she's really a good actress..

shes a great actress. i really liked her in 위 당당 그녀. but shucks, she should've picked kang dong won in the end!

hehehe i wanted her to end up with him too..

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<clickable thumbnails>

Sunday Seoul
Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Choi Jung-Woo, Lee Mu-Young, Shin Deok-Ho, Kim Young-Min, Kim Joon-Bae
Director: Park Kun-Hyung
Writers: Park Chan-Wook, Lee Mu-Young, Yoon Tae-Yong
Producers: 극단 골목길 (Golmokil Theater), 탄탄대로 (Tantandaro <Bae Doo-Na's company>)
15mg2.th.jpg i03qs8.th.jpg ss21nb.th.jpg i02v.th.jpg
Watch clips
Watch ETN interview on YouTube:

Photoessay Books

Doona's London Play
Blog entry
Buy here / here / here / here / here
[Korea Pop Wars] To Bae or Not to Bae...

Doona's Tokyo Play
Making Of: Doona's Tokyo Behind Story --> mucho mucho thanks to Epikt ^_^
Watch videos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05
DL videos: 01 / 02 / 03
Buy here / here / here / here / here / here / here
[broasia] Bae Doona second photo book, '... Tokyo Play'
[Dramabeans] Looking at the world through star-colored lenses

Doona's Seoul Play

Music Video:

Book details
Buy here / here / here / here
[Chosun Ilbo] Bae Doo-na Promotes Seoul in Photo Book
[Dramabeans] See Seoul through Bae Doo-na's eyes


Linda Linda Linda OST | we are Paran Maum [EP]
Track #2: リンダ リンダ Linda Linda
Track #5: 僕の右手 Boku no Migite (My Right Hand)
Track #21: 終わらない歌 Owaranai Uta (Never Ending Song)
OST: [MegaUpload]
EP: [MegaUpload] [MediaFire]
Buy here / here | Buy here / here

Gloria OST
th_15083075.jpg th_643616_1_f.jpg
<listen> 글로리아 (Gloria) - 배두나 Ver.
OST Part 1: [MediaFire]
<listen> <
바보랍니다 (I'm A Fool) - 배두나
<listen> Ready to Fly - 배두나 feat. 정재윤 (Jung Jae-Yoon)
OST Part 4: [MegaUpload]
Buy here

Music Videos

You by Fish (costarring Ryu Jin, Song Soo-Young)
[MegaUpload] --> mucho mucho thanks to ay_link ^_^
Watch online

Party Time by Ray Jay
Watch online

Still by Kim Don-kyoo (costarring Park Hae-Il)

Screencaps: 1, 2

Linda Linda by Paran Maum (costarring Kashii Yu, Maeda Aki, Sekine Shiori)


Every Time I Look At You by Kang Kyun-Sung
15.49 MB mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/1/500/0906096000104h.wmv [MegaUpload]
36.64 MB [MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]
Watch online

Cold Rain by Every Little Thing
59.5 MB [Clubbox] [MultiUpload]
142.2 MB [Clubbox] [MultiUpload]

http://blog.naver.com/seesaw_k (costarring Kim Tae-Woo)
Seesaw by Hot Potato
[MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]
Watch online:
| MV [part 1] | MV [part 2]
Confession by Hot Potato
[MegaUpload] [MediaFire] [SendSpace]
Watch online

Temperature of Separation by Yoon Jong-Shin feat. Yoo Hee-Yeol
Watch online

Simulation Game

Tomak, Save the Earth: A Love Story
Voice as Izumi/Dejawa
IMDb entry
[GIA] E3 Impressions
[GIA] Interview with developer Seed9


Watch online

Watch online

Watch online

Binggrae 하트유
(with Kim Seung-Hyun)
Watch online

Binggrae 하트유 Cool
(with Kim Seung-Hyun)
Watch online

Binggrae Power Cap
(with Kim Jeong-Wook)
Watch online

(with Kim Seung-Hyun)


(with Kim Nam-Jin)


Donga Otsuka DemiSoda
Watch online

Korea Association of Information & Telecommunication
(with Ahn Jae-Mo)
Watch online

