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Jung Kyung Ho ♥ 정경호 // Upcoming Drama: The Devil Is Calling Your Name

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Jung Kyung Ho



Name: 정경호 / Jung Kyung Ho
Profession: Actor
Birthdate: August 31st, 1983
Height: 184 cm
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: B
Education: Chung-Ang University, Theater
Talent Agency: Management Donghaeng
Debut: 2004 KBS2 Drama "Sweet 18"
Official Social Media: Official Website, Instagram




2019 tvN The Devil Is Calling Your Name 악마가 너의 이름을 부를 때 as Ha Lip


2018 tvN Life On Mars 라이프 온 마스 as Han Tae Joo


2017-2018 tvN Prison Playbook 슬기로운 감빵생활 as Lee Joon Ho


2017 MBC Missing Nine 미씽나인 as Seo Joon Oh


2016 MBC One More Happy Ending 한번 더 해피엔딩 as Song Soo Hyuk


2015 Naver TV Cast High-End Crush 고품격 짝사랑 as News Anchor/Cameo

2015 Onstyle Because This Is The First Time 처음이라서 as Police Officer/Cameo

2015 JTBC Beating Again/Falling For Innocence 순정에 반하다 as Kang Min Ho


2014 MBC Drama Festival House, Mate 하우스, 메이트 as Seok Jin

2014 SBS Endless Love 끝없는 사랑 as Hang Gwang Cheol

2013 MBC Drama Festival Crow's Eye View 이상 그 이상 as Bong Woong

2013 Nate/BTV Webdrama After School: Lucky Or Not as Cameo

2013 JTBC Heartless City 무정도시 as Jung Shi Hyun / Doctor's Son


2010 KBS Drama Special The Great Gye Choon Bin 위대한 계춘빈 as Wang Gi Nam

2010 MBC Road No. 1 로드 넘버원 as Cameo

2009 SBS Smile, You 그대, 웃어요 as Kang Hyun Soo

2009 SBS Ja Myung Go 자명고 as Prince Ho Dong

2007 MBC Time Between Dog and Wolf 개와 늑대의 시간 as Kang Min Ki

2005 KBS My Sweetheart My Darling 어여쁜 당신 as Yoon In Chul

2004 KBS I'm Sorry, I Love You 미안하다, 사랑한다 as Choi Yoon

2004 KBS You Will Know 알게될거야 as Ha Ki Ho

2004 KBS Sweet 18 낭랑18세 as Jung Sook's blind date




2018 Deja Vu 데자뷰 as Choi Hyun Seok (Special Appearance)

2015 Amor 그리울 련 as Tae Woo

2014 Manhole 맨홀 as Soo Chul

2013 Fasten Your Seatbelt 롤러코스터 as Ma Joon Gyu

2009 Running Turtle 거북이 달린다 as Song Gi Tae

2008 Sunny 님은 먼곳에 as Yong Deuk

2008 Beastie Boys 비스티 보이즈 as Cameo

2007 For Eternal Hearts 별빛 속으로 as Hyun Soo Young

2007 Herb 허브 as Lee Jong Beom

2006 Gangster High 폭력써클 as Lee Sang Ho

2005 When Romance Meets Destiny 광식이 동생 광태 as Kim Il Woong

2005 All For Love 내 생애 가장 아름다운 일주일 as Yoo Jung Hoon


Music Videos


2015 Outsider feat. Lee Eun Mi - Windbreeze

2008 Zia - Violin + I Miss You

2008 Zia - Doll + A Man's Love

2006 4Man 포맨 - Confession 고백


CFs & Endorsements


2019 Allure Korea January Issue


2018 Lotte Hi Mart



2018 ToxNFill




2018 Daily-C Lemon 1000 C+




2015 J.Hass by Parkland



2014 Chum Churum Soju

2010 Hanjin Delivery

2010 GM Daewoo Matiz

2007 SK Telecom


Post Under Construction

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i watched the trailer yesterday...

the movie seemed so good!

i think it has a good result in koren too^^

the movie has seven love stories and jung kyung ho is in one of the story.

haha, same with MISA, he is a superstar in this movie too and a girl who ready to be a nun fall in love with him

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Guest s3rene

I know I have seen his face before somewhere but I cannot recall exactly where. He is ok looking to me.

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I was just browsing websites and I found this picture. Does anyone know if that was really him? It doesn't look like him at all.


it's really him.

amazing, no?

who knew losing a couple of pounds, wearing contacts, and changing styles would come out the way he is right now?

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Guest StylishAzNx07

He's been so quiet lately. I want him to have a big role in a drama like in Misa. He's sooo awesome.

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Guest StylishAzNx07

^sooo cute and hot~ he was hot in misa. lol ... except his character. too childish. haha

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