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Guest Yasmin

Ahn Jae Wook 안재욱

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Guest Yasmin

^ Damn, for a second I thought that said they were acting together. I was really excited for a moment. T.T

who are is costars? does anyone know? ^^

thanks for all the articles!!

Hi, glitzyglam,

Mr Goodbye is also known as “Wild Beast and Witch”. I have already posted the article on that drama. The co-stars names are also given

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Guest Yasmin

Ahn Jae Wook Rehearses For His Concert in Tokyo

March 31, 2006 - NHK Hall

Tokyo, Japan







credit: Nathan Shanahan from wireimage

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Guest KHJ

Just want to leave a message here...

Anyways, I am only currently watching WISH UPON A STAR. I totally understand why this series catapulted AJW to fame. I had no idea he was such a heartthrob when he was that young. He looks older now but he still looks really good for his age. The first time I ever saw him was in Oh Pil Seung and I thought he was really funny and cool. Makes me wonder why he is not named as the BIG 5 in Korea...?

Anyways, are there any links to his movie GARDEN OF HEAVEN which also stars the late Lee Eun Joo?

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Guest Yasmin

"Sounds Like You" Tokyo Press Conference with Ahn Jae Wook to Promote His New Album

March 30, 2006 - NHK Hall

Tokyo, Japan




credit: Nathan from wireimage listings

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Guest 7colours

Postscript from a fans live in LA:

Met AJW at LAX ^^ http://www.anjaewook.org/bbs/view.php?id=b...sc=asc&no=11450

Hello Guys,

Could you image what happened to me????

Finally I met him in LAX, today.

I’ve known him for over 10 years, but I do not have any chance to meet him.

And I envy other fans that met and had a great time with him,

Today, my dream comes true.

Actually I expect him yesterday and we prepared to welcome him.

But midnight I got a call from Korea that he didn’t leave.

And then I was disappointed about this, but I hope him to leave tomorrow.

Finally I got the confirmation him to leave and he will be here in 4/13/06.

So I was very excited and I couldn’t sleep.

Today is coming and I prepared something for him.

At first, I pick up the flowers and buy some snack for him and his staffs.

And I went to airport to welcome him with great delight, and I don’t know how to drive to airport. at that time, I was very excited, and I couldn’t eat anything.

Anyway I arrived at airport one hour ago before he arrives.

I met his fans at airport and we said Hello each other and were waiting for him.

After one hour, one person is coming to our eyes, it is him.

He is going out from gate, and we welcome him with great delight.

He wears a pale yellow shirt that is seen through and brown pants with natural hair.

Of course it is too easy to recognize him, we miss him so much.

We think that he has to be very tired, but he looks good and wonderful, even though he had a long trip,

When he saw us, he smiled and delighted.

We gave the follows to him and welcomed to LA, and we went to outside.

He was waiting for other staffs and we got time to be with him.

We were so luck and we were very glad for that and thanked God.

For waiting, we talked with him about the new drama and concert.

One fan asked please have a concert here and Mexico and Hong Kong, and he didn’t answer about that, so we bagged.

And the other people recognized him and they wanted to have his sign, so he did very kind even though he was very tired.

When I saw this, I though that he is really nice guy and he think other people than himself. This is one of the reasons why I love him so much.

At that time we couldn’t ask to sign, because we wanted him to have some rest.

But Jenny, she asked him if you can sign for us, he did without any hesitations.

And then I took courage and asked to him, he signed on his Fifth album for only me.

It is my first time to get his sign, could you image my feeling when he asked my name and he wrote my name with his sign???

I cannot forget this feeling in my life^^

And then we took the picture with him, after we asked to him.

Even though he wanted to take a picture with me, I couldn’t go to him easily.

But I think that it is too hard to get this kind of chance in my life, and someone pushed me to him and I went to him and took picture with him.

Wow~~ I cannot explain my feeling, when I was beside him.

I really appreciated his kindness.

Finally the staffs and other actors and actresses came out from airport and it is time him to move to Las Vegas.

We were so sorry to part with him, so we hoped someone to go out lately, ha ha ha~~

He was very glad and thanked us to come to airport, and we were very glad, too.

