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very emotionally good <3LIFE and X-DAY are my ultimate favorite mangas.

 It is about three high school students and a teacher, who meet online and form a plan to blow up their school.
Volumes: 2 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=2411Published by: Tokyopop
Volume 1
Summary: Rika Saginuma's a disenchanted teen - dumped by her boyfriend, off the track team due to an injury - who finds her way into a chat room peopled by 4 similarly disgruntled souls. They meet up at school, exhange contact info, and agree to stay in touch ...

The 4 kids are all beset by problems that seem to overwhelm them ... yet are united by a common fascination: blowing up their school on X-Day ...

Volume 2
Summary: X-Day is fast approaching and all 4 students are looking forward to it with a passion. Rica begins to suspect that all is not right with Kin when she begins noticing bruises, and when she sees his mother abusing Kin, she steps in to protect him and a new love starts to blossom.

credits to: Tokyopop <3

It is a really good manga. Only two volumes and worth your time. :DDDDDD


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I was also sad too when I found out that there were only two volumes. I wish it could have been longer, but it was still worth reading. xDDDDDDDD I'm also looking for these too. So far, it's sold out where I live. T_T

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Guest oceansportrait

I actually liked that it ended in two volumes. If she stretched it out into a fullfledged series it would've gone overboard with the dramatics very quickly. The unrelated short-story oneshot included in the second volume was amazing. Mizushiro Setona's works in general have been impressive. I don't really like her artwork (it's clean, and she knows her anatomy!) but her storytelling more than makes up for it.

Her "S" (the badminton manga), and "Houkago Hokenshitsu" are also worth checking out. Houkago Hokenshitsu is almost near its end (it mentioned in volume 7 that it's ending at volume 10. It goes to show that she does plan her stories well ahead and isn't thinking about dragging it out b/c of its popularity. And it is popular in Japan ^^)

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