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[upcoming] Swan No Baka スワンの馬鹿

Guest sylver

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Guest sylver

Title: スワンの馬鹿

Title (romaji): Swan no Baka

Tagline: こづかい3万円の恋

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Comedy

Broadcast network: Fuji TV, KTV

Broadcast period: 2007-Oct to 2007-Dec

Air time: Tuesday 22:00

Synopsis: Kamikawa takes the lead as Daisuke Suwano, a 40-year-old salaryman married to former co-worker Masumi (Misako Tanaka). Because his daughter is taking entrance exams, Daisuke is forced to live on only 30,000 yen a month.Hiroki Narimiya plays Kawase, an IT company manager who works in the same building as Suwano's office, while Hitori Gekidan plays a deputy manager of the building's cafe. -Tokyograph

Cast and Characters:


Kamikawa Takaya as Suwano Daisuke


Narimiya Hiroki as Kawase

Tanaka Misako as Suwano Masumi

Gekidan Hitori

Kajihara Zen

Moriguchi Yoko

Miyama Karen

Ashina Sei

Personal thought: I want to watch this because of two reasons; Kamikawa and Narimiya. ^_^ Hopefully, this drama will be a sleeper hit. :unsure:

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Guest redmoon123

yay! Narimiya in a new drama, and the doctor from hanakimi :D it's gonna be a comedy so that's a plus! must-see for me!!

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Guest jade_frost

Official website: http://www.ktv.co.jp/swan/

Teaser trailer: http://www.ktv.co.jp/swan/wvx/teaser.wvx


*Kamikawa Takaya as Suwano Daisuke (40)

*Narimiya Hiroki as Kawase Mitsuru (26)

*Gekidan Hitori as Kamo Kenji (35)

*Kajihara Zen as Tokita Hideki (42)

*Ashina Sei as Kazuki Ayana (25)

*Maeda Atsuko as Kuroda Hinako (17)

*Miyama Karen as Suwano Rie (10)

*Moriguchi Yoko as Kuroda Shimako (40)

*Tanaka Misako as Suwano Masumi (43)

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Guest sskarsthrou


i watch it because of kamikawa,,luv him as umeda-sensei in hana kimi. :lol:

i already watch this film until ep.5,, but the english-sub not so good,,i can hardly understand the film.

but for the overall,,this dorama is great.

i can't wait to watch the rest of it.... :D

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