We moved to the limousine that was waiting for him.

When I saw his back, I think that he has perfect body and I recognized why he looks good whenever he wears any kinds of cloths.

I can feel charisma and mild mood through his back. When you see his back, you can get the feeling like me. And Also I fall in love with his hand, it is very wonderful and so long, slim and fine.

We said and hoped that the new drama is finished without any accident and to be a good drama. Also we said the most important thing is him to take care of his health, and then he appreciated for that.

It is time him to move, so only he and his manager rode the limousine and left.

He shaved his hand to us, and we said Bye, and take care.

After he left, we couldn’t leave for a time.

Even though he left, we felt him to be with us…………

Can you image my feeling now???

I couldn’t explain my emotion about him as some words, also I am not perfect in English, and I cannot let you know what happened at airport with him.

Maybe other fans will write this situation very clearly in English, and send to you.

I hope you to understand what I want to say and let you know.

Anyway I got the unforgotten time with him and I never forget Today in my life.

It is better to see him with my eyes than to see through movie, TV, or photos.

So I recommend meeting him, whenever you get any chance.

Don’t give up……..someday you can meet him.

I appreciate to World fans to give the chance to meet him.

I really thank you and love you, guys~~~

When I remember something later, I will let you know.

See you soon^^

Hi, again!!! http://www.anjaewook.org/bbs/view.php?id=b...sc=asc&no=11473

Hello Guys,

I am so happy you to understand my feeling fully.

I couldn’t believe that I met him and had a great time with him for a long time.

I was very very luck. After I talked with him, I love him more and more and want to see him again.

Right now I understand why lots of peoples want to see him and meet him;

so many fans try to join any events if they can do with him.

Do you know that he has a stranger power to draw a person’s mind to him?

When someone is with him, he or she cannot think anything and falls in love with him.

In my case, just I think what I have to do for him, not for me, when I was with him.

He is a perfect person and nice guy that I’ve never seen in my life.

At that time, I was very shy and couldn’t say anything to him,

but he’s already known that lots fans don’t know how to do with him, and he treats fans like his family with warmth.

And even no fans start to love him, after he or she met him.

Do you know that he got perfect body?

At airport, he wore ivory transparent shirt, so we can see his body through his back.

I was very surprised how beautiful body he has and I couldn’t see anywhere, only see his back, ha ha ha~~~

And whenever he moved, I can feel his charisma, natural and mild.

Today I couldn’t work, because he is in my mind and head. My mind is going to him very naturally,

I couldn’t control my mind. Hee hee..

My coworker asked to me “Are you okay?” because I smiled very often.

Until now I cannot sleep, even though one day is pasted.

See you soon and thank you for concern.

Take care!!!

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Guest Yasmin

[star Interview] Ahn Jae Wook "Now I'll Soon Be Thirty¡¦The Party Begins"

The Dong-a Ilbo 2000.12.19


Even after laughing at the comment that he resembles the looks of Leonardo DiCaprio, he responds, "But who is that anyway?" Although he politely gives much fear with his tattoo on his arm, when he actually gets into a fight, he is likely to fall down first. Even he tells some gangsters the hiding place of the mother of his younger sister's best friend for himself to live, and he doesn't decline playing the role of a silent pimp.

This is the appearance of "Terius" Ahn Jae Wook, who nowadays stars as back street loafer Kong Soo Chul in the MBC Weekend Drama, "Mother, Sister." Neither his appearance of a young noble driving a sports car in "Star in My Heart" nor his appearance of an unbeatable tough guy in "Bloody Revenge" can be found.

When we see him, who wears a mottled shirt and pointy shoes and drives a yellow old car with all kinds of emblems disorderly put on, the sentence, "Ahn Jae Wook is the main character," automatically comes out. I met him, who is anticipating being full thirty next year, at a hotel coffee shop in Kang-Nam.


Q: It looks like it is the first time you are playing a back street third class loafer after always only playing handsome tough guy roles.