(with Hong Kyung-Min)
Watch online

Watch online

Watch online

Whisper Overnight
Watch online

KT Nespot
(with Shin Ha-Kyun)
CF 1
Watch online
CF 2
Watch online

Tomato Savings Bank 'Let's Love' - Adoption PSA
(with Yoon Seok-Hwa, Kim Ji-Ho, Shin Hyun-Joon, Kim Nam-Jin)

[Clubbox DL] [MegaUpload]

PixDix (LG상사 픽스딕스)
CF 30 sec
Watch online
CF 60 sec

CF Making
Watch online
More pics

2008 Kia Sportage
(with Lee Seon-Gyun, Kim Han-Joon)
CF 1
Watch online
CF 2
Watch online | [MediaFire]
CF 3
Watch online | [MediaFire]
3인 3색 포토에세이 We're Drivers - Paris
Watch online | [MegaUpload] | More pics

PixDix (LG상사 픽스딕스)

CF Making
Watch online

cm1skn.th.jpg cm2fbg.th.jpg
Suntory I love vegi
CM 1

[MediaFire] [MegaUpload]
CM 2

[MediaFire] [MegaUpload]
CM 3

[MediaFire] [MegaUpload]

Aladdin Bookstore
CF 15 sec

[MultiUpload] [MediaFire]
CF 20 sec

CF 30 sec

CF Intro

CF Making


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<clickable thumbnails>

Variety Show Appearances

[KBS] Dangerous Invitation (위험한 초대) Episode #?

Airing Date: October 12, 2003

Guest: Bae Doo-Na

1copyrr9qm7.th.jpg 11copyni4lz1.th.jpg

Screencaps and Game Mechanics

Watch on YouTube: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Direct DL: MQ --> mucho mucho thanks to Epikt ^_^

Clubbox DL / Clubbox DL

[sBS] YaShimManMan (야심만만) Episode #033

Airing Date: October 13, 2003

Guests: Lee Yoo-Jin, Kim Nam-Jin, Bae Doo-Na, Coach Yong Lee, Jo Hyung-Gi


[sBS] YaShimManMan (야심만만) Episode #?

Airing Date: ?

Guests: Kim Seung-Woo, Bae Doo-Na


Availability: DVD (Japanese subs)

[sBS] YaShimManMan (야심만만) Episode #191

Airing Date: December 18, 2006

Guests: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Min-Joon, Tae Jin-Ah, Brian, Kim Hyun-Joong



Watch on YouTube Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Direct DL: [MegaUpload] / [MegaUpload] / [MegaUpload] / [MegaUpload]

Clubbox DL: LQ / MQ / HQ / HQ

[tvN] World Special Love (월드스페셜 LOVE) Episode #3

Airing Date: September 20, 2008

Subject: Bae Doo-Na in Nepal

th_03_photo12_5908.jpg th_03_photo05_5901.jpg


Stills here / here

Trailer (30s): Nate / Nate

Trailer (1min 46s): Nate

Watch on Nate part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Watch on Nate part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Watch on Cyworld: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Watch on Cyworld: part 1 part 2 part 3

Watch on Gom TV: part 1 part 2

Watch on Daum

[Dramabeans] Being a Good Neighbor more important than being a perfect one

[Dramabeans] tvN’s World Special “LOVE”

[KBS] Happy Together Season 3 (해피투게더 시즌3) Episodes #130-131

Airing Date: January 2 & 7, 2010

Guests: Master of Study cast [Kim Soo-Ro, Bae Doo-Na, Oh Yoon-Ah], Chuno cast [Jang Hyuk, Lee Da-Hae, Oh Ji-Ho]

th_782091.jpg th_783391.jpg


Photos here / here


Watch on YouTube (English subbed) E130: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Watch on YouTube (English subbed) E131: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Watch E130: Youku / Youku / Tudou / Tudou

Watch E131: Youku / Youku / Tudou

Torrent: E130 http://www.box.net/shared/r56j2kzso5 E131 http://www.box.net/shared/sgpz64tvgd

