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Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

Guest sylver

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

thanks oppas4all for the links.

Lee Wei isn't the handsomest boy, but there is something I really like about him. I got equally as excited for both Mike and him, in the match for epi2. Sigh He is so awesome, protecting Hebe. I actually want Hebe to end up with ZiCong too. I can't wait to see who Mike gets Hebe to fall for him. AHH this drama is awesome.

I don't have a favorite Taiwanese drama yet, I am hoping BF will become it.

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just finished the first episode --

and i'm loving the drama already.

Hebe & Mike are a waaaayyyyy better couple than you know who.

finally someone new acting with Mike.

This couple is so refreshing >___<

this drama is so cute and funny.

I love that song from SHE. Such a nice song.

Cant wait to watch episode 2!!!

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

how's the acting in this drama?

I know mike ain't the best actor, and hebe for sure can't act that well, but have they improved?

I don't wanna be watching and rolling my eyes lol

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Guest moo_cow

just wondering how big si the files on Tudou because i have been donwloading a lot, i'm scared i willl go over limit and then my internet will be very2 slow =(

is anyone uploading on veoh or youtube?

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Guest yenfung83

I just finish watching the 1st epd..

Arghhhhh...i have been waiting for this kind of drama..

dunno how to describe..but i like the storyline

better than any other Taiwanese drama now..

This is the best drama in Taiwan now..hahahaha

Cant wait for DLL link for ep 2..lol

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I'm soo in love with this drama and only the first two episodes are out!!

I wish the whole thing was out so I don't have to wait a wholee week until the next episode D=

The next episode looks so awesome in the preview!! I can't wait!

Mike and Hebe are just sooooooo cute x3 but I feel so bad for Lee Wei ><

Can't wait until the whole thing is out! x33

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i literally cannot wait for the third episode...gawd sunday seems like such a long way from now...it's only tuesday right now urrgghhh!!! but i'm totally loving this drama...esp. mike he's character..i like it more than dby and wwl

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