A: It is somewhat different. Kong Soo Chul is a man who is full of bragging to live without losing courage despite having nothing to show. However, I don't see that it is greatly different from my previous roles. Actually, the roles I have played have a hidden commonality. That is that they all look strong on the outside but they have pure nothingness inside. Kong Soo Chul also is going to fill in such nothingness with love.

Q: In mini-series dramas, you were the main character on which the camera was glued, but it is hard to see your face in your first starring weekend drama, what has happened?

A: After sticking to mini-series for over four years, I missed the classic long harmonious acting. So I chose to do a weekend drama, but since people have become used to my appearance in mini-series, I think that they are embarrassed that my relative importance is small in the first half. However, although a mini-series drama only has 16 episodes at longest, a weekend drama has over 50 episodes. In the first half, the enigma of the twin brother and sister, Kyung Bin (Ko Soo) and Seung Ri (Kim So Yeon) is solved and my relationship with Hwang Soo Jung will be the drama's focus after 20 episodes have aired.

Q: After having taken the position of an actor with strong acting since debut in 1994, you became a popular star in 1997 after "Star in My Heart." However, don't you ever receive criticisms that you have given up your own diverse potentials?

A: Frankly, I take that statement as a lavish one. Although I don't know how it sounds to others, to me, every role is always an adventure and a challenge. Because the dramas I've starred in, whether good or bad, have instantly gone over 30% in viewers' rate, in order not to fail in any role I take, I give all the best efforts from inside me.

Q: You have succeeded on TV, but it doesn't seem like that same fortune is following you as a movie star or a singer¡¦

A: I did not regret acting after starring in movies like "Rub Love" and "Jjim." However, in "First Kiss," seeing the deterioration at the hand of the producer, I was greatly disappointed. Hence, I purposefully set a distance, but I plan to take on the challenge about end of next year. For singing activity, frankly, since I started as a fan service through concerts rather than album production, I don't have too much desire. I plan to launch my fourth album next year and try conclusion with singing activity.

Q: I heard you are regarded as the biggest star among Koreans in China.

A: Frankly, when I go to China, I am somewhat embarrassed because even the airport workers form a line and ask me to sign. Even in the end of last month, I was invited to the concert that invited seven teams from around the world for a "Pirated Albums Elimination" campaign, which was co-sponsored by three TV stations, and I went there and came back. Within next year, we are diversely considering possible events such as a concert tour or a Korean-Chinese collaboration film, getting a Korean industry that has entered into China as a sponsor.

Q: I recently heard that your inner heart pain was severe because of scandals such as the love story with talent Song Yoon Ah.

A: (After having a stout face for a while) Honestly, it is true that I first had the feeling of liking her. However, before our emotions could ripen, because the press already posted an article, I thought that I don't fit with her in fate and so I have cleanly set up my mind and heart. (In a cynical voice) It looks like it is not even me who actually falls in love or gets married.

Q: You will be full-blown thirty next year, any future plans?

A: I always yearned to become 30. After living mindlessly as a man, I thought it would be the time to build reasons to reflect and prepare for the most important time of my 40s. I can say my popularity in my 20s depended on guessing and imagination, however, from now on I would like to express acting that has my life experiences melted inside.


Reporter: Kwon Jae Hyun

Translated by: GB

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Guest Yasmin

Ahn Jae Wook admits ... was once in love with Song Yun-ah


<April 21, 2003, Hotkorea> Korean superstar Ahn Jae Wook recently announced that he was once in love with actress Song Yun-ah, creating an uproar among the 300 students present who attended his lecture. Ahn Jae Wook, who was invited to be a guest lecturer at Kao Li University last April 16, admitted to the 300 students present, his feelings for Song Yun-ah.

Ahn Jae Wook divulged, "I will never have any relationship with another actress but there is only one actress for which I have developed the feeling of love and that actress is Song Yun-ah". The media, however, did not seem surprise at Ahn Jae Wook's revelation.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Ahn Jae Wook and Song Yun-ah sizzled in March 2000 while the two were filming the drama, <NG Friends>. At that time, when pressed by the media, Ahn Jae Wook neither admitted nor denied the news, and was quoted as saying, "I like an actress and that person is Miss S."

