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[drama 2004] Tropical Night In December - 12월의 열대야


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i just finished it today. the series was interesting but i didn't like the ending. while the woman is really sympathetic, her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are so horrible, she isn't really thinking. i don't like the idea of giving up everything just to be with a dying man. her son gets sick when she left home and it didn't even register with her. her son is her flesh and blood while that dying man is not. i hated the ending.

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WOW... this drama only made it to the 2nd page... I saw this drama over at dramafever under a different name "December Fever" and though I give it a try since Uhm JungHwa was such a good actress in "the man who can't get married" Uhm JungHwa is really starting to grow on me... I thought she did an excelent job in this drama... she brings out a lot of personality in her chracter...

*** I totally reccommand this drama to those who have not seen it yet ***

It's been a while since I've seen a Melo drama like this one that totally touch my heart... My 1st time seeing Kim NamJin act... He did a pretty good job in the drama too... need to go find out more info on him...

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