[MBC] Yoo Jae-Suk and Kim Won-Hee's Come To Play (유재석 김원희의 놀러와) Episode #302

Airing Date: August 16, 2010

Guests: Bae Doo-Na, Lee Chun-Hee, Seo Ji-Seok, So Yi-Hyun, Kang Se-Mi

th_yoonkim_photo100816131617entertain1.jpg th_yoonkim_photo100816115445entertain1.jpg


Photos here / here / here / here / here / here

Screencaps here / here

Clips: TVian / TVian

Watch online: 56.com / Tudou / Tudou

Direct DL: Kpopella / Ko-drama

Torrent: BitSnoop | http://www.box.net/shared/gl1dtlk5q8 | http://www.box.net/shared/qjk66raqj9

[MBC] Golden Fishery (황금어장) Episode #200

Airing Date: September 29, 2010

Guests: Bae Doo-Na, Lee In-Hae, Kim Min-Hee, Ahn Jung-Hoon

th_goldfish_photo100927115807entertain4.jpg th_goldfish_photo100927115807entertain3.jpg




Watch online: Tudou / 56.com / Drama Joy / Ask Drama

Direct DL: Kpopella

Torrent: http://www.box.net/shared/845rcegzoi

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Guest nazur

She is great.

I first saw her in 'sympathy for mr vengeance', then 'barking dogs never bite' and 'take care of my cat'. Loved all three movies.

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One of the coolest, most unique, most interesting, most talented actresses in the Korean film/TV industry. <3

Great thread for Bae Doo Na, melusine... awesome info & fantastics pics. Have never seen the Bazaar caps... they're really a surprise!

Keep it up! :)

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Bae Doo-na (whose name means "beautiful star") was born on October 11, 1979. In 1998 she was walking along the streets of Apkujong, Seoul when a recruiter approached her about a job in modeling. She soon branched out from modeling into TV dramas (her debut was the KBS drama School), and in 1999 she had her first film appearance as the psychic girl/ghost in The Ring Virus, Korea's remake of the Japanese film Ring.

In 2000 Bae continued to act in TV dramas and also expanded her presence on the screen, starring in the critically-acclaimed Barking Dogs Never Bite and later in Plum Blossom, a well-received film about adolescence and sex. At the time she concurrently studied in Hanyang University's department of Film and Drama.

Bae's 2001 film Take Care of My Cat was highly acclaimed by critics and screened in many festivals including Rotterdam and Berlin. She also starred in Park Chan-wook's grim followup to JSA, the acclaimed Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Her next features were more light in tone: Saving My Hubby, about a mother who straps her baby onto her back and goes out to rescue her husband from a band of gangsters, subway action film Tube, and Spring Bears Love, a melodrama by debut director Yong Yi. She also appeared in multiple TV dramas. To date, however, Bae has yet to star in a solid box office hit.

Bae's next film will be a Japanese film by Nobuhiro Yama$hita titled Linda Linda Linda, in which she plays a Korean exchange student who joins an all-girl rock band. She is also rumored to have a part in Bong Joon-ho's creature movie The Host.

Excerpt from an interview with Bong Joon-ho (Barking Dogs Never Bite):

Bae Doo-na is a very beautiful young woman. But in the film you make her look very mundane, dishevelled, with no make-up... "You're right (laughs). Many actresses in Korea hate to act without make up, they want to look shiny! But Doo-na was great because she had no desire to show off, rather she really threw herself into the character. I was really happy with her." [interview from <a href="http://www.filmfestivals.com/" target="_blank">Filmfestivals.com]



Flashy, Rebellious and Ready for Stardom

by Park Jeong-ho

Oct 07, 2001

Twenty-year-old girls seem to have a lot more problems to mull over besides men and makeup in the upcoming movie "Goyangireul Butakhae" ("Please Take Care of My Cat"). This is the catchy title for a story of three friends just out of high school who do not take the standard roads to success; instead, they are faced with cutthroat competitions for survival. A cat becomes part of their secret password.

This is not a movie that criticizes the culture of young people. It simply tries to depict the world through the eyes of a group of girls facing the world armed only with a diploma from a vocational high school. In a country where education is everything (in part because of the contacts you make while in university), going into the world directly from high school is daunting.

