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Shiina Ringo/tokyo Jihen Thread

Guest luluchan

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Guest luluchan

+ Beginner crash course
Shiina Ringo , a female rock artist started off as a solo artist in 1999 and released 3 albums. After, in 2003 she formed a band with her tour band members called Tokyo Jihen. Her music is really unique, you wont hear anything similar. She is also versatile. Not only she sings rock, she also sing with orchestra and some enka (traditional Japanese music)

She sings with this unique nasal voice. It sounds weird at first but you'll get used to it. Her music is really great, so i don’t think it would matter that much. I picked out a few of my favorites of shinna ringo/Tokyo jihen and hopefully , they will get you guys started.

read more about Shiina Ringo here

Shiina Ringo, - Solo Era

Muzai Moratorium (1st solo - 1999)

Not much to talk about here. There are some extremely catchy stuff, But she didnt start going experimental until second album. There is one song that pretty good. She sings it every concert and also sings it even as part of Tokyo Jihen

Marunouchi Sadistic LIVE (jazz version)

Shouso Strip (2nd Album - 2000)- This album was released in 2000 and it sold over 2million copies. Yes, it was released 8 years ago but dont let the age fool you. It does not sound outdated. It still sound really cool. This is still my favorite album of her.

Hounou - first song that got me hooked.

Yami ni furu ame


Tsumi to Batsu

Tsumi to Batsu (LIVE)

Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana (3rd album - 2003)-This album is her most non-mainstream album. This is when she really goes experimental with her stuff.

Kuki (live)

Kuki (cd version)

Tokyo Jihen Era - the band she formed with her tour band members.

Kyouiku (first band album)

Mixed with some non-mainstream for the long term fans and some mainstream stuff for apealling the majority. Some really good songs here.

Sounan (LIVE) -highly recommended. Many fell in love with Tokjo Jihen after watching this performance

Gunjou Biyori (LIVE) - extremely catchy song.

to be continued...


edit: sept 15th

I recently fell in love with two more tokyo jihen songs. So here they are. Ekimae is from her first band album, Kyoike. The final chorus of Ekimae is just too powerful, i loved it. Tomei Ningen is from her second band album , Adult. I loved the piano solo by her keyboardist, HZM.

Ekimae (LIVE)

Toumei Ningen(LIVE)

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Guest TygrrLilly

I've just recently started really getting to Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen, and I have to say that "Hounou" totally hooked me too!

As far as stuff from Tokyo Jihen, I've been listening to "OSCA" a lot lately.

But yay thanks for sharing the love, I will check out the stuff you've got up.

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The first time i heard of her was when i was over at a friend's and she was playing one of her concerts and all the people who were playing in the backing band all wore pretty funky things, which made me quite impressed. Then i realised we share the same birthday and so i took an immediate liking to her (hoho!).

I love it that her songs are so diverse, too. Which makes it a good surprise everytime you listen to an album.

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