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Guest femaki84

Hehe..Debbie..You're awesome for restarting the Junjin thread...boy..we gotta start chalking up meaningful posts about Junjin again...But well..a BRAND NEW start for everyone..haha..

**my 1st post is also dedicated to this thread...**

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Guest battleuphoria

hi all! now, i am here and i am gonna rock this thread! muahaha. too bad that i didn't catch the first page. hehe if only i visited soompi yesterday. haha i might as well had started the thread for my junjin! haha

all the regulars are back and i see newbies! hi all, i'm cherilyn but just call me che. hehe

i feel sad on the other side of me because we lost 744 pages of junjin love!!!

thanks deb for starting this.

1st post dedicated to the one and only junjin!

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Guest em1812

*my first post on soompi for jinnie too!*

ah ha ha ha! all the regulars are back! *waves* hi kay jie, lynne unnie, naza unnie, deb, felicia and che!

thanks hywenny for all them pics! *swoon*

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Guest battleuphoria

hi eves! yes, all the regulars are back! but any one know where alexine is?


page 3 of junjin's thread owned! my very first page in soompi!

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