At the center of "Please Take Care of My Cat" is actress Bae Doo-na. A 20-year-old herself, she has become a symbol of the "N Generation," the "net" or Internet generation in Korea, with her gender-neutral looks and rebellious appearance. "Yes, I am a 20-year-old from Gangnam," admits the actress who was discovered on the streets by an agent, eventually leading her to a career as a fashion model and television star. "I came to where I am living a fast, hectic life, but now I am playing Tae-hi, a girl from a provincial city. Being part of this film was an opportunity to learn and understand about friends who live harsh lives."

The film focuses on the majority of youngsters in Korea who cannot buy expensive accessories in fancy department stores or enter the top universities. "It's the way most 20-year-olds live," says the actress.

Bae Doo-na is definitely a peculiar individual. She never reveals her true nature, even becoming famous for her blank, spaced out look. However, this may also mean she is a true blank slate, able to immerse herself completely in new identities.

In "Barking Dogs Never Bite," Bae played a bookkeeper for an apartment building, and in "Youth" she appeared as a nurse. Both characters were flat, though Ms. Bae received positive reviews.

Tae-hi is not an exception. A year after graduation, Tae-hi is still pretty much jobless, working only at the counter of a sauna run by her father. So she gathers a group of friends whose lives are also not going well, helps a young poet suffering from cerebral palsy and dreams of becoming a sailor and exploring the world.

"At first I turned down the role, because it seemed similar to the character in 'Barking Dogs Never Bite.' But after seeing the director's short films 'A Figure Diary' and 'The Night for Two,' I changed my mind. They were full of tension."

The novice female director Chung Chae-eun dragged her cast and crew to to more than 70 locations around Inchon and Seoul to capture the best images. Perhaps following the footsteps of her director, Bae Doo-na roamed Dongdaemun Market looking for kitschy clothes and props that would help build her character. She even practiced smoking cigarettes in front of her parents to make sure that it looked natural during the shooting.

At the end of the movie, Tae-hi and one of her friends Ji-Young decide to depart for a new place. When asked by Ji-Young on where they plan to go, composed Tae-hi simply answers, "Lets think about that on the way."



Korean actress Bae Doona greets to the house on the occasion of the opening day of a Japanese Film 'Linda Linda Linda'



Korean actress Bae Doona greeted to the house in Shibuya, Tokyo on July 23 on the occasion of the opening day of a Japanese Film 'Linda Linda Linda' in which she starred.

"Linda, Linda, Linda" takes its name from the '80s hit by The Blue Hearts, a legendary Japanese punk rock band. Bae Doo-na took charge of vocal as a Korean student studying in Japan in this cinema.

Cast members formed a band called Paranmaum for the movie. Paranmaum is derived from Bae's native Korean and means fresh heart.

Through her stage greeting, she said: "When I was a high school student, I was so quiet, the idea of joining a rock band was simply unthinkable", "It's like a dream to be able to be in a band like this".

"Linda Linda Linda" received rave reviews from Japanese film experts in February at the movie's first preview showing.

Bae is well known for her movie, "Dog of Flanders", where her wacky character wore a signature yellow hooded sweat shirt. But it was "Plum Blossoms" that graduated Bae from runway model to actress.

In the movie "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance", with director Park Chan-wook, Bae aptly showed viewers her passion and talent. The actress has also ventured into theater. With the play "Sunday Seoul", she followed in her mother's footsteps.

She then starred in the Japanese movie "Linda Linda Linda", playing a second-generation Korean living in Japan.



"I'm Young for the Role of a Divorced Woman, But..."

MARCH 30, 2005 23:17


Actress Bae Doo-na (26) is back on the TV screen in the MBC Omnibus Drama, "Beating Heart" (airing at 7:55 p.m. weekends). In it, she plays the main character, 'Bae Doo-na'. Her last appearance was in the KBS mini series "Rosemary" a year and four months ago. She is so into the drama after a long break, she said.