Ahn Jae Wook who has just released his 4th album, <Friend> is very busy with the promotions of his album and will star in the SBS drama, <The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid>* this coming June.

- Tina Reporting, Hotkorea

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Guest Yasmin

Opposite sex, same roof

By Xing Bao, Shanghai Star. 2001-11-29


South Korean superstar Ahn Jae Wook (left) develops some serious chemistry in the TV series with Dong Jie, Zhang Yimou's hand-picked actress after Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi

AHN Jae Wook, a film star and singer of the Republic of Korea, will be appearing for the first time in a Chinese TV series called White Collar Condominium in the city.

The series will hit the screens in the coming Spring Festival vacation. It has an eminent cast led by world-famous director Hu Xueyang.

Apart from the dazzling Ahn Jae Wook as the hero, the heroines will be Dong Jie and Liu Zi. Dong Jie stepped onto the road of fame after taking the leading role in Zhang Yimou's film Happy Time.

Hu Xueyang said: "I aim to shoot a series featuring splendid youth and sunny characters. With the support of these excellent actors and actresses and Hunan TV Communications Co, I am confident the series will attract a large audience."

The plot focuses on relations between two couples of lovers living in the same apartment.

Yi Feng, played by Ahn, is an IT talent who has returned from overseas studies. He wishes to set up his own business.

Ren Fei'er, played by Dong Jie, shares the apartment with Yi Feng. Ren is an enthusiastic modern dancer who hopes to have her own dance troupe and school.

Liu Zi, played by Liu Lian, is fascinated by Yi Feng and goes in relentless pursuit. Liu shares the apartment with the No.2 hero who has a deep affection for Liu.

In the pursuit of love and career, the four are inseparably laced together and come to know what they really looking for.

Ahn Jae Wook believes the series will help him win more fans throughout China

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Guest xx-outsider-xx

when i first saw him in oh! pil seung, he didn't attract me at all at first glance. but the more i saw him, the cuter he got haha.

and his face reminds me of so many actors/singers. like a combination of several handsome artists out there. lol

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Guest Yasmin

Top Korean Entertainers Speak Out on Dubious X-File

21 Jan 2005 [ Korean Cinema News | Posted By: magic8 ]

Source: chosun.com

Top stars spoke out today about the explosive Internet document dubbed the entertainment X-file that has rocked the entertainment world.

At an entertainment union press conference with actress Kim Min-sun, actor Ahn Jae-wook said, We know that unfounded rumors can ruin a career, and we feel deeply sorry that innocent entertainers who did nothing wrong have to suffer.

Invasion of privacy through the Internet has become a serious problem, and this time the situation is more severe because it was not one or two people's privacy but that of a whole group of entertainers. The file cites unsubstantiated rumors about the private lives of the country’s 99 top stars.

All entertainers including those not named on the list are grieving. And whether the reviews were good or bad seems of less importance at this point, he added. The last couple of days have been hard on me and my colleagues who are currently working of TV sets, Ahn said. I hope you will understand the despair a lot of entertainers are going through right now.

Kim Min-sun said, I am worried about how people will think of me now that this document has been revealed.

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Guest Yasmin






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Guest Yasmin


Ahn Jae-wook! China for his 'Friends' concert!

He's one of the driving forces behind the Korean wave of entertainment blowing through Asia – Ahn Jae-wook!


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Guest Yasmin



South Korean TV series. Complete 16 episodes. - A young man is involved in a gang war about the ownership of a hotel. When he learns the boss of the gang is reponsible for the death of his father, and his girlfriend is endangered, he swears revenge.



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South Korean TV series. Complete 16 episodes. - A young man is involved in a gang war about the ownership of a hotel. When he learns the boss of the gang is reponsible for the death of his father, and his girlfriend is endangered, he swears revenge.



I loved this particular drama of his. I've seen it many times though I barely understood the chinese dubbed version but still loved AJW as the tough guy. I've read before that AJW was supposed to die in this series but because of the request of the viewers, the writers decided to change the ending instead. I've been actually looking for links to this drama for years but it's been hard since the drama is kinda old

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Guest mintoro

what the drama name which he act with kim hee sun??

it's quite many years agoo

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