"It took one minute to decide when they offered it to me. Why would I refuse it? Besides, the drama is about a family. I thought shooting it with Bae Jong-ok and Kim Chang-wan would be very enjoyable," said Bae Doo-na.

In the first episode, titled "Love," she plays the 29 year-old divorced sister of Bae Jong-ok. She is Kim Chang-wan's sister-in-law. As the story unfolds, she falls into a love triangle between Kang Seong-jae (played by Kim Dong-wan), who works for a large corporation, and Jeong Nam-su (played by Shin Sung-Woo), who received a doctoral degree at a prestigious university. They both fall in love with Bae Doo-na.

"I played the unmarried mother in the MBC mini series "Lady of Dignity." People are worried about me playing a divorced character this time. But I don't think about that, because that is not important. What matters most is how well I characterize a character as real as 'Bae Doo-na'."

"Beating Heart" is an experimental omnibus drama made by MBC. The drama is composed of six episodes with the title: "When did you feel your heart beating the hardest?" Conveying answers, such as love, sorrow and joy, six teams of six producers and six writers participated in making this drama. Each team made one episode consisting of two parts.

Bae Doo-na confessed the most nervous moment of her life was last summer.

"Last July, I first acted on the stage in the play, "Sunday Seoul." I felt my heart storming out of my body. A mistake on a stage is so noticeable that I felt like being naked in front of the crowd. Every time I made a mistake, I found myself respecting my mother (Kim Hwa-young, a stage actress) more and more."

Bae Doo-na made her debut at the age of 19 in the KBS mini series "School" in 1999. Now, she is in her mid-twenties. She has grown enough to recognize changes in her life. But there is one thing that has never changed: her family.

"My mother tells me everyday that I am her other self. My family is the same thing for me. My family is the only thing that I've always believed in," she said.



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Cine21 Interviews Bae Doo-Na


While stars her age were choosing roles which would enhance their beauty, or even going as far as undergoing plastic surgery, she appeared in the most natural of ways: with no make-up in Bong Joon-Ho's 플란다스의 개 (Barking Dogs Never Bite). That performance showed the birth of a new star in the Chungmuro galaxy, one who would become one of the industry's most unique and creative personalities: Bae Doo-Na. Through her films, she painted a figure of insiders who look outside, of people who open their eyes to what's around them. Take Hyun-Nam in 'Barking Dogs Never Bite', helping an ajumma find her little Chihuahua everyone else hated; or Tae-Hee in 고양이를 부탁해 (Take Care of My Cat), escaping the psychological traps of middle class life in Korea; Young-Mi in Park Chan-Wook's 복수는 나의 것 (Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance), the impressionable 'activist' youth singing Communist songs and spewing hate on the Cultural Imperialism of the US, and so on. Bae always played 'familiar strangers' amongst their circle of friends, opening them to the fact that foreigners, people with handicaps, kids and even animals have a right to share the same space with them.

Perhaps it's for that reason that she's adored by Korean film fans overseas, and more or less ignored at home. People overseas identify in an easier way with her kind of characters, sort of lost in a space they don't see as their own, more than attempts at making characters that are 'foreigner-friendly' like Lee Na-Young in Kim Sung-Soo's 영어완전정복 (Please Teach Me English). Most of her films flopped in Korea, some even badly - like the blockbuster 튜브 (Tube), but she never lost sleep over that. She didn't try to find counter measures which would increase her popularity, but just kept following her road, and starring in projects that would present a new challenge for her. It's probably for that reason that she hasn't been in a Korean film in almost 2 years. She took 'time off' to pursue other interests, namely following the family line in starring in a theater play in Daehak-Ro, featuring in a few interesting Dramas, and even a Japanese film.

But she might finally find that super-hit in Korean Cinemas that escaped from her hands every time she tried. Shooting Bong Joon-Ho's third film 괴물 (The Host) with established faces like Song Kang-Ho, Park Hae-Il and Byun Hee-Bong could be the gateway to popular acceptance, after becoming one of the darling of the critics at such an early age. Featuring in an interview after quite a long time, here's a few excerpts from her interview in a recent Cine21 magazine.


Cine21: After your 1999 screen debut with 링 (The Ring Virus), every year you've starred in one, sometimes even two films per year. But for the first time, you spent the last two years without a film released in theaters.

Bae Doo-Na: When I went back 'to work' on the set of 'The Host' I didn't really remember how I used to do things, it was both something refreshing and even confusing. I'm a workaholic, really. I never lived even once without having anything to do. The moment a film was presented to the press, I was almost always already shooting the next one. But after completing 봄날의 곰을 좋아하세요? (Spring Bears Love) I thought by myself: now my first cycle is really over. While I rest a little, I wanted to make a fresh new start. But now that I had some time for myself, I didn't know what to do! Even though I never really liked doing that, I started learning flower arrangement and baking, just to kill some time and make me feel less lonely.

Cine21: Famous theater actress Kim Hwa-Young is your mother. Do you remember anything of her acting life when you were little?

Bae: I just followed her in and out of the practice room, naturally. Since I was quite a quiet kid, I sat in the make-up room waiting for the end of the play, not saying a word from start to finish. I remember her first line in a play she acted in at a theater in Myung-Dong. She said: "Tom, go wash up." I heard that line so many times, when I was five year old I would follow my mother's dialogue in the make-up room step by step, so much even people in the guest seats would hear and laugh. People might say that since my mother is a theater actor, I became an actress. But to me, those experiences probably had the opposite effect. On the contrary, because I saw many great actors working with my mother, I thought this was a job only people with extraordinary talent could do. So, in a way, debuting on stage was a big challenge for me, trying to defeat all the primal fears I had regarding theater. While presenting the play I acted all cool and calm, but in reality it was incredibly hard.

Cine21: But despite all that you took that challenge and starred in 썬데이 서울 (Sunday Seoul). On top of the aforementioned childhood fears and the challenge it posed for you, I'm curious what kind of lessons you learned as an actor doing this play, technically speaking.

Bae: Telling people I did theater to combat my fears makes me feel a little embarrassed. It sounded like such a personal thing to do, but it's not really the case, even though it helped me a lot. Technically speaking, I just wanted some expansion, and show a kinder side of me to the public. My acting is really unkind [her personal blog is entitled 불친절한 두나씨 (Unkind Doo-Na), a word play on Park Chan-Wook's 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance' - whose Korean title means Kind Geum-Ja - and her acting style]. [...] I didn't really know how to cleanly get through rhymes either, so that's what I learned from this experience.

Cine21: You didn't just work in films, but also Daily and Weekend TV Dramas, and now even theater. It feels like you're personally trying to add many things to your curriculum.

Bae: By chance, I got into the business as an unknown when I starred in 학교 (School) and the film 'The Ring Virus', and compared to most people I had many more leading than supporting roles. As undeserved as those opportunities might have been, I tried my best to work with my seniors, just make experience through acting with them.


Cine21: You've fundamentally matured quite a bit.

Bae: There's people who know three out ten, then you can say they know a little. Then there's those who know nine out of then, but even if you only don't know one, isn't that saying you don't fully know? I'm the latter. I only have been acting for 6-7 years, and am still learning. On top of that, if I start thinking that actresses really come of age in their thirties... man, at this rate I'll really become 30, then what? I have to do well, it's quite a burden! (laughs)

Cine21: Let's talk a little about your new film リンダ リンダ リンダ (Linda Linda Linda). A while ago I read in an interview that you used to categorize films between those that 'wouldn't work if it wasn't you', that you'd be 'thankful they came to you', or that if you did them, 'it would be another film.' What was your reason for starring in Yama$hita Nobuhiro's 'Linda Linda Linda', then?

Bae: A while ago Director Bong Joon-Ho, after returning from the Morioka Film Festival, said a young Japanese director wanted to cast me, and Bong told me to do well later. That was Director Yama$hita. So I decided to return the favor, and watched his previous work 'Ramblers'. It had a very extravagant sense of humour I fell right into. I shot 'Linda Linda Linda' thinking it was my 'foreign version', but wasn't it so close to one of the stories in 'Take Care of My Cat'?

Cine21: I really liked episode 1 and 2 of 떨리는 가슴 (Six Love Stories), where you play a young divorced woman. Actually it was the first time I saw you in a very mature, adult-like type of role. Up to that point you always had a 'fairy'-like kind of image, like some characters in 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン (Neon Genesis Evangelion) or other Anime. But in 'Six Love Stories', for the first time I saw a woman who showed more maturity than her age. Before shooting the Drama, did you have any thought of starring in a stage play?

Bae: Oh.. really? That's great. That's exactly what I'm trying to concentrate on at the moment. Which became reality a while ago (laughs). I always used to play characters who were dreamers, rarely realist ones. Even in 'The Host', I consulted director Bong for the last two years about how to portray my character Nam-Joo. He wants the same thing I do, a character as far from 'Barking Dogs Never Bite' as possible.

Cine21: You've worked with a lot of directors, but you worked twice with Park Chan-Wook, and it's your second with Bong as well. Which films do you prefer from those made by the two?

Bae: I haven't seen Park's 올드보이 (Oldboy) and 친절한 금자씨 (Sympathy For Lady Vengeance) yet. He said to me, 'aren't you even sorry about it?' (laughs). I loved 공동경비구역 JSA (Joint Security Area) so I watched it five times, but if you ask me personally, I'll say 'Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance'! As for Director Bong, 살인의 추억 (Memories of Murder) is fantastic, but I personally prefer 'Barking Dogs Never Bite'. I always liked the beauty of blank spaces, and films without accidents or incidents, films that focus on small details are hard to find. I like films that make me laugh, and I think Bong's comic tone fits with me well.


Cine21: The family organization of Park Hee-Bong (Byun Hee-Bong), Park Gang-Doo (Song Kang-Ho), Park Nam-Il (Park Hae-Il) and Park Nam-Joo (Bae Doo-Na), along with the young detective (Go Ah-Sung) who tries to catch the monster in 'The Host' remind a little of the Fellowship in 'Lord of The Rings'.

Bae: Even if it weren't so, at the beginning of the film Bong said this to us: 'Now I feel like Frodo going to Mordor to destroy the ring. So you people, please become my Sam'. Since I usually have a lot of enthusiasm, I jumped up and said: "Ahh.. director, that was so cool. We'll become Sam!". But then again, nowadays I don't even go see the shoot, since most of my scenes are over, very unlike Sam. (laughs). But I'll still be on the set.

Via Cine21

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Great thread for Bae Doo Na, melusine... awesome info & fantastics pics.

Keep it up! :)

Thanks, rubie. blush.gif After looking for her thread in the official directory and discovering to my surprise that she didn't have one yet, there ya go, I decided to start it.

I think Bae Doona is an awesome actress. I fell in love with her in "Take Care of My Cat", and her every incarnation since (notably "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeace", "Barking Dogs Never Bite", "Saving My Hubby") testifies to her immense talent. I applaud her risky film choices, her dedication to her craft.

I've recently gotten hooked on the MBC 2005 experimental omnibus drama "Beating Heart", and (as usual) she's SO GOOD in it. Episodes 1~2, 9~10 and 11~12 are my favorites, wonderful and heartbreaking.

Normally I don't care about an actress' personal life (how do you get to know a celebrity, really?), but after taking a peep at her blog and cyworld, it seems that Doona is not only a cool actress, but also a cool person. (not just, eherm, a self-obsessed airhead with a pretty face, which sadly most actresses seem to be) She has a diverse array of interests, like photography and travel and theater and craftsy stuff. Which makes me like her even more. :D

Anyway, so happy to hear that she's been casted in the upcoming film "The Host", which I think is gonna be HUGE.

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Guest saggiorpiioxgalaxy

What the F*** am I doing I only found this thread TODAY..gosh I should go bang the wall.


Thanks melusine for this wonderful thread. :) You made my day... I was in a not so good mood until I came in here.

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Guest sungified

I hope I'm not wrong but isn't she in this week's DBSG Theater? The girl who played the role of Yoochun's ex-girlfriend?

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  • Guest changed the title to Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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